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For in-general guidelines for behavior on the whole wiki, see


1. Post in the correct Categories.

2. Discussions must be of quality; conversations that consist of inane chatting, other languages, unintelligible English, & any other forms of gobbledygook (including links that are either malicious or outright have nothing to do with,, the Wiki, or Fandom) are subject to deletion. Conversations that stray off-topic from the original post are subject to thread locking to prevent further derailment. Excessive profanity or any usage of slurs is also prohibited. Instead, conversations should contain insightful, complete thoughts that are inviting for new users to dive in.

3. Polls can be used only for voting purposes with actual, meaningful choices. Polls that do not have sensible choices will be deleted, but that's up to Moderators' discretion. Consider adding [Poll] somewhere on the thread title to better clarify which threads contain polls, but this is not required.

4. Avoid posting Fantasy Tank Builder (iblobtouch) codes, even if they are properly categorized or have other content associated. Use this page for such purposes:

5. No spamming (repeatedly posting the same thread or reply) or necroposting (replying to threads that have since fallen to inactivity for a long time, or with concluded conversations). Any thread with this sort of this activity will be locked, but that's up to Moderators' discretion on what's considered spamming or necroposting.

6. No harassment, slander, or personal attacks, on any grounds. This includes sparking up drama or random accusations without just cause/evidence that it concerns the Wiki. There is a thin level of tolerance for jokes, but that’s up to Moderators’ discretion. Constantly mentioning user/s to the point it’s annoying is also considered harassment, but this depends on said user/s. Any accusations with evidence that are out of this Wiki’s reach must be instead brought to Community Central for resolution.

7. No NSFW/NSFL content allowed, be it as an image or simply text. This includes content beyond PG-13 rating, disturbing thoughts or imagery, and anything that may cause psychological trauma. Heavily explicit content is also not allowed.

Failure to comply with these six rules will result in your posts being deleted (or moved to appropriate Categories), and a warning will usually be issued. The rules are ordered by severity; breaking rule five or six results usually in a short ban, whereas increasing numbers of warnings may be given for the lighter infractions before a ban is levied. Repeated infractions will lead to bans longer than before.


1. News & Announcements — General announcements concerning the Wiki or, including Wiki projects/contests to be held here, and game updates.

2. General — Anything strictly related to the game, that does not fall into any of the other Categories.

3. — Posts about the fan-made sequel to,, featuring more tanks, more game modes, and more lag!

4. Conceptions & Fanon — A place for theoretical Tank ideas, stories, Tale of Diep, etc.

5. Wiki Business — Anything related to the Wiki itself, including Discussions in general & the Community App. Also report Wiki rule violators here.

6. Résumés — For sending applications to obtain user rights. See for more details and criteria.

7. Off-Topic — Conversations (not forum games) that are relatively unrelated to the Wiki,, or ideas for both games.


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