The Banshee is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Auto-3 or Overseer at Level 45. The upgrade key for this tank are I and H.


The Banshee has a circular body with 3 Spawners and 3 Auto Turrets. The 6 weapons are equidistantly placed, alternating between Spawner and Auto Turret.


When upgraded to from the Auto-3, 3 Spawners are added between its Auto Turrets. Each spawner creates up to 2 Drones, making a total of 6 Drones.

Compared to the similar Auto-Overseer, the tank has more (uncontrollable) turrets at the cost of having 6 drones instead of the usual 9.


  • Strong Against: Groups of tanks, low DPS tanks
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, Rammers

As the Banshee

  • The Banshee works well against multiple opponents since the player can target one Tank with its Drones while the Auto Turrets fires at another player/s.
  • The Banshee is effective at farming, since its three Auto Turrets fire automatically at any target.
    • It also benefits from a better capability to defend itself when attacked while farming, due to its Drones, compared to the Auto-3.

Against the Banshee

  • Skilled rammers are the Banshee's weakness, as with all drone users.
  • High DPS Tanks, which can destroy Drones easily, is effective to the Banshee.
    • Tanks with small Bullets like the Nailgun is also effective, as their Bullets can go through Drones.


  • This tank was originally a TESTBED tank.
  • This tank was removed then re-added.


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