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The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in Arras.io anymore.

The Bonker was a Tier 4 Tank in Arras.io. It would have most likely upgraded from the Smasher and has no known upgrades. The tank has been found in the game’s code, and can be sometimes visible after the game has been upgraded and the player hasn't cleared their cache. Its upgrade key was Y.


The Bonker featured a circular tank body with a Smasher shell that is slightly smaller than normal.


Due to the Bonker being an unknown Tank, its stats are unknown. Presumably, it would just be a slightly more powerful version of the Smasher. Due to the fact that it shares its name and appearance with tanks in various other Arras.io-based games, it is possible that it may be a faster smasher. One idea could've been size; it would be smaller. (From Woomy-Arras)


  • Strong against: Non-Smasher branch rammers like the Booster, slow tanks, Tanks with a low rate of fire.
  • Weak against: Fast bullet build tanks like the Fighter, Overseer and Underseer branch Tanks, bullet spammers and high DPS tanks.

As the Bonker

  • Similar strategies to the Smasher apply. Attack cornered or unaware Tanks, avoid Traps and bullet spammers.

Against the Bonker

  • Destroyer and it's upgrades can chase down this tank using it's high recoil. After that, the Destroyer can aim at the Bonker until it dies.
  • Fighters and Surfers can aggressively chase down this tank with their side cannons.
  • Overseer and Underseer branches can direct all of their Drones at the Bonker, leaving it defenseless.


  • The Bonker is the only tank that cannot be used normally, even if you're the developer.
  • The Bonker can sometimes can be usable in private servers/beta testers.