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For the final Boss of Siege originally considered as a Celestial variant, see Arras:Ragnarok.

The Celestial is one of the Bosses found in There are five variants of it, with four being fought mainly in Siege first appearing on the 13th wave and otherwise spawn very rarely in other Game Modes, and the other one found only outside Siege, FFA and Sandbox. There was also a variant that never spawned naturally by itself, and was eventually removed in the game’s code. Due to every variant having multiple strong weapons and high health, most Celestial variants are tied on being considered as the second strongest Boss type in the game.


Universal Information

All four main Celestials have three Polygon layers. The top layer is a pentagon, the middle being a heptagon and the bottom being a nonagon. The pentagon, heptagon and nonagon layers also have five, seven, and nine weapons equally spaced to their sides, respectively. Every single one has Trappers Auto Turrets for the nonagon layer.

The Rogue Celestial also follows a similar appearance to the typical Celestial, but has smaller size.

The Eternal had an extra fourth layer in the form of a hendecagon, which has the Trapper Auto Turrets on them, and the nonagon layer having different weapon.


The Purple Blue Celestial, also known with its name Paladin, has Swarmer turrets for its top layer, unique Pentagon-shaped drone spawners for the middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer.


The Light Green Celestial, also known with its name Freyja, has Auto-4 turrets for its top layer, Cruiser spawner turrets for the middle layer and Trapper auto-turrets for its bottom layer.


The Light Red Celestial, also known with its name Zaphkiel, has Skimmer turrets firing missiles in similar appearance to Elite Skimmer’s missiles for its top layer, Overlord spawner turrets for the middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer.


The Yellow Celestial, also known as Theia, has Twister turrets for its top layer, Summoner square spawners for its middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer.


The Rogue Celestial, also known as Alviss, has Launcher turrets for its top layer, unique egg-shaped Swarmer drone turrets for the middle layer, and Trapper auto turrets for its bottom layer. This Celestial appears smaller than the others, and has blackish coloration similar to the Rogue Palisade.


The White Celestial, also known as Eternal, had Triplet-like turrets with Machine Gun-styled middle cannons for its top layer, Carrier turrets for its second-to-top layer, Skimmer-like turrets that shoot missiles with trap launchers on the sides for its second-to-bottom layer, and large Trapper turrets for its bottom layer.


Universal Information

All Celestial variants have very high health and extremely powerful weapons. While each Celestial has differing weapons from each other, they all use their Trapper auto turrets as their main defensive weapons. Despite taking the appearance of auto turrets, they do not seem to directly face and target players, and rather act more similarly to an auto-firing and auto-spinning Tri-Trapper.

All of Celestials’ adjacent layers tend to spin on different directions, with the topmost and bottommost layer of most Celestials spinning clockwise, while the middle one spins counterclockwise.


Paladin’s Swarmer Hives act similarly to the playable Swarmer’s, but unlike the latter, Paladin’s version quickly loses speed and stays immobile in place, spawning Hive Drones until they despawn or are destroyed. Both the Hives and Drones appear to be stronger than Swarmer’s.

The Pentagon drones it spawns are quite slow, but has a fairly high health, and deals fairly high damage when colliding with.


Freyja’s Auto-4 turrets fire bullets that travel at a fairly fast speed, allowing to reach some distance. They also have decent Reload.

Its Cruiser turrets fire Swarm Drones that also move at fast speed, allowing them to travel some distance before despawning or hitting something. The turrets seem to have the same Reload.


Zaphkiel’s Skimmer turrets fire Missiles in shaped likeliness of Elite Skimmer’s hyper missiles, albeit smaller. These missiles travel rather quickly, leaving a trail of bullets on its way. The missiles deal high, potentially lethal damage upon direct hit on a tank, while the bullets deal lower damage, although their numbers can easily chip away health.

Its drones seem to act somewhat similar to Nest Keeper’s drones, being on decent number and stat properties.


Theia’s Twister turrets fire Missiles with four equally spaced cannons. Unlike Paladin’s Hives, these missiles do not become immobile and continues moving until they despawn or have been destroyed. These missiles deal high damage upon direct hit against a tank, while the bullets can slowly chip away health when continuously hitting tanks.

Its Square drones seem to act similar or identical to Summoner’s drones. They have low health and deal low damage individually, but they come in large numbers that can easily overwhelm tanks.


Alviss has lesser health and weaker weapons due to its status being a Boss only encounterable on team game modes other than Siege. It still spawns rarely, however.

Its Launcher turrets shoot missiles in the likeliness of the playable tank’s version, although potentially stronger.

Its Egg-shaped Swarm drones potentially act in the same way as with other Celestials’, but due to the turrets each having only one Swarm spawner, they aren’t as numerous as them.


The Eternal never spawned by itself naturally, even in Siege. Only the developers could spawn it.

The Eternal’s top layer potentially had used bullets as projectiles. The second-to-top layer, given their appearance matching the Carrier, probably has used swarm drones. Its second-to-bottom layer, consisting of widened Skimmer turrets, fired missiles in similar appearance to Zaphkiel’s, but were larger and had used launchers for the side cannons that fire very small Blocks. Its Trapper turrets at its bottom layer fired traps that were larger than the other Celestials’.


  • Strong Against: Unaware/slow tanks, All regular classes in battle - especially rammers, small teams.
  • Weak Against: Large Armies of tanks, prepared Necromancers.

Against the Celestials

  • While mainly focusing to destroy the Sanctuaries, the Celestials’ many weapons may still target individual tanks, so the player must still be careful when fighting them.
  • Tanks with high penetration and damage can easily deal some damage, however this is quite dangerous as tanks with maxed out bullet stats have low max health. Focus-fire tanks with high FoV like the Streamliner or the Nailgun are heavily recommended. Triplet also works.
  • Celestials should be fought as a group, rather than being fought alone. Their usage of traps, as well as their plethora of weapons, can easily make work of individual tanks. Attack them on one direction as much as possible, unless their drones have to be fend off.
  • Melee build tanks should not be used against any of the Celestials due to their extremely high health and body damage. Additionally, their traps, as well as their other weapons, can defeat Smashers even before making contact with them.
  • Necromancer can be used to finish off a Celestial once having acquired many drones. The player should pick the right moment to attack though, as despite the number of max drones they may have, a poorly planned attack can quickly destroy all drones without dealing much damage. Note that attempting to use the tank, as well as anything part of Underseer’s branch, requires preparation, as the lack of Polygons makes it harder to accumulate drones.
  • While most of the Celestials’ attacks are lethal enough to even kill in one hit, the Healer’s ability is still useful to help keep their allies alive without having to return back and forth to the Sanctuaries.
  • Destroyer branch tanks can be used to destroy the traps set by the Celestials, lessening their defenses.
  • On later waves of Siege, having any of the Celestials alive once they begin attacking the Sanctuaries may make the other, lesser Bosses capable of surviving longer. This especially gets worse once all Bosses begin targeting the same Sanctuary, as the Celestial’s traps can provide defense to the otherwise weaker Bosses like Elite Crashers. As such, depending on the situation, the players should focus first on either killing most or all of the lesser Bosses, or outright attack and kill the Celestials.

Against Paladin

  • Paladin’s swarm hives, when directly hitting Sanctuaries, can easily destroy them in a short time. Added with the swarm drones capable of slowly sapping the player’s health, Paladin becomes a major threat upon entering the base and beginning its attacks.

Against Freyja

  • Freyja’s fast bullets and drones can hit players even before the Boss itself reaches the base entrance. It is preferable to have a few Builder tanks to stop some, if not most of the projectiles.

Against Zaphkiel

  • With the highly resistant missiles shot by Zaphkiel, this Boss can quickly create a bullet storm, making it one of the harder Bosses to out-penetrate or defeat, as well as making it difficult to maneuver around without getting hit. Therefore, it should be focused on and killed first in most scenarios.

Against Theia

  • Theia has many similarities with the Summoner but due to its extra usage of Twister-like missiles and traps, it is much harder to be defeated. Since the drones also come in large amount, crowd-control tanks like the Penta Shot may be used against them, while focus-firing tanks will directly deal against the Celestial itself.

Against Alviss

  • With the potential lack of Sanctuaries or Healers upon encountering it, Alviss can easily destroy tanks as there would be no form of supporting entities to assist them (with probable exception being Base Protectors and captured Dominators). As such, it should not be underestimated despite being weaker than the other Celestials.
  • While typical strategies against Celestials in generally potentially apply to Alviss as well, beware of the other team also going in to take the chance to kill the Rogue Celestial, or to make a sneak attack against the player’s team. Having crowd-control tanks is recommended to fend off possible intruders, while also dealing some damage against the Boss.


  • Each layer of the five lesser Celestials’ body gains two sides each layer.
  • The Celestials originally came from the boss contest.
  • All of the five lesser Celestials’ weapons follow the pattern of shooting turrets on the top, drone spawners or drone spawning turrets in the middle, and trap turrets on the bottom.
  • It used to be that the easiest way to take one down was to spawn in it, and therefore making it take massive damage. However, this bug was patched.
  • By default, most Celestials spawn with 1 million score. However, this only appears on the leaderboard once the Celestial kills a player.
  • Though they were originally exclusive to the boss event, an update made it so the Celestials may now spawn in other game modes, albeit rarely.
    • This is further made intentional with the introduction of Alviss, who can only spawn in game modes other than FFA and Siege.
  • There was a chance Celestials could cause servers to crash due to their size, pulling down server and client speeds. This has been probably fixed with a recent update.
  • Unlike all of the other bosses, the Celestials have a unique message before spawning. Before Freyja, Paladin, Zaphkiel, and Theia spawn, the message “The world tremors as the Celestials are reborn anew!” will show up.
    • Alviss also has a unique message as well: “The darkness arrives as the realms are ripped apart!”
  • Each of the Celestial’s names appear to be based off various fictional, mythological or religious symbols.
    • The word “Paladin” refers to one of the 12 knights of Charlemagne’s court.
    • Freyja is a Norse mythology goddess associated with love, fertility, wealth, battle and death.
    • Zaphkiel is an archangel whose name means “God’s knowledge”.
    • Theia in Greek mythology is a Titaness of sight and the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems of their value.
    • Alviss is a dwarf in Norse mythology, whose name means “all-wise”.
    • Eternal doesn’t have a specific medium of origin for its name aside from its etymology originating from the Latin word aeternalis, although it may probably have referred to philosophies or beliefs regarding immortality.
  • There used to be a bug where Celestials had way higher reload than they were supposed to. This especially made Paladin and Zaphkiel nearly impossible to defeat as their Skimmer/Swarmer missiles were coming out at an extremely fast rate, making them capable of destroying Sanctuaries in few seconds. This has been probably fixed.
  • An update nerfed most of the Celestials’ aspects, with the most notable one being Paladin’s swarm hives quickly losing speed on a halt after being fired, acting more like a trap rather than a bullet. Another update eventually buffed them again slightly, but retained most behaviors they received from the nerf. Another update buffed them again to accommodate the reworked Siege mode.
  • The existence and eventual addition of Theia was revealed first in a datamining effort before being officially added in the game.[1] Alviss was revealed first in another datamining process.[2]
    • In the first datamining effort, it was also found out that the Eternal was no longer present in the game’s code. However, another datamining process days after the official addition of the three Bosses revealed that the Eternal may come back, along with it having a new name: Kronos, named after the Greek mythology Cronus, the King of Titans after overthrowing his father Uranus, as well as the god of time.[3] It is also possible that, like Ragnarok, Eternal/Kronos will be another final Boss, probably choosing between the two every game of Siege, as well as not being considered as a Celestial.
  • According to one of the developers, the original Celestial concept they had in mind was that they are involved in some lore, wherein there were once five Celestials: an Egg, a Square, a Triangle, a Pentagon, and a green Celestial. It was until the Egg one went on and “devoured the modes outside of siege”.
    • Interestingly, Paladin, Zaphkiel and Theia match the colors of a Pentagon, Triangle and Square respectively, as well as having drones shaped like those Polygons.
  • Ragnarok was formerly considered as a Celestial, until an update on June 9th, 2021 changed it, distinguishing it as a separate Boss type.



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