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The Barricade is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that upgrades from the Minigun. It may also upgrade from the Trapper at level 45. It cannot upgrade any further. Its upgrade key is H.


Displayed like a fusion of its predecessors, the Barricade has three Launchers stacked on top of each other.


The Barricade shoots a stream of traps that do mediocre damage. Although it has unremarkable damage, the reload makes up for that weakness.


The Barricade can be effective against ramming tanks if used properly. While a rammer is moving toward the player, the player can use its traps to attack it while steadily moving backward. Due to the Barricade's increased FoV, it can also spray traps before the other tank can notice. Traps placed before an encounter can be very useful, as it can deter and weaken other tanks if they happen to run into the tanks.

  • Strong against: Rammer tanks such as the Tri-Angle and Smasher classes, destroyer classes, low health tanks, tanks with low movement speed.

As the Barricade

  • Use your high reload to your advantage. Try to get close to tanks and shoot them down.
  • The barricade, unlike many other trapper classes, is not just defensive. If bullet speed is maxed out, it can be played similarly to a Streamliner.
  • The Barricade is great for setting up quick defences with an upgrade of trap penetration and trap health, and then making sure they don't get gunned down.
  • A Barricade can destroy Alpha Pentagons
  • If played like a Streamliner, it can counter destroyers, minigun and its upgrades, and even the Streamliner and Sprayer.

Against the Barricade

  • Avoid getting too close. Because of the Barricade's high recoil, it will simply move away. Use long-range/high DPS tank to take advantage of the Barricade's low penetration.
  • A Destroyer can easily kill a Barricade only if the Barricade dosent have any bullet speed, one bullet can block many traps, and if a single bullet hits the Barricade, it will be crippled into fleeing or it will die.