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The Celestial is one of the Bosses found in It has 3 variants which have different weapons and colour. It is also the strongest boss type because of its brute strength and health.


All Celestials have 3 Polygon layers. The top layer is a pentagon, the middle being a heptagon and the bottom being a nonagon. The pentagon, heptagon and nonagon layers also have five, seven, and nine weapons equally spaced to their sides, respectively. Every single one has Auto Trappers for the nonagon layer.

The Purple Blue Celestial, also known with its name Paladin, has Swarmer turrets for its top layer, Necromancer spawners for the middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer.

The Light Green Celestial, also known with its name Freyja, has Auto-4 turrets for its top layer, Cruiser spawner turrets for the middle layer and Trapper auto-turrets for its bottom layer.

The Orange Celestial, also known with its name Zaphkiel, has Skimmer turrets for its top layer, Overlord spawner turrets for the middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer.


  • Strong Against: Unaware/slow tanks, All regular classes in battle - especially rammers, small teams
  • Weak Against: Large Armies of tanks

Against the Celestial:

  • Tanks with high penetration and damage can easily deal some damage, however this is quite dangerous as tanks with maxed out bullet stats have low max health. Focus-fire tanks with high FoV like the Streamliner or the Nailgun are heavily recommended.
  • Using ramming tanks is not a good idea due to the extreme max health and body damage. Additionally their traps are large and deplete health easily.
  • Using Necromancer you can standby until the Celestial is low on health, then pick the right moment to finish it off with your drones, the more the better.
  • Teaming with other players is the best strategy, as they can eventually overwhelm the Celestial if there are enough tanks.
  • Try not to make yourselves trapped in dead ends or corners. If you come across such situations it is best to blockade the Celestial with Barricade traps and wait for help. Otherwise you'll be dead for sure.
  • If you are a Healer, stay at the rear or in the sanctuaries to heal tanks with low HP. You should never attempt to shoot any boss with healer bullets as they heal the boss.
  • Using destroyer branch tanks like Annihilator or Hybrid is a useful strategy because of their large, damaging bullets. Swarmer may be one of the better options, as the bigger projectiles destroy some of the traps while the drones attack the boss.
  • In Siege, you could lure them near a Sanctuary while bullet spammers shoot at it from the opposite side. However this is quite risky as multiple Celestials could easily take down a Sanctuary in less than 20 seconds.
  • Paladin shoots high damaging swarmer hives, capable of killing Sanctuaries in a short time. The swarm drones can slowly sap your health.
  • Freyja shoots extremely fast drones and bullets, capable of shredding tanks easily. In Siege it's recommended to avoid them unless there's teammates around.
  • Zaphkiel shoots slow skimmer missiles. The skimmer bullets have high health and penetration making it the hardest Celestial to out-penetrate.
  • There was a bug where Celestials had way higher reload than they were supposed to. This especially made Paladin and Zaphkiel nearly impossible to defeat as their skimmer/swarmer missiles were coming out at an extremely fast rate.
  • This also made them able to destroy Sanctuaries in under ten seconds.



  • Each polygon layer of the Celestial's body gains two sides each layer.
  • The Celestials originally came from the boss contest.
  • All of the Celestial's weapons follow the pattern of shooting turrets on the top, drone spawners or drone spawning turrets in the middle, and trap turrets on the bottom.
  • It used to be that the easiest way to take one down was to spawn in it, and therefore making it take massive damage. However, this bug was patched.
  • By default, Celestials spawn with 1 million score. However, this only appears on the leaderboard once the Celestial kills a player.
  • Though they were originally exclusive to the boss event, the Celestials can now be found in all servers.
  • There is a chance Celestials can cause servers to crash as they are huge in size and pull down server and client speeds.
  • In Siege, Paladin spawns first, Freyja comes in next, and Zaphkiel is the third. From there, anything can happen.
  • Each of the Celestial's names appear to be based off various fictional, mythological or religious symbols.
    • The word "Paladin" refers to one of the 12 knights of Charlemagne's court.
    • Freyja is a Norse mythology goddess associated with love, fertility, wealth, battle and death.
    • Zaphkiel is an archangel whose name means "God's knowledge."
  • On 2-8-2021 Developers came onto the maze server and were doing something unknown atm. One of them turned into Freyja and another turned into Paladin for a short time.
  • There is a white Celestial variant known as the Eternal, which is basically all 3 Celestials combined into one. It is extremely powerful and can only be used by Developers.
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