The Auto-Smasher is one of the current Tier 4 upgrade options for the Smasher. The Auto-Smasher cannot upgrade any further, as it is a Tier 4 Tank. The upgrade key for it is I.


The Auto-Smasher is a Smasher with a Twin-Barreled auto-turret attached on top of it.


The Auto-Smasher combines the technical abilities of a twin auto-turret and the Smasher. It can automatically shoot bullets from its auto-turret barrels. Moreover, it can be used to ram in close range.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with low DPS and low Penetration, Hurricane Builds.
  • Weak Against: High DPS classes, Most Director, Destroyer, and Trapper-Branched tanks. Close range Tanks.

As the Auto-Smasher

  • Take out the tier 1 ranks, which usually have low DPS and low Penetration.
  • Unlike the Auto Smasher, the Auto-Smasher's bullets do an incredible amount of damage due to the extra 3 points that can be used for Bullet builds with the Auto-Smasher.
  • The Auto-Smasher can also ram, and if you use a Rammer build with the Auto-Smasher, use the Auto-Turret to pinpoint targets and hunt them.
  • Upgrade the body damage to have survive longer while ramming polygons and tanks.
  • The Auto-Smasher is also severely underrated, even though it has the same stats as the smasher. Opponents will be unaware of this, and won't be as cautious around you, letting you snag kills.
  • Avoid boosters, and avoid letting them witch hunt you. As leader, opponents will see you as vulnerable and will try to kill you. As soon as you lose 50% of your health and are far away from your base, RUN. All the rammers will chase you, and chances are that they're faster and have enough health to kill you.

Against the Auto-Smasher

  • Use close range tanks, like the Smasher to go against it.
  • Use a tier 3/4 tank branched from the Director, the Destroyer and the Trapper, since the Director tanks can shoot controllable Drones, the Destroyer tanks shoot large bullets and the Trapper tanks are a good threat against ramming tanks.


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