The Builder is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in and one of the current upgrade choices for the Trapper and the Pounder upon reaching level 25. It may further upgrade into the Constructor, Auto-Builder, Engineer, Architect, Conqueror, or the Boomer at level 45. Its upgrade keys are Y (from the Trapper) and U (from the Pounder).


The Builder features a circular tank body as a base with a single Launcher mounted at the front.


Upon upgrading to the Builder from the Trapper, the Launcher becomes a fusion of the Pounder's Cannon width and the Trapper's Launcher design. The Traps, called Blocks, can move as far as the FoV and can be shot and directed with accuracy and speed by clicking on the spot on your screen using the pointer/cursor.


  • Strong Against: Rammers or body damage builders, low DPS tanks, low Penetration tanks.
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, high bullet speed and large FoV tanks like the Sniper branch.

As the Builder

  • The builder is strong against low DPS tanks. Use this to your advantage and pick off snipers.
  • On mobile, this tank and its upgrades are not recommended for beginners and can require practice to use as well as PC players, as there is no physical indicator of where blocks are placed in mobile, whereas PC players can see the cursor which is where blocks are aimed.

Against the Builder

  • The builder is mainly a support tank. Use high DPS tanks to attack it.
  • Upgrade your tank's bullet speed to get an advantage against the Builder.
  • Use a tier 3 or 4 at best Sniper branched tank, because these tanks have a high field of view and are great against the Builder.


  • In earlier versions of, most notably the downloadable Beta versions, the Builder was named Trapper.
  • Its squarish traps are called Blocks.


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