The Auto-Tri-Angle is one of the Tier 4 Tanks and one of the current upgrades from the Tri-Angle at Level 45 and it does not upgrade further. The upgrade key for this tank is J.


The Auto-Tri-Angle has a circular base with three Cannons and one Auto Turret. The angles between each Tri-Angle Cannon clockwise from the front Cannon are: 150º, 60º, & 150º.


Upon upgrading to the Auto-Tri-Angle, the Tri-Angle gains an Auto Turret.


  • Strong Against: low health tanks, low reload tanks, some Drone classes, slow tanks
  • Weak Against: groups of tanks, high DPS tanks, Trapper classes, other rammers, destroyers if in the right hands

As the Auto-Tri-Angle

  • One of the best builds with the Auto-Tri-Angle is the body build. This means upgrading health, body damage, and movement speed stats to max and using the tank itself, not the Cannons, to kill players. The Auto Turret is a nice addition because it can chip away at escaping tank's health and it can possibly kill them, too.
  • As a Bullet build, try to attack from a range and use the back Cannons as a speed boost to catch up to any escaping tank. Ambusing is one of the best strategies for this build, and with the auto turret having a wider detection range, it is easy to locate the positions of offscreen tanks if the player keeps an eye on their turret. The bullet build is best used in maze mode, where the tri-angle can out-manouver enemies and gun them down. 
  • Never charge head-on to the enemy. Their projectiles will do heavy damage to the Auto-Tri-Angle. Instead, try to dodge the projectiles and get closer, or circle the enemy and slowly spiral closer. However, if your enemy is weak and their bullets won't do heavy damage to the player, the best option is to chase them down quickly so they have little time to react.

Against the Auto-Tri-Angle

  • An Auto-Tri-Angle can be countered by other Auto-Tri-Angles and other rammers (e.g. Smashers, boosters, Spikes, etc.).
  • A Triplet can easily overpower the Auto-Tri-Angle because of its firepower and strength. As a Triplet, always move the opposite direction of where the Auto-Tri-Angle is going so they will not ram into it.
  • Try to distract the Auto Turret by forcing the Auto-Tri-Angle to chase the player into a place with many entities.


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