The Auto-Overseer is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks, which upgrades from the Overseer and end of the upgrade line. its upgrade key is J. It was once a Beta Tank.


The Auto-Overseer is an Overseer that includes 1 Auto Turret.


Because the Auto-Overseer only has 2 Spawners, the Overlord would have twice as much reload speed, depending on reload stats.

The Auto Turret will shoot at anything within range, including Polygons. This makes the Auto Turret a useful farmer. It doesn't, however, aim at the enemy Drones.


Strong against: Low penetration tanks (because the Drones can fly through the Bullets and into the Tank), Trappers (because the Drones easily get around any Traps set by Trappers. This doesn't include the Builder class and its upgrades.), Sniper classes.

Weak Against: Other Overseer class upgrades as most of these upgrades have either controllable Drones, or a higher Drone respawn rate class such as the Overlord. This makes it especially vulnerable because the Auto Turret doesn't shoot at these Drones, and high penetration Tanks can make quick work of your Drones.

As the Auto-Overseer

  • Unlike other overseer classes, the auto-turret helps damage tanks or polygons nearby while your drones do work further away. This seals one of the weakness of overseers, but can still be defeated by fast body damage rammers.

Against the Auto-Overseer

  • Use an Overseer class upgrade to take out the Auto-overseer.
  • Use the Overlord for a high Drone respawn rate, in which can go against the Auto-Overseer itself.


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