The Battleship is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that is an upgrade from the Cruiser at Level 45. It may no longer upgrade as it is the end of its upgrade line. The upgrade key for this tank is Y.


The Battleship has a circular base with a total of 4 inverted Spawners - two of which are at one side and two on the other.


Upon upgrading to the Battleship from the Cruiser, two more Spawners will be added to the other side, increasing the number of Drones spawned at once. The Battleship can infinitely spawn Swarm Drones - however they do have a short lifetime. Two Spawners produce controllable while the other two produce drones that cannot be controlled. Upgrading Reload increases the rate of fire (or in this case, how fast the Drones are produced) and the lifetime of the Drones.


  • Strong Against: slow tanks, unprepared/unsuspecting tanks, distracted tanks with low DPS.
  • Weak Against: high FoV tanks, high DPS tanks, some Melee tanks.

As the Battleship

  • Try not to start fights with an Overlord as their Drones can easily destroy the Battleship's.
  • It is recommended to camp in one spot and wait to ambush an unsuspecting player, as getting the first hit is what matters. Therefore, players should upgrade their Movement Speed to lower the chances of tanks escaping.
  • An offensive strategy is using the Drones to push the enemy to the border of the map; there they can barely escape from the swarm of Drones.
  • Try not to fight rangers. Their bullets crush your drones.
  • The Battleship can be hard to use in Maze, as its spawners are to the tank's sides instead of the front, leaving the potential for new drones to easily run into walls without good positioning.

Against the Battleship

  • As a Sniper, stay as far away from the Battleship as possible, as they inflict heavy amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Use the longer FoV to snipe the Battleship.
  • Tanks with concentrated firepower like the Triplet are effective at handling the Drone swarms as they can one-shot them and then move on to the Battleship itself.
  • Rammers like Smashers or Tri-Angles with a full body build can push their way through the Drones and then attack and kill the Battleship.
  • Don't try to sneak attack them. The drones can sense you.
  • Try to use a bullet spammer and destroy the drones and the Battleship itself.


  • This tank used to be called “Carrier”, but the names were later swapped.
  • This tank used to evolve from Overseer.


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