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The Boomer is an Arras.io Tier 4 Tank that upgrades from the Builder at Level 45 and does not upgrade further. The upgrade key for this tank is H.


The Boomer has a round body with a Launcher on its front. The Launcher has a trapezium base, a rectangular extension, and at its further end another trapezium the longer base of which faces forward. As so it looks somewhat like the Single plus the Trapper.

The Boomer uses a unique ammunition called Boomerangs, which look like small Alpha Pentagons (pentagons with slightly concave sides and the size roughly that of a Machine Gun bullet).


As an upgrade of the Builder, the Boomer launches a type of trap called a Boomerang, which works exactly as the name implies. The Boomerang, once shot, will fly off, hover at a maximum distance, rebound and then gravitate back to the player. The lifespan of a Boomerang does not depend on when it returns to its owner. It may disappear before that or continue to follow its owner for a while after returning (though this is usually irrelevant as the tank body will cover the whole Boomerang unless the Boomer's movement speed is very high compared to its bullet speed).

Hold RMB on the right side, then aim the target.

There are three ways to control the trajectory of a Boomerang:

  1. Move the cursor away or towards the tank. This controls how far or close a Boomerang starts to rebound. It should be noted that, however, a Boomerang does not rebound at the exact spot your cursor was when you fired it. Also Boomerangs that have a shorter maximum distance hovers for longer.
  2. First hold the right mouse button to lock the Launcher's direction, then move your cursor towards towards your target to without releasing the right mouse button.
  3. Move your tank. Boomerangs always trace back to your tank.


  • The Boomer has the same FoV as the Builder.
  • The "Bullet Speed" stat works peculiarly for the Boomer. Aside from increasing Boomerang speed, it also increases the maximum possible reach of Boomerangs (from not reaching the a screen's width at no bullet speed upgrade to just reaching the its corner at max upgrade) and somehow reduces the lifespan of Boomerangs (from up to 10 Boomerang at once at no upgrade to 7 at max, max reload). The differences are most observable when upgrading from a low bullet speed.


  • Strong Against: On close up battles/far, rammers, single-shot tanks
  • Weak Against: Sniper-branch, Swarm Drone tanks, many fast-firing tanks, drone classes, Factory.

As the Boomer

  • In its end fighting with and against the Boomer is often a contest of skill. It is one of the rather all-round tanks, with both offensive and defensive means of fighting. Tank class is not the deciding factor here.
  • Upgrade Reload so you can shoot boomerangs faster, go in then move out shooting boomerangs. An unsuspecting tank will come out and inspect, shoot more boomerangs and if you are lucky not only will you kill the first tank but also kill some of the tanks in the battle with the boomerang coming back.
  • Moving your tank changes the course of Boomerangs as they return to you. This can be used to trick-shot / backstab almost any tank (especially focusedbullet spammers like the Sprayer and low-reload tanks like the Annihilator) attacking you with sufficient practice. Upgrading movement speed increases your ability to dodge and to alter the course more sharply.
  • Keep Boomerangs close where appropriate so as to keep yourself protected and hidden.
  • Against rammers Boomer should have little problem as missed Boomerangs eventually come back to hit them and that Boomerangs have high penetration. Just do not aim too far lest your traps cannot boomerang back in time.
  • Against Drone tanks, one may try to shoot directly at the enemy tank. Returning Boomerangs provide some protection and with two good shots you can often finish them. Even if you are not confident, your Boomerangs should be able to neutralize quite a few Drones in your retreat before they reach you or your enemy decides to withdraw.

Against the Boomer

  • Long-range tanks can take advantage of the Boomer's rather short range and keep kiting or harassing them. Although breaching through its volleys of Boomerangs may not be easy, you can do so in relative safety. The Nailgun and the Swarmer work fine for this purpose.
  • Unless you are a Drone tank, fighting a Boomer around corners is obviously a bad idea.
  • As the Factory, dodge the Boomer's boomerangs and make use of its slow reload.
  • Use a tank with a high reload, like Twin-branched tanks or Machine Gun-branched tanks.
    • Upgrade the reload stat to maximize the reload.


  • On July 3rd, 2019, the Boomer's damage was buffed.


  • There is an unused Boomer variant with 2 Launchers instead of 1, known as the Bent Boomer.
  • A Boomer's turret is seen on top of the Nest Keeper.
  • Boomerangs rotate more slowly when they are hovering.