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The Carrier (originally known as the Battleship during early development) is one of the current Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks that can upgrade from the Cruiser. It may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its upgrade line. Upon upgrading, another Spawner is added at the front, and the others are spread apart, along with a FoV increase. It is upgraded to by pressing the _ or I keys, depending on which tank the player is.


The Carrier features a circular tank body with three Cruiser Spawners angled 22.5 degrees apart.


Upgrading from the Cruiser the Carrier gain an additional Swarm Drone Spawner at its front and the other two now divert from the tank's longitudinal axis. Including its FoV (roughly 27.5 grids), nothing else changes.


  • Strong Against: low level Tanks, high DPS Tanks, slow Tanks, low FoV Tanks.
  • Weak Against: fast rammers, Tri-Angle branch, Underseer branch.

As the Carrier

  • The player has an easy chance against low level tanks, like many other Tier 4 Tanks of its kind. Aim and fire, and the enemy will be down easily.
  • Semi-Ironically, the Carrier is strong against many High DPS Tanks, such as the Quintuplet or the Sprayer, despite its medium reload and low damage. A common strategy for the Carrier when used against High DPS Tanks is to aim behind it, then when the Swarm Drones are behind the enemy, the player should launch them at the enemy. The Drones will hit the enemy from both sides, leading to the enemies' demise. This strategy should be used with at least Three points in Movement Speed.
  • Many Slow tanks are killed by the Carrier, which is to be expected. The player should swarm them. The enemy will be extinguished.
  • Because of the players High FoV, many low FoV tanks can be killed easily by unexpected drones.

Against the Carrier

  • Fast Rammers, such as Smashers with decent Movement Speed, or the Tri-Angle Branch, can kill the enemy Carrier, as it will most likely have its Stats be concentrated in Swarm Drones and Movement Speed, without much regard for health. If you get past their Drones, you can get past them.
  • Like before Tri-Angle branch tanks can kill an enemy Carrier with relative ease, but you don't even have to be a Ramming Tri-Angle to kill a Carrier. Take the Bomber for example. With a bullet build, its front bullets will pile up against the enemies Swarm, while the Launcher mounted at the back will defend itself.
  • The Underseer branch is another way to kill an enemy Carrier. It won't have enough reload to combat the player, leading to the Carrier's demise.


  • On May 28th, 20, the Carrier was nerfed.
  • On November 3rd, 2018 the Carrier was nerfed together with the Musket.
  • On May 27th, 2020, the Carrier's FoV was nerfed from that of the Assassin's (31 grids). After this update the Carrier's popularity dropped and further plummeted after a later buff to the Battleship later the year.