The Auto-5 is one of the Tier 4 Tanks and one of the current upgrades from the Auto-3 at Level 45 and may not upgrade further. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Auto-5 features a circular base mounted with 5 Auto Turrets 72º apart from each other.


The Auto-5 retains the auto-spin and auto-fire effect from the Auto-3, but with 2 more Auto Turrets, giving increased DPS and firepower. The Auto-5 is more efficient for kills in than in for the main reason that in, the Auto-5 automatically shoots enemy tanks.


  • Strong Against: Destroyer-branch Tanks, Tanks with low DPS and Bullet Penetration, Trapper-branch Tanks (except Builder)
  • Weak against: Tanks with high DPS and Penetration, Builder-branch Tanks, Drone Tanks

As the Auto-5

  • Because the tank automatically fires and spins, all the player has to do is to dodge enemy attacks and stay away from counters like the Builder.
  • The Auto-5 is exceptional at farming because it auto-firing capabilities. However, when farming near the center of the map, make sure to have teammates around, because a lone Auto-5 can easily be taken out.
  • The Auto 5 is to be used defensively as its turrets attack the most aggressive entity closest to the player. Therefore, Snipers and other high FoV tanks can hide behind Polygons to pick of an Auto-5. It is advised not to go alone without a supporting tank that provides high DPS and Penetration.

Against the Auto-5

  • Drone classes can easily overpower the Auto-5 if they dodge it's Bullets. The Drones will quickly chip away it's health and kill it.
  • High DPS tanks like the Triplet can overpower the Auto-5's Bullets and easily take it out. The Triplet's high Penetration will punch through whatever the Auto-5 fires.
  • Fast rammers with high health and speed stats may also be able to kill the Auto-5, but because its Auto Turrets deal quite a lot of damage (if the Auto-5 has high Bullet stats), it is a risky action.


  • The Auto-5 is one of the few tanks in that automatically spin.


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