Ammunition are one of the important aspects of gameplay in There are many types of ammunition, and each have unique characteristics for specific classes.



The majority of tanks use this type of ammunition. There are also size changes depending on the class.

From left to right: Nailgun, Gunner, Auto Turret, Basic, Machine Gun, Pounder, Destroyer, Annihilator.

Normal Bullets: Average-sized bullets that are fired from most classes of tank, regularly from normal rectangular cannons such as the Basic Tank and Single. Some of these bullets are shot faster or further than others, some do more damage than others, and the Sandbox Arena Closer uses a much more powerful version of these.

Tiny Bullets: Smallest bullet size in the game. High Bullet Speed but very low bullet power. The Nailgun and Auto Drone's turret use these.

Small Bullets: Smaller than average bullets fired by Auto Turrets have a slightly higher amount of penetration than normal bullets, but also a slower speed. (third smallest bullet, as shown in the second image)

Gunner Bullets: The second smallest (Nailgun is the smallest) bullet size in the game. The Gunner branch and Factory Minion Drones use these. They have the weakest penetration of all of the types of ammunition, though they travel fast. Their Bullet damage varies from class to class, but they tend to hit hard for their size, especially when their damage stacks with multiple Bullets. They are also called pellets by an achievement.

Large Bullets: Second biggest bullet. Mostly referred as "Destroyer Bullets" because they are used in the Destroyer branch. They deal greater damage and possess greater penetration than the Normal and Small Bullets, though they travel considerably slower (real Arena Closer bullets are exempt from the rule, and are extremely fast).

Annihilator Bullets: These bullets are only used by the Annihilator, hence the name. They have the same penetration and damage as the Large Bullets, and it’s easier to pressure other tanks with them because of their size. However, they don't go very far despite upgrading Bullet Speed to max, and the tank itself is very slow.


Normal Drones: The standard drone type fired from most Director-branch tanks. While individually weak, the combined force of drones easily devastate most tanks.

Auto-Drones: Used by the Overdrive, these drones are much like normal drones, but with a tiny Auto Turret on top. These drones are adept at both dealing large combined damage up close as well as chipping health from afar, making them able to do the jobs of both regular and minion drones.

Necro Drones: Used by the Underseer branch, these square drones are much like normal drones, but with the added ability to "infect" squares to control them and thus increase the number of drones, able to create the largest drone armies in the game when left alone. The Maleficitor's drones have the added bonus of turning invisible when they stand still.

Swarm Drones: Used by the Cruiser branch, these drones are smaller and weaker but are spawned in much greater numbers by the tanks that create them. While there is no specific limit to the number of swarm drones that can be spawned, they have a very short lifespan.

Hive Drones: Spawned from the Swarmer's Hives, these square-shaped drones act near identically to Swarm Drones.

Minions: Also known as Minion Drones and used by the Spawner branch, these tank-like drones can shoot at enemies and polygons automatically or where the player aims. Able to quickly overwhelm enemies with bullets rather than ramming into them like most drones, making them more survivable in some cases.


Normal Traps: Average-sized traps that have the power of exactly two bullets of the Basic Tank. Of course, most of the Trapper branch uses these traps. They have the longest lifespan, with the exception of the Tri-Trapper, Hexa-Trapper, and Septa-Trapper.

Medium Traps: The Gunner Trapper’s Traps are slightly bigger than the Trapper, Tri-Trapper, and Overtrapper’s Traps. However, it does equal damage as a Normal Trap.

Blocks: Squarish traps that are bigger than most of the Trapper Branch's traps. These traps are basically the size of a Destroyer Bullet. Tanks that use these are Builder and Conqueror.

Large Blocks: Bigger squarish traps. The size of this trap is similar to the size of an Annihilator's bullet. They are more than twice as strong as small traps/blocks, and the have the power of more than 5 bullets of the Basic Tank. It is rarely worthwhile to destroy these traps as they will often die on their own before you can fully deplete its health. They also 'boomerang' back to you. This trap is exclusive to Constructor.

Pillboxes: These are blocks, but with auto turrets on top. Exclusive to Engineer.

Boomer Traps: Pentagonal traps that can be shot a long distance, but come back a shorter distance. Exclusive to Boomer.

Types of Missiles. (Left to Right) Skimmer, Twister, Sidewinder, Swarmer.


Skimmer Missile: Used by the Skimmer, this missile propels itself and shoots bullets like a Tri-Angle, minus the front cannon. Its cannons can chip health from the sides when it doesn't make a direct hit, or drop bullets down perpendicular corridors in Mazes.

Twister Missile: Used by the Twister, this missile is a renamed version of's current Skimmer. This particular missile is basically a Flank Guard, but it rotates itself as it travels. It excels in covering areas.

Sidewinder Missile: Used by the Sidewinder, this missile is a reminiscent of's Rocketeer. It greatly boosts itself away from the deployer using a Machine Gun like cannon. Used for sniping that rewards landing hits from a distance.

Swarmer Missile: Used by the Swarmer and also called a Hive, this missile uses mini square drones instead of regular bullets. This gladly encourages pressuring enemy tanks.

Hyper Missile: Used by the Elite Skimmer boss, this variant of the Skimmer's Missile has 4 cannons arranged like the Fighter's, minus the front cannon.

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