The Basic is the first variation of Tanks in that the player can use once they spawn. It is currently the only Tier 1 tank in It possesses one Cannon which shoots one Bullet at a time in a straight path, with slight recoil. It upgrades from the Beta Tester A. The Basic may further upgrade into the Twin, Sniper, Machine Gun, Flank Guard, Director, Pounder, or the Trapper at level 10. It may also upgrade into the Smasher at level 25, and into the Single at level 45. Although it now upgrades into the Pounder at level 10, that tank was removed, and months later, brought back. On April Fools' Day in 2018, the Basic was also able to upgrade to the Master, a joke tank which was quickly removed.


The Basic features a circular base with a Cannon mounted at the front. The Basic’s color and the color of its ammunition are decided by which team it belongs to in team modes, or whether the tank is yours in FFA modes.


The Basic has very average stats, its Bullets can kill the Squares in 5 hits, the Triangles in 19 hits, and the Pentagons in 48 hits without any upgrades and with Level 1. Its movement speed gets slower as the Level gets higher. It has 20 HP without any upgrades.



The Basic shooting its Bullets. He's gonna get killed by the Dominator.

As the Basic

  • Tanks of your level or lower are a good target because the Basic’s firepower is frighteningly effective for what seems like a useless base, able to take out an enemy Tank in two shots in some cases.
  • The Tank’s reload can outperform and eventually destroy lower reload Tanks.
  • If upgrading, head for Polygons, low-level Tanks, and if possible, high-level Tanks with critically low health.
  • Against high FoV tanks like the Sniper, one should either try to dodge the shots while slowly circling closer until they are close enough to engage them or retreat to teammates for help. Again, with the general rule of thumb in mind, use the first strategy if it is clear that the enemy tank is a lower to equal level to the player.

Against the Basic

  • If the Basic is the same level as the player, take care when approaching it, because some may use the Basic as their main class that game instead of just as a base to upgrade later.
  • If you’re a low reload Tank like the Destroyer, don’t try to engage an equal- or higher-level Basic, since its moderate reload may outperform you.
  • If you are a rammer, you have to surprise it or the Basic will quickly make your health diminish and you will die.
  • Drone tanks are effective against the basic because the basic doesn't have enough guns or firepower to defend against the drones. Underseer-branch tanks are even better, unless you are low on drones. If that's the case, RUN.



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