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The Auto-Double is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io. It upgrades from the Double Twin at Level 45. The Auto-Double may not upgrade any further. Its upgrade key is I.


The Auto-Double is a Double Twin with an extra Auto-Turret on top of it.


Its Cannons retains the same stats as the Double Twin. The Auto Turret works like general Auto Turrets, like the Auto-Gunner's.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS tanks, slow tanks, rammmers, high bullet spread tanks.

As the Auto-Double

  • The Auto-Double is the only bullet spammer that has a practically zero net recoil. At the cost of retreat speed, the Auto-Double becomes a powerful chaser, easily cornering lower DPS tanks.
  • The Auto-turret can help detect enemies outside of the Auto-Double's small FoV.
  • Despite its loss of recoil, the Auto-Double's DPS grants the tank good defence and counter-attack prowess against speedy threats such as rammers and Drones.
    • When facing Drone tanks, instead of fleeing players may attempt to dodge and fight off enemy drones with its twin double cannons while wearing the enemy with the Auto Turret.
  • Because of its high amount of cannons, this tank excels at farming.

Against the Auto-Double

  • The Triplet can outperform the Auto-Double because their DPS is slightly higher if both tanks were completely upgraded in Bullet stats.
  • The Destroyer or Builder branch has bullets powerful enough to cut right through the Auto-Double's line of bullets and hit it.


  • The Auto-Double was not borrowed from Diep.io, unlike it's predecessor (the Double Twin).