The Artillery is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in in that may upgrade from the Machine Gun or Pounder at level 25. The Artillery may further upgrade into the Mortar, Spreadshot, Skimmer, or the Twister. The upgrade key for this Tank is Y and I.


The Artillery has a circular base and a somewhat large Cannon mounted on its front. Behind the Cannon are two smaller Cannons, angled at about 11.25 degrees from the large Cannon.


The Artillery, when upgraded to, replaces the Cannons with one big and two smaller Cannons mounted at the front, angled at 11.25 degrees. The smaller Bullets fired by the Cannons can kill a Square in around 2-4 hits with max Bullet damage, while their reload is about two times that of the center Cannon. The center Cannon has somewhat low reload and somewhat high damage.


  • Strong Against: Anything within a short range, focused fire Tanks, spread fire Tanks to a limited degree
  • Weak Against: Snipers, Drone users

As the Artillery

  • The Artillery is like a weaker Destroyer with the benefit of having two backup Cannons on the side. Use these when you’re in a pinch and need to escape.
  • The side Cannons can be used to pressure enemies and whittle away at their health or make them run into your big bullet.
  • Don’t rely on your side cannons to kill, because they aren’t focused and are hard to aim.
  • At a short range, the big bullet should obliterate anything that’s not a Drone user or a Destroyer.
  • Spread fire Tanks like the Sprayer can counter this Tank’s side bullets, but they’ll have to move in order to escape both the big and small Bullets. Use this fact to escape if you know you can't win against a spread fire tank.

Against the Artillery

  • Since the Artillery is basically a weaker Destroyer, Drone users won’t have such a hard time against this Tank. The Bullet is smaller, making it easier to avoid it, and if the Drones are hit, they won’t all go down in one bullet, making the Artillery an easy kill for Drone users.
    • This is especially true for the Underseer classes and their Drone swarms.
  • Snipers can pick this tank off from a distance. The Artillery’s low center cannon reload and side cannon penetration means it won’t be able to do much against them.


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