The Auto-Gunner is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Gunner. It is exactly like the Gunner except for the extra Auto-Turret on top. This further adds to its DPS.


As stated above, it is exactly like the Gunner but with an extra Auto-Turret on top.


The Auto-Gunner shoots gunner bullets at the front, with one auto turret shooting normal sized bullet.


Strong against: Swarm drone tanks because the auto gunner can easily overwhelm the tiny drones. ALERT, the Auto-Turret will not shoot at drones.

Weak against: High DPS tanks as the opponent's bullets will easily through the wall created by your bullets.

As the Auto-Gunner

  • Also good against trapper class tanks (not builder upgrades). The Auto-Gunners bullets can easily get around the traps set by opponent tanks.
  • While the front cannon is powerful enough on its own, the auto turret enhances it because it can detect the directions of enemies.It is also good for return fire while fleeing from a battle.
  • If you max out reload, bullet speed, bullet health and bullet damage.If you go to the pentagon nest and farm a bit, you can easily make it to the top 5 on the leaderboard.

Against the Auto-Gunner

  • Focused fire tanks. Like high DPS tanks, focused fire tanks easily break through wall created by the Auto-Gunner.To avoid being killed by strong bullets, try to stay out of the direction from the cannons. Instead, try swarming bullets from the back while using your cannon's knockback to move around.
  • Drone classes (except Cruiser type upgrades) because these drones easily can get around the Auto-Gunner's bullets. Even more so, the Auto Turret does not fire at drones making it easy for tanks like the Overlord to kill the tank.


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