The Armsman is one of the removed Mockup Tanks in It upgraded from Rifle at Level 30, and couldn't upgrade any further.


The Armsman featured a round body. It had the Rifle's Cannon, an long rectangle overwrapped by the short and fat one, on the front, and had a Launcher on the back.


Due to it being a Mockup Tank, it had unknown stats.

It probably worked like the Rifle with an additional Launcher on the back.


As the Armsman

  • If the player faces the Destroyer, try shoot it once and check the max health.
    • If it isn't taking damage well, place its Traps toward the enemy and flee.
      • The player still can fight the enemy with high health capacity, even it's taking too long, at least the player's back is safe.
    • If it's taking damage well, the player can easily kill it.
  • Drone classes are the strongest enemy for this Tank, as the Bullets and sometimes Traps are almost perfectly immune.
    • If the player faces it, the player won't able to flee, so use its Traps to protect the player from Drones.

Against the Armsman

  • If fast enough, rammers are good option for fighting with this Tank. If the player cares the Traps enough, it will win.
  • Bullet spammers can outpenetrate its Bullets, even the Traps.
    • Attacking from the far is less dangerous.


  • This tank was replaced with the Bushwhacker as a Tier 4 Tank, that upgrades from the Sniper and Trap Guard.
  • Like the Blunderbuss, its official name was found from the current servers' source code.
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