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Alpha Pentagons are large and very tough Pentagons that yield a very high amount of XP. They can either spawn on their own or from a Beta Pentagon.


  • Alpha Pentagons are very useful to level 45 players, as they offer a good deal of points.
  • For players below level 45, destroying one can help them quickly reach level 45.
    • That being said, low level players should not attempt to destroy an Alpha Pentagon by themselves due the high HP and shield that it has. Indeed, it might be entirely impossible to destroy since the regeneration speed of the pentagon is so high.
      • This is why these players must attack different polygons to level up, such as the Square and the Triangle.
  • The player must upgrade the bullet damage and reload of the tank, to maximize damage against the alpha pentagon.
  • It is not advised for rammers like the Smasher and its upgrades to go against this, unless if they either have maximized body damage, have a cannon that allows them to shoot or both. The reason why rammers shouldn't be used against this polygon is because they can easily lose health while ramming it, unlike shooting at it, where losing health wouldn't be a problem.
    • Though, naturally, any tank can ram against polygons, so, if your tank is not a rammer and you want to ram it sometimes, maximize your body damage, but it's always better to shoot them, instead.
    • You will always die if you ram a polygon like this forever.


  • Alpha Pentagons can sometimes spawn Eggs.
  • They grow in size and score when they kill something with body damage.
  • They used to be curved inwards at the sides.
    • It's possibly due to the reason that, before, they were just like them, but were harder to distinguish from their smaller, more common brethren, the Beta Pentagon.
    • After they became spiky in shape, they were changed after three updates into a more curved shape, after that, they changed back to the oldest version.


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