The Auto-Builder is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Builder at Level 45. It can not upgrade any further. Its upgrade key is U.


The Auto-Builder features a circular design with a Launcher protruding out of one end and an Auto Turret in the center of its body.


The Auto-Builder has one Block Launcher, similar to that of the basic Builder, and a single Auto Turret with standard Stats.


As the Auto-Builder

  • The Auto-Builder excels in lengthy fights, since its Auto Turret chips away at the health of enemies while they can get stuck in the squarish traps, called Blocks.
  • Stay away from battles, and do not start any as well. The Auto-Builder was not built for offense, rather one should support teammates in a brawl by setting up Blocks to possibly block and trap (as its name suggests) the enemy player.
  • Try to bait players by constantly moving in and out of your Blocks while setting more up. The player can move through their own Blocks, but others can not. This traps them, and the Auto Turret will continuously chip away at the health of the enemy as well.

Against the Auto-Builder

  • Players facing the Auto-Builder should always avoid touching the Auto-Builder's traps, like they would with any other Trapper class.
  • High DPS tanks like the Penta Shot can easily overwhelm and destroy the Auto-Builder’s Traps. Their bullets can also block the Auto Turret’s attempt to chip away at the player.


  • The Auto-Builder used to shoot circular traps before it was changed.
  • The Auto-Builder was once named Auto-Trapper until the Trapper became a Tier 2 tank.


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