The Booster is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from Tri-Angle at level 45. It cannot upgrade further. Its upgrade key is H.


It has five Barrels. Four of them are at the back with two pairs only 15 degrees apart made for the accelerators which shoot weak Bullets and one Barrel in front of the tank which does average damage.

The angles between Booster Barrels clockwise from the front cannon are: 135º, 15º, 60º, 15º, & 135º.


Upon upgrading, the player gains recoil and base movement speed but has less health.


  • Strong Against: Snipers, Shotguns, Unexperienced Seer classes.
  • Weak Against: Hybrids, Annihilators, other rammers if they have the same or more health

As the Booster

  • Use a rammer build to take down other players reliably using its speed. Upgrade its health and body damage stats as high as possible.
  • It's also mandatory to have maxed Reload and Movement Speed, as speed is the Booster's last remaining niche; physically speaking, it already has reduced HP compared to baseline, and using a bullet build for the Booster is no longer a viable option due to a statistical dilemma (focus more on bullets and you lose speed, focus more on speed and you lose bullet strength, both stats which MUST be maxed in order to make a bullet build Booster effective). Therefore, the only reasonable choice left as the Booster is a rammer build: 9/9/0/0/0/0/9/9/6/0.
  • As a ram Booster, you are the Kryptonite of snipers; use your speed to evade their shots whilst simultaneously charging towards them. Once you get very close, they may attempt to evade you as a last-ditch tactic so pay close attention to their movements.
  • The booster's speed makes it capable of evading and escaping many tanks- this is useful when you're dealing with high DPS tanks or fighters, as they can destroy you if you aren't able to escape. Speed is another thing you should have maxed or at the very least high. Some of the most effective methods to escape tanks is to do wacky and unexpected turns. Doing a full u-turn or zig-zagging and boosting is effective.
  • Some really easy targets which aren't very much talked about are unexperienced Underseer/Overseers and it's upgrades. If you can get then to overextend their drones, you can zoom back with your high speed, and with a ram build smash into them and either get them to really low health or kill them. But you ave to watch them to make sure they're prone to overextending- otherwise, they can overwhelm you with their drones.
  • One of the most important things about being a booster is knowing your limits. Since they have less-than-average health, engaging high reload and DPS tanks is suicide if you don't know what you're doing. Generally, when you're starting out, heading in the other direction when faced with sprayers and other machine gun tanks is wise, since they can overwhelm even the most capable boosters.

Against the Booster

  • Use high reload tanks and damage to damage the booster quickly but if the booster rams you, you gotta be careful, use the ranger on the booster if the booster is not close, use the triplet to overcome the health.
  • Since boosters have less HP than the baseline amount, you can actually trick other players with other rammer tanks such as a ram Fighter. As long as you have a higher HP percentage as the enemy Booster has, you can ram them and triumph.
  • The Fighter is the most recommended, due to the Fighter having more health than the Booster and only slightly less speed, so if you have less HP % than the enemy Booster, then simply juke them as they chase you down until you regenerate all your HP, then strike back. To evade, wait for them to get very close to you while they're chasing you then suddenly make a U-turn to evade them.
  • A good Overseer can take down an unexperienced booster pretty easily. You just have to be careful of their rammer nature, but most importantly overextending. If you have all of your drones out way from you, you're an easy target, and they /will/ ram you. Instead, bide your time and keep your drones close. When they approach, you can try to overwhelm them. But in general, it /is/ risky, so try not to engage them at all. Instead, just but on the defensive and wait for them to leave or get uninterested.

(If you'd like to know more about their strategy, there are a few blogs about them, namely [1]Vile's Guide for Beginner Boosters, which is best for, you guessed it, beginner-intermediate players.)



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