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aka Doomguy

  • I live in Not here
  • My occupation is Trying* to make tf2 maps and making tf2 weapons in MC servers.
  • I am m a l e
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  • I need translations for the following:

    1. Articles
    2. Tiers
    3. Tanks
    4. Bosses
    5. Game Modes
    6. Mechanics
    7. Features
    8. Weapons and Ammo
    9. Weapons and Ammunition
    10. General Ino
    11. General Information

    Also, I think it would be a good idea to start creating content that the Main Page links to first, once you get better, of course.

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    • 1. Articole

      2. Etape

      3. Tancuri

      4. Șefi

      5. Moduri de joc

      6. Mecanice

      7. Caracteristici

      8 / 9 (they're the same). Arme și Muniție

      10 / 11 (again, the same). Informație Generală

      I can do small work like this, but i am in no way fit for making huge pages like Tanks, Polygons, etc.

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    • Thanks!

      What do you mean? The existing Polygon pages look great. In addition, this wiki does not need as much content as the DW English.

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    • I meant as, I'm not fit to make them while I'm sick, I usually drop in temperature down to Antarctica level and start getting very, VERY tired.

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    • Oh, ok.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I saw you were manually adding some categories to pages. If you make sure to add the Tank / Polygon Infoboxes to pages, it will automatically categorize pages for you :)

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  • Here are the phrases to be translated so that I can make the Tank Infobox.
    • Title & Image phrases:
      • tank
      • title
      • image
      • tooltip
      • caption
    • Auto-Categorization phrases:
      • tier
      • categories
      • Player Tanks
      • Tanks
      • Tier 2 Tanks
      • Tier 3 Tanks
      • Tier 4 Tanks
      • Diep2 Player Tanks
      • Diep2 Tanks
      • Diep2 Tier 2 Tanks
      • Diep2 Tier 3 Tanks
      • Diep2 Tier 4 Tanks
    • Data Label phrases:
      • Tank ID:
      • Upgrade Key:
      • Upgrades from:
      • Upgrades to:
      • Weapon(s):
    • Data Value phrases:
      • N/A
      • None
    • Data trigger phrases:
      • id (as-in identification, don’t know if there’s a Romanian equivalent)
      • key
      • previous
      • next
      • weapon

    If you can provide those, then I’ll list the translations for the Polygon Infobox (the second-most important infobox), & then you can just request that I make more Infoboxes as-needed. There’s no rush, you can do these whenever, but I cannot build the Infoboxes for the pages without those. Good luck editing here!
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    • I thought you would appreciate that ;)

      Aye, I was meaning to say that you don’t necessarily need to symbolize that they are approximations since the English Wikia stats usually aren’t approximate; it’s accurate data acquired from the Console (unless noted otherwise on the page) so you shouldn’t need to use approximations.

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    • Oh, that clears it up a bit, thanks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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