The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Blunderbuss is one of the Removed Mockup Tanks in It upgraded from the Rifle, and didn't upgrade any further. Its upgrade key was U.


It featured a round body, and a long Cannon overwrapped by bit thicker and much shorter rectangle, like the Rifle's, was on the front. There were also short and thin 3 Cannons, sticking out from the left and right sides of the Rifle Cannon.


Due to it being a Mockup Tank, it has unknown stats. Though, presumably, it could shoot a sniper-sized bullet like the Rifle from the middle barrel and 6 tinier bullets from its 6 smaller barrels.


As the Blunderbuss

  • Since the Destroyer has a low fire rate and this tank shoots 7 bullets at a time, take advantage of the Blunderbuss's 7 bullets and take down the Destroyer.
  • It dominates in close range, due to its 7 bullet attack, so it can be used take over nearby tanks, particularly weaker ones or ones with a lower tier.
    • Since it is from the Sniper branch, it is also advantageous against weak tanks from long range.
  • The 7 bullet attack can also be used to take down multiple traps and even be able to take down all of the traps. Therefore, since it has this advantage against the traps, it can take down Trapper branched tanks.
    • Theoretically, the same advantage can be applied to tanks that shoot drones, but particularly if the tank manages to get past the drones and be able to kill them.

Against the Blunderbuss

  • Use a tank with a high fire rate to be able to compete against this tank.
  • Since it has the range of a Sniper, be careful from where the shots are coming from.
    • If you want to compete with it (easily in terms of range) and find the source of the bullets more easily, it is recommended to upgrade to a Sniper branched tank.
  • To take full advantage against this tank, it is recommended to upgrade to the Streamliner, which is a combination of a machine gun and a sniper, since it can be upgraded from both branches. Moreover, the Blunderbuss is weak against machine gun and sniper tanks, so the Streamliner would be perfect against this tank.


  • Its official name was found from current servers' source code.
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