The Bomber is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that can upgrade from the Trap Guard or the Tri-Angle at level 45. It cannot upgrade any further. The upgrade keys for this tank is H (From Tri-Angle) and I (From Trap Guard).


The Bomber has a circular tank body as a base. It has one Cannon on the front of the tank plus one Launcher and two Cannons on the back. Compared to it's predecessor, the Tri-Angle, the two back Cannons are extending more outward than usual, probably to not overlap the Launcher.


The Bomber can be used for many different strategies because of its flexibility on builds. Like any other Tri-Angle Branch, you could use a Bullet or Ram build. The Bomber has an extra Launcher on it's back, adding the possibility to use defensive escape tactics.


  • Strong Against: Slow Rammers, low DPS and Penetration Tanks.
  • Weak Against: Director-branched classes, high DPS classes.

As the Bomber

  • Try to take out slow rammers such as the Smasher and its tier 4 upgrades.
  • Tanks with low DPS and penetration are vulnerable against the tank's shots, so aim for killing those.
  • Since this tank can shoot 3 bullets and 1 trap at once, use this tank to kill multiple tanks, mostly the ones coming behind the tank.
  • Use the traps to damage and trap enemy tanks.

Against the Bomber

  • Use any tier 3/4 tank that is branched from the Director, such as the Overseer and the Factory. They usually have Drones with them, good for blocking the Bomber's bullets
  • A good tier 4 tank with high bullet damage and reload is good to compete with this tank, only best to attack these tanks when they are attacking from the front side (which only has one bullet cannon) and not the back side (which has two bullet cannons and one trap cannon)


  • Despite its name, it doesn't shoot explosive bullets, like the Missiles. Instead, it shoots bullets and traps.


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