The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Ball was a mockup Tank in It had an unknown Tier and unknown upgrade keys. It only had one weapon which was it's body.


The Ball is just a simple circle with nothing extra added on top of it.


Due to being a mockup tank, this Tank has unknown stats, although it's remade as an Unknown Entity in the latest Version. it's effective at demolishing tanks by bouncing off obstacles and shapes. The Ball can't move by itself, and takes lots of knockback in order to move. The Ball also doesn't take damage (unlike the mockup version of it)


  • Strong against: Non-Smasher branch rammers, Tanks with a low rate of fire.

As the Ball

  • This tank should be played like another Smasher branch tank.

Against the Ball

  • Glass Tri-Angle branches are effective at defeating the ball, especially the Fighter and Surfer because they can circle the Ball and use the side cannons to kill it.


  • The Ball (in the latest Arras Version) can only be In-game if a Level 2 Beta Tester uses the bot command (using Discord) > (summon) <ID>
  • It was originally used as an event tank where you had to get it into your own base. Whatever team succeeded in doing so, won. It is no longer used as the beta tester who used to do this event is no longer a beta tester.
  • The Ball can change to any team color, including Arena Closer yellow.


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