The Auto-Assassin is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Assassin upon reaching Level 45 and may not upgrade further. It was released on June 2, 2018. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Auto-Assassin is an Assassin with an Auto Turret mounted on top of it. In other words, this tank is equipped with a frontal ranged cannon and a single auto turret.


Upon upgrading from the Assassin, the tank will gain one Auto Turret. Because of the large FoV on the Auto-Assassin, the Auto Turret is good for farming extra Polygons and with minor additional damage output, as well as repelling rammers. No stats are changed upon upgrading, but the Bullets are faster than average and reload is less than average.


  • Strong Against: Drone classes, Trappers, Destroyer-Branch classes, low DPS or Penetration Tanks, slow-shooting classes, Sniper classes.
  • Weak against: High DPS Tanks, Rangers, Predators (in certain circumstances), Rammers (in close range), Penta Shot, Tri-Trapper.

As the Auto-Assassin

  • Kill as many Drone Tanks and Trappers as you can.
    • Avoid their Drones and Traps too. To fend them off, upgrade your Body Damage to get less damage from them and upgrade your Movement Speed to get away from them faster.
    • Drone classes can be tricky as they have a similar scope to you. Managers are especially tricky as since you cannot see them and you cannot spam the area where they may be in they have a huge advantage. Even without invisibility, if you let Drone classes see you, the situation can get sticky.
  • The best way to kill a high DPS tank with the Auto-Assassin would be to surprise that tank at low health.
  • The auto turret's range is less than your scope, so use that range as an advantage against other tanks.
  • It's better to fight in a medium or a long range. Close range is not advised, because you would always need to be aware of what's near your tank, otherwise, a Rammer or Sentry may surprise-attack you.
    • You want to keep distance and not get too close to the enemy, as it can be hard to run, especially with low movement speed. Watch for rammers so you can stay far away from them.

Against the Auto-Assassin

  • Use a tank with high bullet damage against it.
  • Use the Ranger or Predator to go against it in some cases, like as a surprise attack.
    • They have a high FoV, so use that as an advantage as well. However, it's best to upgrade Bullet Damage to the maximum stat to maximize damage and kills for the surprise attack.
  • In Dominator games, a Trapper Dominator can keep you in cover from an Auto-Assassin. Other ranged classes can have a hard time competing, so drone, spam and ram classes are generally your best chance.
  • Manager is a great counter as the enemy will have a hard time finding you without succumbing to your drones.
  • Rammers like the Booster are also fairly great but be sure to be able to predict the enemy's movement.
  • High spread classes like Penta-Shot are great at holding a point as the Auto-Assassin cannot penetrate.
  • The Tri Trapper is also decent as it can surround itself in traps, making it hard for the Assassin to hit it.


  • Developers had access to this tank for at least 2 months before it was released to the public.


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