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The Bent Hybrid is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io, that upgrades from Triple Shot and doesn't upgrade further. The upgrade key for it is I.


The Bent Hybrid has a circular Base with three Cannons on the front, like Triple Shot. An Auto Drone Spawner is on its back.


It's simply a combination of the Triple Shot and the back drones of Hybrid.


  • Strong Against: Rammer classes, Low RoF Tanks, Manager, Overlord if the opponent's build isn't too focused on Health, Drone Speed and Drone Health
  • Weak Against: Spammer classes, Destroyer classes (not unless with incorrect movement), Basic, Single (because Single is just stronger version of Basic), Twister and Skimmer, Focused-fire tanks

As the Bent Hybrid

  • Chase down those rammers, they can't really get to you. If they do happen to get close, start backing away and let your bullets do the rest.
  • Destroyer classes are easy to beat with correct builds and movement.
  • A recommended build is the 0/6/6/6/6/9/9/0/0/0, which offers great countering against rammers and is enough to face down an Annihilator bullet with health to spare (though not to much). An alternative is to put 3 in Movement and 3 in Max Health, or 3 in Body Damage and 3 in max health. All aforementioned builds are great for rammers, but the latter is better for surprising people and not having as much collision time with rammers. Thus, it saves some health. For facing down small hits, put 1 in Shield Regen and 2 in Max Shield, and 3 in max health. (Phew! That was a lot of reading.)

Against the Bent Hybrid

  • Skimmers and Twisters don't have to hit the Bent Hybrid with their Missiles. Simply let them pass by and its health will be depleted quickly.
  • Tanks with focused fire like other Twin upgrades can easily penetrate the Bent Hybrid's moderate reload, cutting through its moderate bullet spam to damage it.
  • The Basic is surprisingly good against the Bent Hybrid mostly because the Bent Hybrid bullets are slightly nerfed, allowing Basic tank bullets to pass through.
  • Machine Gun upgrades have higher firerate than this tank.
  • Bullet spammers have too many bullets compared to the Bent Hybrid, overwhelming its moderate spam and forcing it to retreat.


  • Surprisingly, it doesn't upgrade from any Director branches.
  • Only the Poacher, Hybrid, and Crop Duster have the same type of drones as it does.