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The Auto-Assassin is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that upgrades from the Assassin upon reaching Level 45 and may not upgrade further. It was released on June 2, 2018. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Auto-Assassin is an Assassin with an Auto Turret mounted on top of it. In other words, this tank is equipped with a frontal ranged cannon and a single auto turret.


Upon upgrading from the Assassin, the tank will gain one Auto Turret. The turret is good for farming extra Polygons and with minor additional damage output, as well as repelling rammers but not as radar because the Auto-Assassin has a greater FoV of 31 grids.

No stats are changed upon upgrading, but the Bullets are faster than average and reload is less than average.


  • Strong Against: Injured tanks, many Sniper classes, Drone classes, Destroyer-Branch classes, low DPS or Penetration Tanks .
  • Weak against: High DPS Tanks, Rangers and Predators (in certain circumstances), Invisible tanks, rammers (in close range), Penta Shot.

As the Auto-Assassin

  • The addition of the auto-turret does not put the Auto-Assassin among high DPS tank. It may outgun a Ordnance but very unlikely even a Streamliner, not to mention a Sprayer. Therefore, it still benefits largely from the element of stealth in typical sniper gameplay - turn the auto-turret off with override by pressing R.
  • For reasons above, avoid close quarter combat. The tank's weak recoil also slows retreat.
  • As an Assassin upgrade, the Auto-Assassin's FoV is larger than most other sniper branch, including the Poacher, and therefore holds some advantage in long range combats.
  • As always, Sniper classes with a good aim and a high bullet speed can apply hit-and-run strategy on Drone tanks. The risk of deploying Drones and leaving the tank unguarded increases with the distance (and therefore time) the Drones have to travel and the accuracy reduces as the target is out of FoV (the Commander's FoV is 26.5 grids only for instance). Nonetheless some Drone players are very aggressive and will attack anyway, and some have a very high movement speed that may eventually catch the sniper, and the sniper classes simply lack the firepower to dispose of Drones quickly. As a consequence movement speed can be surprisingly useful for an Auto-Assassin.
    • Managers are especially tricky as they are invisible and the Auto-turret does not help spamming the area with bullets.

Against the Auto-Assassin

  • DPS tanks such as the Triplet should be able to block the Auto-Assassin's attack. The tank is weak and easily overwhelmed in short-range.
  • The Ranger and the Predator have the superior FoV to suppress the Auto-Assassin.
  • Traps and Blocks are fairly durable against sniper classes bullets.
  • Rammers like the Booster are strong against the Auto-Assassin. The Auto-turret will significantly increase the tank's damage against the rammer but still insufficient to entirely compensate for the sniper class's relatively low DPS and low mobility.
  • High spread classes like Penta-Shot are great at holding a point as the Auto-Assassin cannot penetrate.


  • Developers had access to this tank for at least 2 months before it was released to the public.