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The Bulwark is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that can upgrade from the Trap Guard, or the Twin at Level 45 and not upgrade any further. The upgrade key is K from the Twin and J from the Trap Guard.


It features a round body like most other Tanks. It possesses 2 Cannons at the front and 2 Launchers at the back. The front cannons are identical to those of the Twin in position and size; in comparison, the launchers are jointed slightly closer to the sides and point roughly 9.5 degrees away from the tank's longitudinal axis.


The Bulwark's cannons and launchers fire independently. The cannons' fire rate is about 2.1 to 2.3 that of the launchers'; it also has greater recoil per unit of time, boosting the tank backwards. Both the cannons and launchers have appreciable random spread.


As the Bulwark

  • The Bulwark is not particularly strong against any class but can defend itself reasonably well against most if played correctly. It is a rather defensive class whose strategy comprises mostly of shooting behind one's deployed traps. Compare it to the similar but more offensive Gunner Trapper.
  • Advance slowly in FFA or TDM lest too few traps are around to support oneself.
  • While it is intuitive to pursue enemies with the cannons pointing backwards, it is in fact a risky move because the Bulwark's launchers provide little protection to the tank's direct front. With less than an ample investment in Movement Speed, the Bulwark is not fast enough to zigzag to its enemy either.
  • On the other hand, while retreating (in a straight line particularly), one may find its traps fail to slow the enemy because they are laterally too far apart. Therefore, it is advisable to put one's traps in place before enemies arrive.
  • The Bulwark's traps spread in arcs as it targets enemies in front with its cannons. These traps are useful to allies weak in melee, such as Drone tanks and snipers. When melee tanks approach, the Bulwark can repel it with its front cannons.
  • Barricades are very effective against the Bulwark, your traps will have a higher damage and penetration, so keep moving backwards and sideways, avoiding as much of their stream as possible. Your traps will make it hard for them to follow, and your front cannon will do some damage. Once they retreat, chase them and kill with you twin cannons.

Against the Bulwark

  • The Bulwark is only as powerful as the Twin while advancing. Most tanks should be able to hold it off. Focused DPS tanks may even overpower it on its retreat.
  • Neither the Bulwark's cannons nor its traps block small ammunition effectively. Swarm Drone tanks such as the Swarmer and tanks equipped with Nailgun bullets can be difficult for the Bulwark to defend against.
  • The Bulwark is weak on its flanks. Snipers may assassinate them using their superior FoV.
  • Destroyer class tanks may one-shot an unwary Bulwark. Its taps can make it difficult to approach though.