The Auto-Double is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in It upgrades from the Double Twin at Level 45. The Auto-Double may not upgrade any further. Its upgrade key is I.


The Auto-Double is a Double Twin with an extra Auto-Turret on top of it.


Its Cannons retains the same stats as the Double Twin. The Auto Turret works like general Auto Turrets, like the Auto-Gunner's.


  • Strong Against: Rammmers, Low DPS tanks, High bullet spread tanks.
  • Weak Against: Triplets, Builder classes, Destroyer branch

As the Auto-Double

  • Due to it's high DPS, it is good against Low DPS tanks and tanks where bullets are spread out of a plane instead of in a line like the Auto-Double's cannons are.
  • The Auto-Double excels against Drone Tanks because of tank's high DPS and auto turret, the Auto Double's Cannons could fight off enemy drones while the Auto Turret is slowly shooting the enemy down.
  • Once again, due to its high DPS, the Auto Double will take off a lot of health on a rammer before they manage to ram into the player.
  • Because of its high amount of cannons, this tank excels at farming.

Against the Auto-Double

  • Triplets can outperform the Auto-Double because their DPS is slightly higher if both tanks were completely upgraded in Bullet stats.
  • A Builders' traps can cut right through the line of bullets and hit the player.
  • The Destroyer branch's massive Bullets are far better than the Auto-Double's line of Bullets. Try leading the Auto-Double into a corner it could easily be finished off.


  • The Auto-Double was not borrowed from, unlike it's predecessor (the Double Twin).


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