The Bosses (aka Visitors) are AI-controlled large Tanks in, that spawn randomly upon certain conditions. There are 6 types of Bosses, 3 of them being the Elite Crashers, and the others being the Rogue Palisade, Elite Skimmer, and the Summoner. They are far stronger than regular tanks and award 20,000 to 70,000 XP to the player who deals the final blow upon defeat.



The Bosses usually have buffed stats, but some of them are nerfed. These are the Bosses' stats compared with the Basic:

  • FoV: ×1.3 (Hunter ~ Assassin)
  • Speed: ×0.1 ~ 0.15
  • Health: ×1.5 ~ 2
  • Shield: ×1.25 ~ 2
  • Body Damage: ×2.5 ~ 3

Also, all of the bosses have a build of 7/5/8/8/2/3/10/7/7/0.


The Bosses spawn at least 10 minutes after the previous Boss is defeated or the server starts; the spawning chance increases as time passes.

Bosses List

Elite Crashers

Main article: Arras:Elite Crasher

The most common type. They have pink triangular bodies, have 3 different types and they look like big Sentries or Crashers.

Elite Destroyer


Destroyer variant

It has a wide Cannon on each side called the "Devastator Cannon", and an Auto Turret which looks like the Triplet in the center, though the firing pattern is different from the Triplet's. The Devastator Cannons' Bullets are bigger and stronger than the Annihilator's. Also, it spawns normal Crashers. It is weak against bullet spammers that can nullify the boss's Turret.

Elite Gunner


Gunner variant

This variant has two Auto Turrets on its front sides. These turrets each have two Gunner cannons. The Gunner Cannons don’t do so much damage but have fast firing rate. This Elite Crasher also has a large launcher that shoots out Pillboxes, much like those used by the Engineer. There is also two short spikes that stick out on the Elite Crasher's front, as well as another two on its back side. It is weak against tanks with upgraded health to absorb damage from Pillboxes and tanks with high damage output such as the Destroyer.

Elite Sprayer


Sprayer variant

Has a 3 Auto Turret style Sprayer Turrets on Each side of its Pink body. The Turrets' Bullet Damage is as much as the normal Sprayer's. Meaning that Teamwork can easily Nullify the Guns. This boss can be easily overpowered with upgraded Bullet Penetration on bullet spammers.

Rogue Palisade

Main article: Arras:Rogue Palisade

The Rogue Palisade has 6 Trap Launchers and 6 Minion Spawners. While the Spawners spawn 12 minions, the spawn rate is sluggish therefore it usually doesn't get the chance to spawn a lot of drones.

Elite Skimmer

Main article: Arras:Elite Skimmer

The Elite Skimmer has a triangular body with color of the Triangle, (But a Fraction Darker)and has a Skimmer Turret on each side that shoots Hyper Missiles. (see Arras: Ammunition) This tank has the benefit of attacking from multiple angles, with the missiles able to damage tanks from the sides and back of tanks that ignore them in an attempt to deal direct damage to the Skimmer itself. Strong against many glass cannon builds. It is weak against groups of tanks, especially with more balanced stats, as well as glass cannons that can manage to steer clear of damage. The Hyper Missles are Large Bullets with 4 Barrels Arranged much like the Fighters


Main article: Arras:Summoner

The Summoner features the Square-like body, and has a Necro Drone Spawner on each side, making it look like the Necromancer.


  • The Summoner is the only boss with a direct counterpart in
  • The Rogue Palisade is the only known entity in to spawn minions and with a maximum of 12
    • Due to this, it is quite overpowered.
  • Before a Rogue Palisade, the Summoner, and/or Elite Skimmer spawns, a note shows "A strange trembling..."
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