The Bushwhacker is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in which upgrades from the Sniper and Trap Guard.


The Bushwhacker looks almost exactly like the Trap Guard but instead of a normal Cannon, it has a Sniper Cannon.


This Tank merges the Sniper and Trap Guard stats. The front Cannon's stats are that of a Snipers', and the Traps are as strong as the Trap Guard's ones.


  • Strong Against: Low level Tanks, low FoV tanks, slow Tanks, Tanks coming from your back and Tanks that are far away from this tank.
  • Weak against: Tanks that are close to it, high FoV tanks, fast Tanks, high RoF Tanks.

As the Bushwhacker

  • Try sniping them and as they get closer switch to the traps to do high damage to them.
  • If you're fighting with single enemy, you can throw the Traps to your back to prevent other enemies from attacking you.
  • Players should use the the high FoV to pick their battles and snipe tanks from long range.
  • This Tank's high penetration can be used defensively to take out ammunition that comes too close.

Against the Bushwhacker

  • Sneak up on them and double-team them to easily overwhelm them
  • Tri-angle branch is good against this tank(only from the cannon)
  • Be careful of the Traps, as they have high damage. Approaching the Trap Guard from the back results the Traps hit you, so approach from the front.
  • Due to its naturally low reload, a tank with concentrated firepower can easily overwhelm it.
  • Ambushing the Bushwhacker at a close range will make it an easier target. Vertically ambushing it is easier than horizontally ambushing it due to its FoV.


  • The Bushwhacker was once renamed to Snipe Guard. That change didn't last long though.
  • The Bushwhacker's stats are actually hard to judge because Sniper needs more Damage and Speed, but Trap Launchers adding speed is not so good to make a Fortress. Although, you may see the trap's damage is higher than other normal launchers.
  • Trapper cannon shoots more than 2x as slow as sniper.
  • The trapper cannon is much stronger than the regular trap guard's


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