The Assassin is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in and is able to upgrade from the Sniper upon reaching level 25. It may further upgrade to the Ranger, the Falcon, the Auto-Assassin and the Stalker at level 45. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Assassin features a circular base and a single Cannon mounted on the front. A trapezoid overlaps the Cannon.


The Assassin gains a larger field of view when compared to the Sniper, but has an even slower reload. It also gets a buff in the Bullet's overall power.


  • Strong Against: Far away Tanks, unsuspecting Tanks, Tanks low on health
  • Weak Against: Tanks close up, high movement speed Tanks, high health Tanks

As the Assassin

  • Players should utilize the Assassin's large field of view to take down Tanks before they get close to the player.
  • Players should avoid close encounters.
  • Players should avoid rammers at all costs.

Against the Assassin

  • When fighting the Assassin, most Tanks are better when close to the Assassin, since otherwise the Assassin sees them but they don't see the Assassin.
  • Rammers should try to ram the Asssasin.


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