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The Auto-5 is one of the Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks and one of the current upgrades from the Auto-3 at Level 45 and may not upgrade further. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Auto-5 features a circular base mounted with 5 auto-turrets 72º apart from each other.


The Auto-5 retains the auto-spin and auto-fire effect from the Auto-3, but with 2 more auto-turrets, giving increased DPS and firepower. The Auto-5 is more efficient for kills in Arras.io than in Diep.io for the main reason that in Arras.io, the Auto-5 automatically shoots enemy tanks.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS and/or ROF tanks, often rammers and Tri-Angle-classes, and a number of Trapper-classes.
  • Weak against: Tanks with high DPS and/or penetration, Builder branches, and drone tanks.

As the Auto-5

  • The Auto-5’s seemingly weak and awkward attacks might make it worthless on paper; however, when used in the right hands, the Auto-5 becomes quite powerful with its small, yet actually powerful bullets thanks to the help of its high RoF, leading to an impressive DPS that makes it a solid pick for PvP fights.
  • Using auto-fire is almost always a must, as this will grant the player manual use of the auto-turrets. Relying entirely on the AI of auto-turrets would make a player struggle to consistently keep up their offense or defense, as this may usually cause their attacks to function in awkward and/or unfocused patterns, and be distracted by surrounding objects like Polygons.
    • One of the few instances (or possibly the only instance) the AI of the auto-turrets can be mostly or entirely relied on is when farming Polygons. This can be particularly useful in Pentagon Nests, where the auto-turrets will constantly target incoming Crashers, minimizing the damage they inflict due to large portions of them being destroyed.
  • The AI of the auto-turrets, whether with or without auto-fire, will always be active, and thus will usually constantly fire bullets due to the server being packed with Polygons for the turrets to target. This can be troublesome for the Auto-5, as it hinders its ability to escape by revealing its location with the constantly fired bullets, which may create a trail for enemies to follow and find the Auto-5. However, similar to refraining from shooting with most other tanks, players can activate override with the R-key, which ceases the AI function of the turrets, thus preventing them from firing any bullets and giving away location. A player is free to use override any time for other reasons to not open any fire as well.
  • When an Auto-5 (manually) aims its turrets, it will have a constant switch between a number of two and three turrets firing in the direction focused with the cursor; this is caused by the uncontrollable auto-spin applied to the Auto-5. A player should keep in mind that because of this, the strength of the bullet stream will not always be consistent, and should learn how to use as little as two turrets and as much as three in a fight, often depending on the type of adversary they face.
    • The ability of only two auto-turrets having a great effect depends on the opponent’s amount of bullets, RoF, and size of the bullets. Tanks with either a low amount of bullets, low RoF, small bullet size, can be taken on quite well by two auto-turrets, given that they cannot block its bullets as easily because of the factors applied to them. Opponents with the opposite factors applied to them are more challenging for two auto-turrets to defeat, since the bullets will then get blocked more easily.
  • Tanks like the Gunner Trapper or Nailgun are good matchups for the Auto-5. When fighting these tanks, the player should take advantage of their focused stream of tiny bullets, and use their slightly larger bullets and more area-dominant firepower to overwhelm the enemy. As mentioned above, two auto-turrets is enough, due to being somewhat on par with the enemy’s small and directionally focused bullets, but three will grant an even higher chance of success, since it provides more area-denial, and can be overwhelming to the enemy, especially if they are close enough to the Auto-5 in distance. Unlike the other similar tanks, the Nailgun should be fought with caution, given that its extremely fast and ghosting bullets can deal significant damage to the Auto-5 by striking the weak-spots (particularly between the auto-turrets).
  • Trapper-classes should not be much of a problem, since the Auto-5’s small bullets are capable of slipping through the gaps between the traps they produce. In addition, Trapper-classes tend to be incapable of pulling off sufficient offense, due to the short range of their traps, whereas the Auto-5’s attacks tend to have decent range, making it good for short-to-medium-range combat. Builder-branch tanks should be fought with the same strategy of aiming at any openings between the traps, but with more caution, since the traps can travel at high speeds, farther than normal traps, and can deal rather punishing damage. In that case, good dodging will become a necessity.
  • Destroyer-classes are fairly easy to fight if done so carefully; an Auto-5 should take advantage of the enemy’s slow RoF and poor bullet velocity, which will allow it to quickly overwhelm the latter with its superior RoF and easily dodge the bullets. Additionally, the auto-turrets work well at detecting enemies that are off-screen, which can prevent potential sneak attacks from nearby Destroyer-classes. A player should however keep in mind that auto-turrets won’t always consistently target off-screen tanks as a result of problems such as the turrets getting distracted by other objects such as Polygons and other enemy tanks. In that case, it is best for the player to still sustain a great amount of caution to avoid Destroyer-class ambushes.
  • The Auto-5 should not hesitate to engage with rammers, as its fast RoF grants access to surprisingly good firepower that can cripple a rammer’s health within seconds. Upon seeing a rammer on-screen, the player should maintain some distance from it, and then quickly open fire before it gets too close to deliver enough damage in time; three auto-turrets are the most ideal for quickly dealing damage, and two can also work well, albeit with extra caution and more secured positioning to ensure the rammer wouldn’t overpower the bullets. As mentioned earlier, keeping distance is crucial, as the Auto-5’s bullets are not powerful enough to suppress a rammer that is too close, thus putting the player in danger unless s/he is skilled at maneuvering around rammers; even then, the chances of survival are not all that great.
  • Bullet spammers are somewhat tough to deal with, as most of the time, their bullets are superior in strength, combined with a high RoF that allows their firepower to easily block an Auto-5’s attacks, making it hard for the latter to deal consistent damage. Because of this, an Auto-5 should try to attack tanks like the Triplet or Twin when they are distracted, flanking them from the side or behind. If the spammer has its attention focused onto the Auto-5, it should perform the same strategy that would apply to tanks like the Nailgun: to aim for the slight weak spots that aren’t protected by the spammer’s bullets, most notably the sides of the enemy’s hull. The Auto-5 also has somewhat of a ghosting effect on its bullets due to their small size, which can allow it to sneak in some damage past the enemy spammer’s defense; however, the ghosting effect is not as good as that of smaller and faster bullets such as the Nailgun’s.
    • Bullet spammers that have small bullets, similarly the Auto-5, are not as tough as those with larger bullets to deal with. This includes tanks like the Auto-Gunner, whose bullets are very similar to the Auto-5’s allowing the latter to match up evenly with the former. The Auto-5’s bullets are generally stronger than the Auto-Gunner’s (as well as the normal Gunner’s), so the player should simply plow through the Auto-Gunner’s bullets and deal damage over time; a bit of shooting at the weak spots might have to come in play if the Auto-Gunner happens to have the superior firepower.
    • Tanks with spread-fire are the most ideal matchups for an Auto-5 when it comes to bullet spammers. The spread-fire allows less bullets to be focused in one direction, which hinders the overall strength of the firepower, allowing the Auto-5’s bullets to pierce through and deal consistent damage. This can be done easily against tanks like the Spreadshot, since their bullets are individually weak. It can also be done against tanks with stronger bullets such as the Penta Shot, albeit with a bit of difficulty, as they can then take advantage of the Auto-5’s awkward turret movements, which can make way for damage good enough to make retreating a wiser option than staying.
  • Most Sniper-classes are easy kills for the Auto-5 in close-range battles, given that their generally slow RoF prevents them from having sufficient firepower, allowing them to be easily overwhelmed by the Auto-5’s far superior firepower thanks to its fast RoF. Sniper-classes with a faster RoF, such as the Rifle branch, should be fought with a bit more caution, as their stronger firepower allows them to stand a better chance against the Auto-5; in that case, it should concentrate harder on blocking and dodging the opponent’s bullets than it normally would against other Sniper-classes.
  • Drone tanks should generally be avoided, as the Auto-5’s turrets are not strong enough to provide sufficient defense against the drones. However, an Auto-5 with enough movement speed and good dodging skills can still prevail against a drone tank. It should continuously while maneuvering around the drones; good aim and especially good enough dodging is required, as a drone tank that survives long enough would very likely eventually lock their drones onto the Auto-5 for the kill. Even then, it is best for the Auto-5 to stay away from drone tanks, and only use the aforementioned strategy whenever necessary, and not abandon safety for the sake of it.
  • The Auto-5 has a surprisingly good DPS that it can use to kill large targets quickly, such as Dominators and Alpha Pentagons. It is especially effective against Trapper Dominators and Sanctuaries, since the Auto-5’s small bullets can seep through the traps and strike the hull of the target.

Against the Auto-5

  • Drone tanks are the most notable counter against an Auto-5, since the latter’s attacks are too weak to effectively defend against drones, especially the ones that are from the Overlord or similar tanks. All the player will have to do is simply send in their drones to the Auto-5 and overpower its bullets for the kill. Sometimes, the player may be caught in a situation where the Auto-5 has points in movement speed, allowing it to maneuver around the drones and even kill the player before it even takes damage. In that case, good dodging would come into play to buy enough time to eventually lock the drones onto the Auto-5 and kill it easily.
    • Tanks with excessive amounts of drones such as the Underseer or Cruiser branch are also effective picks against the Auto-5.
      • As an Underseer, Necromancer, or Malefictor, the player can either charge their drones at the Auto-5 or repel them towards its location, then swarm it for an easy kill; if the attempt fails, the player should flee if they are too low on drones to overpower the Auto-5’s attacks, or they may be at risk of inescapable death.
      • As a Cruiser branch tank (most effectively the Battleship or Carrier), the player should keep their cursor on the Auto-5 to direct the drones to the sides of its hull, as the auto-turrets there are not affected by auto-fire, so they won’t be able to defend effectively. This will quickly overwhelm the Auto-5 and either ward it off or kill it; the player must make sure they have good dodging, because the drones are nonetheless weak enough to allow an Auto-5 to kill the player faster than vice versa.
  • Focused-fire bullet spammers with larger and/or stronger bullets, which would include the Triplet, Auto-Double, and others, are well-rounded counters to engage with an Auto-5. This is simply due to the superior firepower of the said counters, given that they have larger and stronger bullets, and oddly enough, a higher RoF despite the aforementioned advantages. In that case, all the player would have to do is fire in the direction of the Auto-5, whose attacks would then be overpowered, should it try to fight back. The player should also concentrate on blocking bullets that are seemingly heading towards their weak spots (usually the sides of the hull), and dodge any that manage to make it past their superior firepower.
  • Depending on the positioning and skill in certain aspects, rammers can prove effective against an Auto-5. If far away from the Auto-5, the rammer can try to charge at it and take advantage of not only the fairly weak, but also somewhat awkward movement of the auto-turrets by weaving around the bullet stream to take minimal damage, and get close enough for the kill. Good dodging is needed for this strategy, as an Auto-5, especially if it has good aim, can deplete a rammer’s health with ease; if this happens, the rammer must retreat immediately and either steer clear of the Auto-5, or make another attempt. If the rammer happens to be close enough to the Auto-5, then it can simply charge at it, easily overpower its bullets, and kill it; this may not always be a guaranteed kill, as sometimes, an Auto-5, especially if it has good maneuvering skills, can still have a chance at avoiding the rammer while depleting its health.
  • Most Sniper-classes should avoid engaging with an Auto-5 at close or even medium range at times, as their low firepower will lead to an almost guaranteed death. However, if a player would stay afar as a Sniper-class tank, then they can stand a chance against an Auto-5 by out-ranging the auto-turrets’ FoV, and striking the weak spots. The fact that the Auto-5 can manually notice the bullets, block and/or dodge them, and predict the player’s location should be kept in mind, though.
    • Sniper-classes with a faster RoF, such as the Rifle branch and most preferably the Streamliner should also keep their distance, but do not need to be as cautious about it. Anyway, their FoV may not be large enough to prevent an Auto-5’s turrets from targeting them, and thus should rely a bit more on their fast RoF to stand their ground. The aforementioned strategy above of striking the weak spots should still be utilized in this case as well.
  • The Nailgun, being an even matchup for the Auto-5, can defeat one with points added into bullet speed, allowing its bullets to ghost through the Auto-5’s or strike its weak spots with ease. This should be done with some distance from the Auto-5 to ensure it would not quickly overpower the player and kill him/her. The same strategy can be used with the Gunner Trapper.
    • The Overgunner can combine the strategy above with that of a drone tank by ghosting its tiny bullets through the Auto-5’s attacks, and easily penetrate them with their drones, granting the Overgunner an easy kill. This may take a slight bit of skill, given that controlling both a bullet stream and drones is not the easiest thing that could be done in Arras.io.
  • Destroyer-classes can try to ambush an Auto-5, although it won’t be as easy as ambushing other tanks, as the auto-turrets can reveal the location of the player, potentially cancelling out the sneak attack. However, the player can invest some points into max health and body damage, which will allow them to absorb the damage from the turrets, and, if the Auto-5 is not paying attention to the behavior of the auto-turrets, suddenly kill it in a single hit. Should the attempt fail, the player should use their powerful recoil to quickly escape and block incoming attacks with their large bullets. Tanks in the Builder branch can perform the same strategy, albeit with a bit more difficulty in regards to their low recoil and somewhat inconsistent trap range and damage.


  • The Auto-5 is one of the few tanks in Arras.io that automatically spin.