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• 4/15/2017

Ideas for Achievements

1- Suicide Bomber :- When you hit someone both of the players will die
2- I'm on Fire :- Get 5 kills in one round
3- Kill Streak :- Get 10 kills in one round
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• 4/16/2017
Chainkill: Get 3 kills with no more than 3 seconds in between them
Surprise!: Kill a tank using a Sniper class from behind and not be in their FoV.
Cold-Blooded Killer: Get a total of 100 kills
Genocide: In one game of Team Deathmatch (2 Teams), get 30 kills
• 4/19/2017
7: Unprepared — Get killed 5 times in a row without reaching level 15.

8: You shall not pass! — Kill 5 Tanks with Traps.

9: Chris Kyle — One-shot kill 5 tanks. Tanks must’ve had full health before getting hit.

10: Foxhole — Kill a tank while fully or partially invisible.

11: Kristallnacht — Kill 15 level 45 Tanks of the same kind (15 Necros, 15 Spikes, 15 Triplets, et cetera).

12: There Can Be Only One — Kill 3 Tanks that are the same class as you in a single playthrough (if you’re playing a Booster then you need to kill 3 Boosters).

13: That was close! — Get brought down to almost 0 health, then recover to full health afterward.

14: Survivalist — Stay alive for one hour.

15: Unkillable — Stay alive for three hours.

16: Patience of a Saint — Stay alive for five hours.

17: Face me coward! — Kill 5 tanks that are moving away from you.

18: Boss Bane — Kill 100 Bosses.

19: Lord of the Hunt — Kill 25 Polygon Bosses

20: Man of God — Kill 25 Fallen Bosses.

21: Exorcist — Kill 10 Summoners.

22: Unstoppable Force — Kill 10 Defenders.

23: Polygon Assailant — Kill 10 Guardians.

24: Deus Vult! — Kill 10 Fallen Overlords.

25: Lava quod est sordium! — Kill 10 Fallen Boosters.
• 4/20/2017
No you don't! -- Get some base protectors to chase you; But escape their range without getting damaged.
• 4/20/2017
Not In My Watch -- Kill a player who is trying to kill your team mate.(2 teams/4 teams/Domination/Tag)
• 4/24/2017
I'm Dominating: Control a Dominator
I'm Really Dominating: Kill 5 tanks while controlling a dominator
Game Modes Are Fun: Play all the game modes
You're not the leader: Kill the leader
I'm the leader: Be the leader
Overpowered Tank: Get on the leaderboard with a normal Tank
I'm the Guardian: Ram into 50 Crashers
I'm the Defender: Upgrade to Gunner Trapper
I'm the Summoner: Be a Necromancer with max Drone Count
I'm the Fallen Booster: Kill someone as a Booster
I'm the Fallen Overlord: Spawn 50 Overlord Drones
Alpha Pentagon Fail: Get killed by the Alpha Pentagon
Stupid Fail: Get killed by a Pentagon
Really?: Get killed by a Square
Survived: Win Survival
Dominated: Win Domination
Easiest Game Mode: Lose Tag (Be on the losing team when the arena is closed)
Cheater: Try to use the Sandbox cheats in another game mode
Random Achievement: Get more than 25000 points as a Tri-Angle while being on the blue team in 4 Teams
Overautotrappergunnerthing: Kill an Auto Gunner as an Overtrapper or kill an Overtrapper as an Auto Gunner
Bullet Spammer: Have Auto Fire on for 10 minutes
Dizzy: Have Auto Spin on for 10 minutes
Confused: Have both Auto Fire and Auto Spin on for 15 minutes
AFK: Don't move for 1 minute
Ready for the party: Use a party link
Arena Closed: Kill someone as an Arena Closer
Arena Boss: Kill a boss as an Arena Closer
• 5/1/2017
Leaderboard achievements wouldn't be a great idea because of new servers.
• 5/9/2017
• 7/22/2017
Armour-piercing: Kill 5 Smasher classes.
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