The Auto-Spawner is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks, that upgrades from Spawner and doesn't upgrade any further. Its upgrade key is U.


The Auto-Spawner has a Minion Spawner that is same as the Factory's, and an Auto Turret is on it.


The Auto-Spawner's Minion Spawner works like the Spawner's, spawning out to 4 Minions. Its Auto Turret aims the most nearby Tanks or Polygons and shoots Bullets with medium damage.


As the Auto-Spawner

Against the Auto-spawner

  • As the Factory, direct all your Minions at the player, and use the remaining Minions to hit the player.
  • As the Cruiser and its branches, aim your Swarms at the player and NOT the Minions.


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