The Architect is one of the Tier 4 Tanks. It is also one of the upgrade choices possible for the Tri-Trapper and the Builder. Its upgrade keys are H (from the Tri-Trapper) and J (from the Builder).


The Architect has a circular body surrounded by three equidistant Launchers.


Upon upgrading to the Architect, the tank has its weapons replaced by 3 flexible equidistant Launchers. The flexible Launchers shoot small Blocks compared to the Builder, and although the Launchers look like Auto-Launchers, don't be deceived by appearances! The launchers do not shoot automatically. Instead, like any other Builder-type Tank, you will have to manually direct where the Block-Traps will gravitate to.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS (Damage Per Second) tanks and rammers
  • Weak Against: Drone tanks, High DPS (Damage Per Second) tanks and teams.

As the Architect

  • The Architect is useful for making quick trap nests. It is very hard for a low RoF tank to kill your traps.
  • A tank like the Sprayer can easily push the traps out of its way.
  • A low bullet speed Twister can easily kill a Architect. If your gravitate your traps from the sides towards them, it is possible to kill them.
  • The Architect is able to destroy rammers or any type of ramming tanks.

Against the Architect

  • Try to keep a very concentrated firing tank or at least one that can turn invisible while firing and has a long range. The Triplet or most other tier 4 and above tanks that have huge firing rates will do nicely.
  • Spreadshots are the best counter to Architects, their bullet storm will push traps as well as find holes and do chip damage to the Architect itself.
  • Fully upgrade bullet penetration to keep the traps at bay. Then fully upgrade reload and bullet speed to finish off the Architect.
  • Try to use focused fire with full bullet penetration. Have a decent amount of reload before combating Architects to avoid getting defeated. Also try using Streamliner or at least Gunner. If they try to gravitate the traps towards you, then while they're busy gravitating the trap, move in with full Movement Speed and shoot quickly at the Architect.


  • Previously named "Tri-Builder" (after Tri-Trapper was introduced) and before that, "Tri-Trapper" (before Trapper was introduced and before the "Block Trapper" then became the Builder)
  • The Architect was never an Auto-Launcher.


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