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The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in Arras.io anymore.

The Battery is one of the removed Arras Tier 4 Tanks that would have upgraded from the Gunner at Level 45. The Battery would not have upgraded any further as it is at the end of its upgrade line. The upgrade key for this tank would have been Y. However, it upgrades from the Gunner if you are a Beta tester, or on a Beta tester server.


The Battery used to feature a circular tank body as a base, with five Gunner Cannon mounted at the front with equal widths.


The Battery had the same stats as the Gunner, but with the addition of a fifth Cannon mounted at the center. The firing pattern would have been the Central Cannon, then the left center one, then the right center one, then the left outer one, then the right outer one.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with a lower overall DPS, low reload Tanks
  • Weak Against: Drone classes, Tanks with a higher overall DPS

As the Battery

  • The Battery is a good Tank for farming, and players would do well to farm as much as possible in order to level up.
  • If in combat with an enemy, their reload and DPS is all that matters. Against Destroyers, the Battery will have an easy time countering its low reload and DPS, but against a Triplet, the Battery will have a harder time against its quicker reload and higher DPS.
    • If in combat with a low DPS Tank, make sure you can avoid its bullets. Spam in its general direction. Don't be afraid to tilt your Cannon slightly to catch their sides.
    • If in combat with a high DPS Tank, look at its health. If it's low on health, pressure it as much as possible and it'll die. Otherwise, retreat under the cover of your Bullets. This also applies to Drone users if the Battery is able to have a clear shot at the Drone user.

Against the Battery

  • If you have a low DPS or are low on health, don't engage in battle with the Battery. If you have a high DPS or are a Drone class, engage the Battery, but always prioritise your health.
  • The best way to combat a Battery is to know their tactics, and use them against them. Spam in its general direction, blocking its bullets, and don't be afraid to use the Battery's single-directional strategy to your advantage by aiming slightly at its sides.


  • This is not to be confused with the Mortar, as they are labeled as different tanks in the beta.
  • This tank is labeled in the games source code, but it is unnamed.
  • This tank is the proto-Machine Gunner.