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The Auto-4 is one of the Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks, that may upgrade from the Auto-3 or Gunner at level 45 and doesn't upgrade further. Its upgrade keys are H and I.


The Auto-4 has four Auto Turrets on the side, but unlike normal Auto Turrets, they each have two Cannons.


When upgraded to from the Auto-3, the tank gains a fourth Auto Turret, with the turrets being shifted to stay equidistant from each other. Each turret also gains a second Cannon, doubling the fire rate in a similar way to the Twin.


  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies coming from different directions, fast tanks, tanks with low Reload.
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks. Drone Classes

As the Auto-4

  • The Auto-4 is a great tank for farming thanks to its turrets.
  • Stay away from drone class tanks because the turrets do not target these drones. The drone tank will easily overpower and kill you.
  • Upgrade movement speed

Against the Auto-4

  • Players should use a bullet spamming tank like Triplet with high Movement Speed when about to fight an Auto 4. They should dodge the latter's bullets at all cost since they can cripple them.
  • Use a drone class tank because the turrets do not target your drones. You will easily overpower and kill it.


  • The Auto Turrets on the Auto-4 are exclusive to Arras.io.
  • The Auto-4 is one of two tanks that have unique Twin-barreled Auto Turrets, the other being the Auto-Smasher.
  • Turn auto fire on, and use it as a weak Gunner