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The Auto-3 is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in Arras.io that may upgrade from the Flank Guard at level 25. The Auto-3 may further upgrade into the Auto-5, the Auto-4, the Mega-3 or Banshee. The upgrade key for this tank is I.


The Auto-3 has a circular base and three Auto Turrets surrounding the tank in the same fashion as on the Flank Guard.


The Auto-3, when upgraded to, replaces each Cannon with Auto Turrets. Damage is slightly decreased while reload and Bullet speed increase.

The Auto-3 has a slower form of Auto Spin on at all times. The Auto-3's Turrets normally aim at everything around them. Activating Auto Fire, however, will make the Turrets closest to your cursor point and fire at it, enabling you to manually aim with this Tank. Enabling Override will deactivate the Turrets entirely until Override is disabled. Pressing shift will "boost" you, making the turrets opposite your cursor fire, causing recoil to boost you.


  • Strong Against: Lower tier Tanks, low reload Tanks
  • Weak Against: Focused fire Tanks, high reload Tanks

As the Auto-3

  • The Auto-3's three Auto Turrets make farming with this Tank quite easy - in fact, you can just move around an let the Turrets do the rest.
  • If fighting another Tank, enable Auto Fire and aim at them. Be constantly on the move. You'll have a higher chance to win against a lower tier or a lower reload Tank.

Against the Auto-3

  • A Tank with higher firepower than the Auto-3 can easily overwhelm and destroy it.
  • Auto-3 bullets are relatively weak alone, so don't be afraid to shoot down ammunition that you're about to run into. This is especially important if the Tank manages to catch you in a cross-fire between two Turrets.


  • The Auto-3 is borrowed from Diep.io, however the Auto-3 in Arras.io has a hyphen in its name, while the Auto 3 in Diep.io does not.



  1. Removed Upgrade Option