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The changelog shown on the top-right corner of the start screen.

The Arras.io Changelog is a list of all the updates to the game. It is found on the right side of the main menu, showing every update.

Since March 22, 2018 (when the game was picked up and continued by new developer CX), updates are categorized into five types:

  • Update - Usually addition and changes of tanks or other miscellaneous features.
  • Gamemode - Polls based on gamemodes and/or updates to current gamemodes.
  • Balance - Changes to stats of tanks, Polygons, Bosses, etc.
  • Event - Special limited-time event gamemodes or other features.
  • Patch - Bug fixes or non-balance related changes. Before the game continuation, all updates are categorized as this regardless of features.

Note that some changes may still not be documented at the changelog, like the addition of Rare Polygons. For such changes, see Changelog/Unmentioned Changes. Additionally, most changes usually apply only when a server has restarted and thus, may not immediately take effect especially on Game Modes without main objectives or victory conditions for arena closure.

Official Changelog

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Update - February 17th, 2022

Patch - February 7th, 2022

  • The soccer ball in Soccer now looks like a real soccer ball.

Update - February 1st, 2022

  • There is now a new proxy link at https://arrax.io/, which allows you to access the game when the main domain is unavailable.
  • You can now filter which servers you can see in the server selector by choosing the region and the game mode category.
  • The leaderboard in Soccer now displays the number of goals scored by each team, while in Mothership it displays the health of the Motherships.

Balance Update - January 29th, 2022

Update - January 8, 2022

Update - January 1, 2022

  • Winter Mayhem has concluded, and the rocks are now back to normal. We hope you enjoyed it!

Update - December 25, 2021

  • Players now have a chance to spawn out of Factories in TDM gamemodes.

Gamemodes - December 19, 2021

  • The Winter Mayhem event has now begun in US Siege and will end after the 25th!
  • All Bosses, Sentries, and Sanctuaries within the mode have been festively redesigned and renamed.
  • All Bosses have pentuple their normal base movement speed.
  • All Waves feature double the amount of bosses seen in normal waves, excluding Celestial spawns.
  • Sanctuaries have been slightly buffed to compensate for the increased difficulty.
  • Your loss in Christmas spirit will not be ignored by the gods...

Update - December 9, 2021

  • The rocks have been changed to festive pine trees!
  • For the month of December, we've added 4 new Healer upgrades to Siege: Medic, Ambulance, Surgeon, Paramedic.
  • They may or may not only be here until the month ends.

Balance - December 9, 2021

Update - November 25, 2021

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! The Motherships now look like turkeys.
  • Changed the map layouts of Open 2TDM and Open 4TDM.
  • Made Siege's map randomized again.
  • Moved the nest in Assault into the bunker.

Balance - November 25, 2021

Patch - November 12, 2021

  • Completely rework how the mockup data is sent.
  • Nerf the strength of spike bounce.
  • Going outside the map in Siege and Soccer now causes you to directly take damage.
  • Maleficitor drones will no longer be visible when you're near it. Manager and Stalker are also less visible than Landmine now.
  • Notifications will no longer stack up after long periods of time.
  • Staying still is now required to upgrade if you don't have spawn protection and are outside of your base.
  • Rebalanced the player ratio in Assault.
  • You will now become unpushable if you stay still while in base for 5 seconds.
  • You now spawn at level 1 instead of level 0.
  • Added support for the sandbox button on more keyboards.

Update - November 2, 2021

  • The physics of maze walls have been completely reworked. It's now much harder to be stuck inside of them.
  • The Haunted Mansion event has ended, and rocks are back to normal.
  • The Soccer map was changed and is now rectangular.

Event - October 31, 2021

  • The Haunted Mansion event has started. Happy Halloween!
  • A new server has also been added, and Soccer, Maze 2TDM, and Maze 4TDM will now appear in game mode rotation as normal again.

Patch - October 22, 2021 [1]

  • Added more protection against botting. As a consequence, you may notice spawning and respawning will take slightly longer than normal.
  • Various bug fixes.

Balance - October 27, 2021

  • Decreased Maze's map size by 15%.

Update - October 18, 2021

  • Added 7 new themes: Retro, Pastel, Discord, WR Sheet Theme, Descent, Solarized Dark, and Eggplant.

Update - October 16, 2021

  • Mobile players can now use auto fire, auto spin, right click and more! Go to arras.io on your phone and press the plus button on the top left to use the new control buttons.
  • For right click actions such as drone repelling and predator scoping, you can switch between 5 modes: Never, Always, Automatic, Manual, Double Tap. The automatic mode allows you to control your drones normally when your finger is near the middle of the joystick, while repelling from the opposite when it’s further away. The manual mode will add a new button to repel your drones. The double tap makes your drone repel when you tap on the joystick twice.
  • Patched FOV scripts with drone tanks.

Update - October 1, 2021

  • Overhauled Portal TDM and Maze Portal TDM! Each team has their own portal in their bases that they can use to move to the other arena! Additionally, Maze Portal TDM has now been split into two maps!
  • Added Football! Push the ball into the opposing team’s base to win!
  • Fixed the final boss spawn message(s) in Siege.
  • Rebalanced Nyx.
  • Added the Legionary Crasher. A new Siege exclusive Elite Crasher final boss! Good luck!
  • Redid the recoil change made to Triple Shot, Penta Shot, and Bent Hybrid from last month.
  • Did some additional balancing changes to Rocketeer.
  • Fixed the issue where smashers could sit in portals indefinitely.
  • As a nod to the season, the rocks are now pumpkins!

Update - September 6, 2021

  • Increased Maze map size by 50%

Update - September 2, 2021

Balance - September 2, 2021

Patch - August 27, 2021

Balance - August 27, 2021

Balance - August 1, 2021

  • Slightly buffed the Minion damage of Spawner branch.
  • Slightly nerfed Factory's Minion speed but buffed it's movement speed.
  • Slightly nerfed Octo Tank's penetration and reload but buffed it's bullet speed.
  • Slightly buffed Machine Gunner's bullet speed.
  • Nerfed the drone speed of Underseer branch and Overseer branch but buffed it's drone damage.
  • Nerfed Maleficitor's drone count but buffed it's drone damage and drone speed.

Update - July 15, 2021

Patch - July 15, 2021

  • Shortened the time between the first few waves in Siege.
  • The final bosses are now invulnerable for 3 seconds after spawning.

Balance - July 14, 2021

Patch - July 13, 2021

Update - July 13, 2021

  • Added very rare types of sentries to Siege.
  • Waves with a single boss now spawn in the middle of the map in Siege.
  • Added a new final boss to Siege. Do you believe in Ragnarok?

Update - July 11, 2021

Update - July 11, 2021

  • It doesn't exist. It is just in your head.

Patch - July 11, 2021

  • Removed Bosses from Maze.
  • Limited Boss spawns to only one in FFA.

Balance - July 11, 2021

Balance - July 10, 2021

  • Buffed Single's bullet speed.
  • Slightly buffed Tri-Angle branch.
  • Slightly nerfed Fighter's side barrels.
  • Buffed Banshee's Auto Turret turn radius.

Patch - July 7, 2021

Balance - July 7, 2021

Balance - July 4, 2021

Update - July 4, 2021

  • Spike bounce is now toggleable. Turn on override to disable it.

Patch - July 4, 2021

  • Spike no longer passes through teammates.

Balance - June 27, 2021

Patch - June 27, 2021

Balance - June 19, 2021

Balance - June 18, 2021

Patch - June 17, 2021

Update - June 17, 2021

Balance - June 17, 2021

Balance - June 16, 2021

  • Increased damage and penetration on Single whilst reducing bullet reload and speed slightly.
  • Buffed Twister's reload and bullet speed.

Balance - June 15, 2021

Update - June 13, 2021

Balance - June 13, 2021

Update - June 12, 2021

Balance - June 12, 2021

Balance - June 9, 2021

Patch - June 9, 2021

Patch - June 6, 2021

  • Fixed a bug that crashes servers when a boss spawns.
  • Slight changes to the Siege map.

Balance - June 6, 2021

Update - June 5, 2021

  • Slightly tweaked the Siege map.

Balance - June 5, 2021

Update - June 5, 2021

  • Completely redesigned the Siege map.
  • Added Theia: A yellow celestial.
  • Added Ragnarok: A final boss in Siege.
  • Siege now features 31 waves, instead of 27.

Update - June 4, 2021[2]

Balance - June 4, 2021

Balance - May 30, 2021

  • Slightly buffed the speed of all Assassin branch tanks excluding Falcon.

Patch - May 29, 2021

Balance - May 27, 2021

Balance - May 27, 2021

Balance - May 25, 2021

Balance - May 25, 2021

Balance - May 23, 2021

Balance - May 22, 2021

Update - May 21, 2021

Balance - May 18, 2021

  • Buffed Banshee's drones and acceleration while removing the ability to control it's auto turrets.

Balance - May 17, 2021

Balance - May 16, 2021

  • Buffed Skimmer, Twister, and Swarmer.
  • Slightly buffed the FoV of Twister.
  • Buffed the accuracy of AI turrets.

Balance - May 13, 2021

Patch - May 13, 2021

Balance - May 5, 2021

Balance - May 4, 2021

Balance - May 2, 2021

Balance - April 22, 2021

Balance - April 20, 2021

  • Buffed Auto-3's bullet range.
  • Buffed Auto-5's bullet health, penetration, and damage.
  • Buffed Auto-4's bullet health, penetration, and damage.
  • Buffed Trap Guard's basic barrel.

Patch - April 12, 2021

Balance - April 11, 2021

Balance - April 11, 2021

  • Doubled the time it takes for Landmine to go invisible.
  • Increased the range at which you can begin to see invisible tanks.

Patch - April 10, 2021

  • Your drones will no longer collide with the drones of your teammates.

Balance - April 9, 2021

  • Slightly increased Ranger's FoV.
  • Slightly increased Maleficitor's drone speed.
  • Fixed bosses becoming overpowered due to the drone buff of necro classes.

Balance - April 8, 2021

  • Slightly buffed spawned drones from all necro classes.
  • Slightly nerfed the FoV of drones and minions.
  • Increased base speed of Maleficitor, Spawner, and Auto-Spawner.

Balance - April 8, 2021

Balance - April 8, 2021

  • Slightly buffed all hybrid-type drones.

Update - April 7, 2021

Balance - April 7, 2021

Balance - February 25, 2021

Update - January 17, 2021

Patch - January 14, 2021

  • Fixed the rotation speed of smashers.

Gamemode - January 13, 2021

  • Changed how the gamemodes are randomized in the US servers.

Balance - January 12, 2021

  • Slightly nerfed Shield Capacity and Body Damage.

Patch - January 7, 2021

  • Optimized bandwidth usage.

Update - January 5, 2021

  • The first person to join a sandbox now has operator access, and can press ` + F1 for the list of operator commands that can used while holding `.

Balance Update - January 5, 2021

  • Buffed Body Damage and Shield Regeneration.

Patch - January 2, 2021

  • Added more Sandbox servers.
  • Made sandbox arenas dynamically resize.

Gamemode - January 1, 2021

  • Added Sandbox mode.
  • More features will be coming soon.
  • Note that if there are too many players, you'll be placed in a random sandbox with another player.

Patch - December 30, 2020

  • Changed the server speed display to use mspt and made the capitalization of arras.io more consistent.
  • Prevented crashers from passing through walls.

Update - December 29, 2020

Balance - December 29, 2020

Update - December 25, 2020

Patch - December 24, 2020

  • Fixed the color of the purple base.

Balance - December 22, 2020

  • Invisible tanks are now more visible when you're near it.

Patch - December 22, 2020

  • Made the spawn screen faster.

Patch - December 21, 2020

  • Slightly changed the names of some gamemodes.

Event - December 20, 2020

  • The squads event has started! Added Squads in USA and Asia.
  • Players spawn on teams of 4 with random players. You can also press F to create or leave a private team.

Patch - December 18, 2020

  • Fixed players spawning outside sanctuaries.

Patch - December 17, 2020

  • Made the low graphics options lower the resolution so it could actually improve performance.

Patch - December 16, 2020

  • Changed how names and health bars are rendered.

Patch - December 11, 2020

  • The arena in Tag now shrinks gradually instead of starting out small.

Patch - December 9, 2020

  • Arena closers can now see invisible players.
  • Most turrets no longer fire when the target is outside the firing arc.
  • Prevented players in Siege from leaving the fortress[3][4].

Balance - December 7, 2020

  • Reworked how recoil works in general and made it more consistent.

Patch - December 6, 2020

  • Added a new region code system.
  • Optimized entity controllers and a fixed a memory leak.

Gamemode - December 6, 2020

  • The server selector now displays the player count and player limit instead of the server provider and is sorted by region.
  • Added new servers and shuffled the gamemodes. Now almost all of the servers have partially randomized gamemodes.
  • USA has Maze, TDM, Domination/Mothership, Open TDM, Pandemic/Tag, Siege/Assault, 4 Team Maze gamemodes.
  • Europe has FFA and a random team gamemode.
  • Asia has a Maze TDM variant and a random team gamemode, and sometimes Maze.
  • Additionally, there's a randomized gamemode servers in both USA and Asia.

Balance Update - November 29, 2020

Balance Update Details - November 29, 2020

  • Buffed the reload, range and damage of Battleship's guided swarm drones.
  • Buffed the speed and damage of Battleship's autonomous swarm drones but nerfed their reload and range.
  • Nerfed the reload and bullet stats of Elite Battleship.
  • Nerfed the bullet stats of Nest Keeper's Mega Crasher.
  • Nerfed the bullet stats of Elite Skimmer's Hypermissiles.
  • Nerfed the range of Freyja.
  • Nerfed the range and reload of Summoner.

Patch - November 28, 2020

  • Made the new prediction the default.
  • Improved debug information to show prediction mode, bandwidth usage, (in bytes per second), entity count, and server idle time.
  • You can now press Shift + L to keep debug information on instead of holding L.
  • Added a display for the author of custom themes.

Patch - November 24, 2020

  • Various client and server reworks and minor optimizations.
  • Note that if you own a private server, you can now go here to enable the class tree.

Update - November 15, 2020

  • Added randomized gamemodes.

Patch - November 15, 2020

  • Made the text in the server selector slightly smaller.
  • Banned a few multiboxing scripts.

Balance - November 15, 2020

  • Nerfed the penetration of Auto Double's auto-turret.
  • Nerfed the damage of Auto Overseer's auto-turret.
  • Nerfed the accuracy and bullet speed of Engineer's pillboxes.

Event - November 13, 2020

  • Started the Pandemic event, replacing Tag in US East and Asia.
  • When a player on the blue dies to a player on the green team, they are infected and will respawn on the green team.
  • The game ends when everyone is infected.

Patch - November 7, 2020

  • Players can no longer get stuck in walls.
  • Going through a portal now grants invulnerability for 5 seconds.

Patch - November 1, 2020

  • Changed the gamemode code for Assault, Siege, and Tag.
  • The server list is now fetched from the central servers.
  • Slightly changed the sorting of the servers.
  • Forced the HTTPS redirect.

Update - October 28, 2020

  • Servers that are unavailable are now automatically removed.
  • You can now paste in party links without reloading.

Patch - September 28, 2020

  • Added reCAPTCHA and a few other anti-botting measures.
  • Removed the reCAPTCHA badge from the bottom right during the game.

Update - September 6, 2020

  • The tag event has started! Added Tag in US East and Asia.
  • Players who are killed will respawn on the team that killed them.
  • A team wins when there are no other team alive.

Patch - August 22, 2020

  • Added an in-game display for server ID.
  • Added a workaround for lag caused by mouse movement in Chrome 84.

Update - July 20, 2020

Gamemode - July 6, 2020

  • The event has ended.
  • US West has Assault, US East has Siege, Europe has Portal 4TDM, and Asia has Portal Mothership.

Patch - June 26, 2020

  • Added upgrade cooldown when you have bullets on the map.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that could cause server crashes.
  • Spawn protection now lasts 5 seconds.
  • Shuffled the gamemodes for bandwidth optimization.

Patch - June 25, 2020

  • Fixed green team's losing condition in Assault.

Event - June 23, 2020

  • We have brought back all of the event gamemodes: Assault, Siege, Portal 4TDM, and Portal Mothership.
  • Each region will have an opportunity to play each of these gamemodes at least once during the event.

Gamemode - June 23, 2020

  • Slightly reworked and readded Assault
  • For the blue team to win, they must invade and destroy all of the green sanctuaries.
  • For the green team to win, they must guard their sanctuaries and dominators and keep at least 3 of them continuously for 8 minutes.
  • When a sanctuary is destroyed, it can only be repaired to become a dominator.
  • Changed the gamemode of all of the servers.
  • There are now three US West servers with the gamemode 4TDM, Maze 2TDM, and Maze Domination.
  • US East now has 2TDM, 4 Team Domination, and FFA.
  • Europe only has Maze.
  • Asia has FFA and Maze 4TDM.

Patch - June 23, 2020

  • Changed maze generation for Assault to make the sanctuaries more connected.

Event - June 8, 2020

  • The portal event has started! Added Portal 4TD and Portal Mothership.
  • In Portal 4TDM, one side of the arena is normal 4TDM and the other is Maze 4TDM.
  • In Portal Mothership, Motherships spawn on opposing sides of the arena.
  • Portals connect the two sides of the arena.

Gamemode - June 1, 2020

  • Added Assault.
  • For the blue team to win, they must invade and destroy the green sanctuary, which can be unlocked by destroying all of their three dominators.
  • For the green team to win, they must guard their dominators and sanctuary and keep at least 3 of them continuously for 8 minutes.
  • Added 2TDM and restored some of the servers that ran out of bandwidth.

Event - May 17, 2020

  • The boss event has ended.

Update - May 16, 2020

  • Invisible tanks such as smasher are now slightly visible when you're near it.
  • Healer can now gain score from healing other players.

Event - May 14, 2020

  • Added Sanctuaries to the boss event.
  • Players can only spawn in the sanctuaries. When all of the sanctuaries are destroyed and not restored in 60 seconds, the game is lost.

Update - May 12, 2020

Patch - May 12, 2020

  • Replaceed some servers to deal with bandwidth issues.
  • When under spawn protection, you no longer deal damage to bosses and motherships.
  • Added a contact link.

Event - May 9, 2020

  • The boss event has started! Bosses will spawn in waves while players defend themselves.
  • Added Healer, branching off of Basic, for the boss event.

Patch - May 9, 2020

  • Shuffled the gamemodes for bandwidth optimization.

Patch - May 8, 2020

  • Reworked AI pathfinding to avoid walls.

Patch - April 14, 2020

  • Added HTTPS redirect.

Patch - April 13, 2020

  • Blacklisted suspicious IPs.

Patch - April 10, 2020


  • Changed server list sorting.
  • Added support for HTTPS.

Gamemode Update - April 10, 2020

  • Added three new servers and new gamemodes.
  • There are now two US West servers with gamemodes 4 Team Mothership and Maze FFA.
  • US East now has Maze 4TDM, 4 Team Maze Domination, Assault, Domination, and FFA.
  • Europe has two servers with gamemodes Maze 2TDM and 4TDM.
  • Asia now has Maze Domination and Open Maze 4TDM.

Patch - March 25, 2020

  • Fixed bug where the score of the Mothership is restored to players when they respawn after a server overload.

Patch - March 24, 2020

  • Added rocks to Open 3TDM.

Patch - March 20, 2020

  • Optimized text rendering on older browsers.

Gamemode - March 19, 2020

  • Replaced Glitch and Heroku server with an ExtraVM server.
  • Added Open 3TDM gamemode.

Update - March 18, 2020

Patch - March 18, 2020

  • Applied a new naming scheme in party links.

Patch - March 16, 2020

  • Switched servers from DVI to ExtraVM.

Patch - March 12, 2020

  • Updated the link to the proxy server.

Gamemode - March 10, 2020

  • Removed the Space 3TDM event gamemode as the server has been down.

Patch - March 9, 2020 (Second)

Patch - March 9, 2020 (First)

  • Migrated from surge.sh to Netlify.
  • Added older changelogs into the same document.

Announcement - March 6, 2020

  • Arras.io has received no updates in the last 7 months, but that will soon change. The developer has now joined forces with Momentum Studios, a small game company specializing in the development of online games.
  • We hope to be able to work with everyone soon, and bring some life back into the arras.io community!

Patch - January 10, 2020

  • Fixed a bug with more than 9 upgrades in private servers.

Patch - August 9, 2019

  • Changed the disconnection screen to display a different message in case of AFK timeout.

Balance - July 21, 2019

  • Nerfed Mega Smasher's movement speed but made it immune to knockback.

Event - July 21, 2019

  • Made the arena in the Space 3TDM circular and around the moon.

Patch - July 18, 2019

  • Fixed auto-restore in Space modes.

Patch - July 17, 2019

  • Fixed a bug where you can move out of the arena bound in Space modes.
  • Made the yellow event label a bit less flashy.
  • Made the server selector larger.
  • Made everything change in size smoothly instead of instantly again.
  • Bosses now ignore you if you're within a base.

Event - July 16, 2019

  • Added a new US East server from ExtraVM that can run 2 servers.
  • Moved 4TDM to the new server and added the event gamemode.
  • For the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the event gamemode is Space 3TDM[6]!
  • Added RCS that will automatically make you slow down if you don't press any key, which you can disable with R.
  • Removed the old Glitch 4TDM server.

Balance Update - July 3, 2019

Patch - July 3, 2019

  • Added temporary fireworks for Independence Day for people in the United States.
  • Fixed NaN bug with a protocol.
  • Made the references to changelog categories clickable.

Balance - June 24, 2019

Patch - June 22, 2019

  • Made the client send movement instantly to reduce latency.
  • Used the improved encoding algorithm on the client, which was originally only used on the server.
  • Note that if you own a private server, you need to go here to keep your server working.
  • Updated the link format for private servers.

Patch - June 17, 2019 #2

  • More client-side optimizations.
  • Set the AFK timeout to only kick players when they have been inactive for 5 minutes.
  • Neutral and enabled buttons now deal no damage at all.
  • Added a display for tank speed in the debug menu, which you can access by pressing L.

Patch - June 17, 2019 #1

  • Added auto-level up, which automatically makes you level up after spawning. By default, it's enabled on mobile, but you can change that in the options menu.
  • Added the option to use the new interpolation mode, also in the options menu, which can sometimes make the game smoother.
  • Doors can no longer put you into walls now.

Patch - June 16, 2019

  • Added color indicators to the result page of table polls.

Patch - June 15, 2019

  • Added tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug with invalid dates in the changelog on certain devices.
  • Removed featured status from D-Day.

Patch - June 13, 2019

  • Fixed scrollbars on Firefox browsers.

Patch - June 12, 2019

  • Fixed a bug with negative levels in private servers.
  • Prevented everything from moving around weirdly during severe lag.
  • Made the references to the options menu in the changelog clickable.
  • Fixed a bug with the options menu overflowing on Firefox browsers.

Patch - June 9, 2019

  • Minor color changes with the spawn screen.
  • Fixed the changelog entries overlapping with each other on smaller screens.
  • Various client-side optimizations.

Balance - June 7, 2019

  • Buffed Trapper Dominator's reload.

Patch - June 7, 2019

  • Fixed some bugs with the spawn screen on Firefox.
  • Modified the D-Day map, removing a diagonal hole in the wall near the Axis base.
  • Fixed a bug with Maleficitor drones not turning invisible.

Event - June 6, 2019

  • Added an event mode on 2TDM Maze, which is replacing Open 3TDM.
  • As today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it is the event gamemode!
  • The allies, which are blue have more tanks than the Axis powers, which are red.
  • For the allies to win, they must invade and destroy the red central base on the bottom right, which is unlocked by destroying all of their dominators scattered on the map.
  • For the Axis powers to win, they must guard all of their dominators and base and keep at least 4 of them continuously for 8 minutes.

Patch - June 3, 2019

  • Fixed a bug where keys would act multiple times if you press enter multiple times while spawning.
  • Changed the dropdown icon in the options menu.

Patch - June 2, 2019

  • Made the changelog category selector scrollable.
  • Resized maze walls so they fit together better.
  • Hidden the leaderboard in screenshot mode.
  • Made the server selector scroll when selected.
  • Fixed a bug with spaces in text measurer fallback for older devices.
  • Added a way to specify gamemodes for private servers.

Patch - June 1, 2019

  • Added option to use the mouse on mobile devices in the options menu.
  • Made the changelog category selector be on top of the changelog on smaller screens.
  • Fixed a bug with the respawn delay.
  • Multiple maze walls in a square arrangement will join together.
  • Added some client-side optimizations.

Patch - May 28, 2019

  • Automatically select the nearest fast server default instead of a random one.

Patch - May 26, 2019

  • Fixed a bug on mobile where you shoot immediately after tapping to spawn.
  • Fixed another bug on mobile where tapping without dragging will not update your aim.
  • Added notification to add to your Home Screen on mobile.

Patch - May 25, 2019

  • Reworked broadcast system again to significantly lower bandwidth.
  • Note that if you own a private server, you need to go here and update your server accordingly to keep your server working!
  • Newly spawned tanks now flash when they're invulnerable.

Update - May 25, 2019

  • Added new mobile controls with larger buttons for stats and joysticks on the bottom. Just go to [arras.io arras.io] on your phone to use it!
  • You can now press Q to save screenshots instead of just pressing Z to record videos.
  • Added custom keybinds, which you can access by going to view options and clicking on the key indicators.
  • Note that you can also press backspace to unbind keys.
  • Added changelog categories. "Updates" are for all major updates. "Events & Gamemodes" is for major updates involving events or gamemodes. "Balance" is for every balance update, major or minor. "Changelog" will show you every single update.

Patch - May 25, 2019

  • Added automatic sweeping to the Discord bot to save on memory usage.
  • Patched kill counter to lower memory usage.
  • Changed the style of the arrows of the drop-downs in the options menu.

Balance - May 24, 2019

Patch - May 24, 2019

  • Added notification to press N if the player hasn't press N 30 seconds after spawning.

Balance - May 21, 2019

Balance - May 20, 2019

Balance - May 11, 2019

Balance - May 8, 2019

  • Nerfed Sniper reload slightly.

Event - May 5, 2019

  • The event has ended.
  • For now, the event mode is replaced with regular Open 3TDM.

Update - May 4, 2019

Patch - May 3, 2019 #2

  • Added lines to indicate branching on the class tree, press T to show.

Event - May 3, 2019 #1

  • Replaced 4 Team Domination for an event mode.
  • In remembrance of Freedom 7, the first manned United States spaceflight which was on May 5, 1961, the event game mode is Space 3TDM!
  • We'll likely have more events in the future!

Patch - May 2, 2019

  • Buffed the engine acceleration stat of Smashers.

Patch - May 1, 2019

  • Fixed bug that made the servers crash.

Anything below here are Old Changelogs and cannot be seen in the new changelog format.

GAMEMODE 2019.04.30.01

  • Added a new server in Asia, also sponsored by Server Hunter.
  • Added Maze on the server.
  • Changed the OVH Europe server to FFA.

GAMEMODE 2019.04.20.01

  • Added a new US East server from OVH sponsored by Server Hunter.
  • Added Maze 2TDM on the server.

PATCH 2019.04.14.01

  • Made the team selector use only the number of the teammates you have instead of also the team's total score.
  • Fixed bug with death effect.

PATCH 2019.04.12.01

PATCH 2019.04.11.01

  • Improved the encoding algorithm used by the server to lower bandwidth usage.

UPDATE 2019.04.08.01

  • Switched from Hetzner to OVH for the European server.
  • This server is also sponsored by Server Hunter and should be faster.

UPDATE 2019.04.05.01

  • Added a new European server from Hetzner.
  • Thanks to Server Hunter for sponsoring it!
  • Currently the gamemode is Maze but I'll likely change the gamemode for it in the future.
  • I've replaced the link for Stripe donation, but you can still access it.

PATCH 2019.04.03.01

  • Nerfed spike bounce ability.

UPDATE 2019.04.01.01

  • Added spike bounce ability, touch another spike to activate.

GAMEMODE 2019.03.29.01

  • Replaced the expired OpenShift FFA server with Glitch.

UPDATE 2019.03.26.01

  • Removed client side extrapolation and used it for interpolation.

GAMEMODE 2019.03.24.01

  • Added back 4 Team Domination.
  • Note that there's only one DVI server, this is run on the same server.
  • I'll likely change the gamemode for it in the near future.

UPDATE 2019.03.23.01

UPDATE 2019.03.19.01

  • Made traps more accurate.
  • Removed WeDeploy as it had been discontinued.
  • Fixed a memory leak that caused server crashes, thanks to &. for telling me to investigate it.
  • Fixed another bug that caused the server to crash due to the Discord Bot.

GAMEMODE 2019.03.10.01

  • Swapped gamemodes of DVI FFA and Heroku 2TDM.

GAMEMODE 2019.03.09.01

  • Replaced 3 Team Maze Domination on Heroku with 2TDM.

UPDATE 2019.03.04.01

  • Added Twister, branches off of Artillery.
  • Nerfed ram stats.
  • Added new messages on the loading screen.

GAMEMODE 2019.02.04.01

  • Replaced the FFA Glitch with a different FFA server.

GAMEMODE 2019.02.01.01

  • Added a second FFA server on US West.

UPDATE 2019.01.21.01

  • Added a class tree, press \[8] to show.
  • Added some more links to the left menu.

GAMEMODE 2019.01.16.01

  • Removed the OpenShift servers from the server list as they have expired.

UPDATE 2019.01.04.02

  • Added a new server selector.

PATCH 2019.01.04.01

  • Replaced the old outdated Twitter feed with a referral link to Linode.

GAMEMODE 2019.01.03.01

  • Added a WeDeploy server, currently the gamemode is 4TDM.

GAMEMODE 2019.01.02.01

  • Added back 3 Team Maze Domination as the bandwidth have reset!
  • Added a BuyVM server, currently the gamemode is Maze Mothership.
  • Added party links.

UPDATE 2018.12.31.01

UPDATE 2018.12.29.01

  • Added a slightly better server selector.
  • Thanks to all the donors of the game, we now have a new domain for the game at arras.io!

UPDATE 2018.12.26.01

  • Replaced the free Codeanywhere server with a Heroku server.

UPDATE 2018.12.25.01

  • Merry Christmas everyone! I've put up some Christmas lights around the maze walls.
  • Added Hurricane[9], upgraded from Hexa Tank and Gunner.
  • I've temporarily replaced the old US West server with a free OpenShift server, and the Europe server with the free Codeanywhere server.

PATCH 2018.12.24.01

  • More balance changes.
  • Servers now restart every 10 hours, unless someone in the server have a high score.

PATCH 2018.12.23.01

  • Unfortunately, the Europe server ran out of bandwidth for this month.
  • Added the one-time donation link to the options menu.
  • Various balance changes.

GAMEMODE 2018.12.22.01

  • The OpenShift servers seem to have been experiencing some severe connection issues.
  • Fortunately, today I received a $50 donation. Donations like these will keep the game going, and even the smallest donations can still have an impact.
  • In the meantime, I've added 4 Glitch servers. Although they might be slow, it's hopeful better than nothing.

GAMEMODE 2018.12.17.01

  • Unfortunately, the US West server ran out of bandwidth for this month.
  • OpenShift has announced that from now on, old projects will expire in 30 days. while new projects expire 60 days after they were created. This means that from now on, the US East servers will need to be remade every two months.
  • In order to keep all of the servers up at all time, you can donate to me on Patreon so I can upgrade the US West server to have more bandwidth.
  • I will likely be adding a one-time donation page in the near future.

UPDATE 2018.12.14.01

  • Invisible tanks can now see themselves when invisible.
  • Fixed bug where "Press N to level up instantly." is falsely shown.
  • Optimized the servers so hopefully they will be less laggy.

PATCH 2018.12.10.01

  • Fixed bug where traps don't get killed while touching walls.

UPDATE 2018.12.09.01

  • Added option to separate health and shield bars. Click the view options button to access.
  • You now respawn with half of your points.

UPDATE 2018.12.08.01

(The title screen is now snowy.)

PATCH 2018.11.29.01

  • Fixed minimap to make tank movements buttery smooth.
  • Fixed bug where FFA reverted to Maze.

GAMEMODE 2018.11.28.01

  • Replaced Open 3TDM with 3 Team Maze Domination!

GAMEMODE 2018.11.27.01

  • Ended Thanksgiving event.
  • Replaced 4 Team Domination with 4TDM.
  • Replaced Maze with FFA.
  • 3 Team Maze Domination coming very soon!

UPDATE 2018.11.23.02

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know it's a day too late, but I've made the motherships look like turkeys.

UPDATE 2018.11.23.01

  • Added 2 Team Maze Mothership in the new US West server.
  • In this gamemode there will not be an insta-level up button, but there are more polygons, and the polygons give more points.
  • The mothership needs to navigate the maze and fight the opposing teams.
  • Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to update the gamemode for the US East servers.

UPDATE 2018.11.20.01

  • Traps now die instantly when touching walls.
  • I'll be changing the gamemodes once I get the maps ready.

PATCH 2018.11.18.02

  • Unfortunately I screwed up after reading the database and accidentally erased people who voted for all three of the winning team gamemodes which are:
  • 4TDM
  • 2 Team Maze Mothership
  • 3 Team Open Maze Domination.

PATCH 2018.11.18.01

  • Added a proxy server because some people can't seem to play on the new link.
  • Fixed minimap maze color for Midnight theme.
  • I will update the gamemodes pretty soon.

GAMEMODE 2018.11.06.01

  • Replaced FFA with Maze!
  • FFA except there are walls everywhere.

PATCH 2018.11.05.01

  • Added back minimap to show teammates and bosses, credits to &. for helping to make it faster.
  • Note that if you own a private server, you need to go here to keep your server working!

UPDATE 2018.11.03.01

UPDATE 2018.10.31.01

  • Added Pumpkin Skeleton theme, credit to Road.
  • You can find the theme by clicking view options. It's recommended for it to be used with glass mode.
  • Added Musket, upgraded from Twin and Rifle.
  • Thanks to our patrons at Patreon, we now have a new domain for the game at [arras.cx]!

GAMEMODE 2018.08.22.01

  • Added Open 3TDM to replace 2TDM.
  • Added 4 Teams Domination to replace Mothership.
  • Take over three of the five dominators to win the game!

PATCH 2018.08.20.01

PATCH 2018.08.17.01

  • Added more base protectors in 2TDM.
  • Increased map size of all gamemodes.
  • Nerfed Triplet.
  • Buffed Mega-3.
  • Buffed Spreadshot.
  • Nerfed drone range again.
  • Buffed Booster acceleration but nerfed speed.

PATCH 2018.08.16.01

  • Changed AI's range mechanism.
  • Nerfed drone range.

GAMEMODE 2018.08.07.01

  • Removed 4TDM to help with lag issues because the server is less powerful than expected.

GAMEMODE 2018.08.06.02

  • Added 2TDM and 4TDM!
  • Thanks to our patrons on Patreon for allowing us to a second server!

UPDATE 2018.08.06.01

  • Added mobile support!
  • Various balance changes.

UPDATE 2018.07.19.01

GAMEMODE 2018.07.12.01

  • Nerfed Shotgun.
  • Replaced Portal 4TDM.
  • Added experimental gamemode Portal Mothership.
  • Motherships spawn on the opposing sides of the arena.
  • In the middle of both is a portal.
  • Motherships cannot enter the portal.

GAMEMODE 2018.07.04.01

  • Replaced 4TDM.
  • Added experimental gamemode Portal 4TDM.
  • One side of the arena is normal 4TDM, the other is Maze 4TDM.
  • In the middle of both is a portal.
  • Nerfed certain bosses.

PATCH 2018.07.03.01

PATCH 2018.07.02.02

UPDATE 2018.07.02.01

  • Various balance changes.
  • If you have a private server, make sure to go here and do the required changes to keep your server working.

PATCH 2018.06.29.01

  • Moved Bulwark, now upgraded from Twin and Trap Guard.
  • Optimizations so the server will be less laggy.
  • You should now be able to restore scores even after disconnections from server overloading.

GAMEMODE 2018.06.28.01

  • Increased knockback.
  • Changed FFA Maze back to FFA.
  • Added Bulwark, upgraded from Twin and Trapper.
  • Added a limit on how fast you can respawn.

PATCH 2018.06.26.03

  • Prediction & other debug information are now hidden unless L is pressed.
  • Latency and client/server speed are still visible by default.

UPDATE 2018.06.26.02

PATCH 2018.06.26.01

  • Fixed bug where leaderboard and upgrade choices are missing.
  • Reverting keybinds due to confusion. Click view options for detail.

BALANCE 2018.06.25.03

PATCH 2018.06.25.02

  • Made upgrades three columns.
  • Change keybinds. Click view options for detail.

GAMEMODE 2018.06.25.01

  • Replaced Mothership with Maze.
  • FFA except there are obstacles everywhere.
  • Added Pounder, upgraded from Basic.
  • Moved classes like Trappers and Destroyers to upgrade from it.

PATCH 2018.06.24.01

  • Fixed UI zoom glitch.
  • Added Patreon page!

BALANCE 2018.06.23.01

BALANCE 2018.06.11.04

GAMEMODE 2018.06.11.03

  • Temporarily replaced FFA with Mothership.
  • Destroy the enemy mothership to win the game!

UPDATE 2018.06.11.02

  • Tanks now last for 15 seconds instead of 8 seconds if a player disconnected.
  • Added experimental tank recovery feature.
  • If a player joins back during the time before the tank is automatically destroyed, they will spawn as their old tank.

UPDATE 2018.06.11.01

GAMEMODE 2018.06.03.01

  • Changed the 2 TDM Domination server to 4 TDM.
  • Added M for maximizing stats.
  • Added Z to toggle video recorder.

UPDATE 2018.06.02.02

BALANCE 2018.06.02.01

UPDATE 2018.06.01.01

GAMEMODE 2018.05.21.02

  • Changed the 4 TDM Domination server to 2 TDM Domination.

BALANCE 2018.05.21.01

  • Nerfed Health Regen and Body Damage effectiveness.
  • Buffed drones slightly.

BALANCE 2018.05.08.01

BALANCE 2018.05.07.01

PATCH 2018.05.05.01

  • Moved base protectors in Domination to the edge of the map.
  • Various nerfs and buffs.

GAMEMODE 2018.04.29.02

  • Replaced 2TDM with FFA.

GAMEMODE 2018.04.29.01

  • Replaced 4TDM with 4 Team Domination.
  • Take over 3 dominator to win the game!

UPDATE 2018.04.28.01

GAMEMODE 2018.04.04.01

  • Added 2 TDM gamemode with server selector.

UPDATE 2018.04.01.01

PATCH 2018.03.31.02

  • Added back pushing for same team.
  • Limited drone repel distance.

UPDATE 2018.03.31.01

  • Prevented drones from pushing.
  • Engineer's oldest turret will now disappear when there are more than six drones.

UPDATE 2018.03.30.01

  • Added reverse mouse and reverse tank keys.
  • Various nerfs and buffs.

UPDATE 2018.03.29.02

BALANCE 2018.03.29.01

  • Nerfed Dual damage slightly.

BALANCE 2018.03.26.01

  • Nerfed swarm drones reload.
  • Buffed most tanks reload slightly.

BALANCE 2018.03.25.03

  • Buffed base protectors.
  • Nerfed shields again.

PATCH 2018.03.25.02

  • Added base protectors.
  • Nerfed shields.

PATCH 2018.03.25.01

  • Arena is now 2x bigger.
  • Shapes spawn 62% less often.
  • Bases added in corners.

BALANCE 2018.03.23.01

UPDATE 2018.03.22.01

  • Arras is back!
  • Removed tokens.

PATCH 2018.01.09.01

PATCH 2018.01.09.01

  • More intense diminishing returns on stats.

PATCH 2018.01.08.07

PATCH 2018.01.08.06

PATCH 2018.01.08.05

PATCH 2018.01.08.04

PATCH 2018.01.08.03

  • Made Shotgun do more damage at close range but less at far ranges. Moved it to Destroyer only. Increased bullet size and removed FoV bonus.
  • Patched a source of NaN propagation.

PATCH 2018.01.08.02

PATCH 2018.01.08.01

  • Added Artillery, Hunter => Shotgun.
  • Messed more with health stuff.
  • Played with food spawning distribution, especially in the nest.
  • Rebalanced all polygon health and value.
  • Further nerfed Skimmer rof. Changed how reload and bullet speed interact with Skimmer and Sidewinder missiles.
  • Nerfed Carrier FoV.
  • Nerfed auto-turret damage and knockback.
  • Nerfed Auto-Tri-Angle speed.
  • Buffed the rof of Engineer pillboxes.
  • Fixed a really fundamental mistake in how I was removing entities. Might be related to ghost creation?
  • This idiot told the game to check that it wasn't putting things inside of rocks but then to ignore them if they weren't tanks. Which they obviously aren't. Fixed that stupidity.
  • More ghostbusting.
  • Removed color from the pentagon nest zone.

PATCH 2018.01.07.01

  • More ghostbusting.
  • Nerfed Boomer in many ways.
  • Changed how we remove things from arrays to a cheaper method.
  • Messed with big tank health vs baby tank health. Probably threw all rammer balance way out of whack. Please test so I can hotpatch!

PATCH 2018.01.06.01

  • Fixed a crash in the error reporting when we find a ghost.
  • Let's try something new... team FFA? What do we call that?

PATCH 2018.01.05.04

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes.
  • Buffed Gunner-Trapper.
  • Golly FFA gets boring fast.

PATCH 2018.01.05.03

  • Another Mega-Cancer nerf hotpatch.

PATCH 2018.01.05.02

  • Hotpatch Mega-Cancer nerf.
  • Messed with Boomer a bit.

PATCH 2018.01.05.01

  • Renamed to arras.io.
  • Changed the background grid to use color 19.
  • More ghostbusting. Might be rather slow while we have the ghost-hunting script running.
  • Increased Tri-Angle recoil even further!
  • Tweaks to damage formulas.
  • Nerfed Hybrid-type drones.
  • Nerfed auto-tanks.
  • Reduced Skimmer ROF.
  • Reduced Machine Gunner's DPS by 20%.
  • Have some more upgrade points!
  • FFA time.

PATCH 2018.01.04.03

  • More themes.

PATCH 2018.01.04.02

  • We've got some weird elusive bugs I just can't replicate on demand. Improved debugging to try to catch those better.
  • More ghostbusting.
  • I over-buffed gunners a bit. Rolled that change back a bit.
  • I over-buffed auto-drone speed. Slowed them back down!
  • Nerfed Spike slightly and buffed the other Smashers.
  • Nerfed Skimmer missile recoil a bit.
  • Tried to fix a reported bug with Smasher skills I couldn't seem to duplicate.

PATCH 2018.01.04.01

  • Added new themes.
  • Added a new style option.
  • Nerfed Elite Crashers slightly.

PATCH 2018.01.03.02

  • Started work on graceful shutdown.
  • Patched a bug that kept killing Tokyo.
  • Added some friendly visitors.

PATCH 2018.01.03.01

PATCH 2018.01.02.05

  • Reshaped Boomer because of issues.
  • Nerfed Auto-turrets and Auto-guns.
  • Buffed Smashers.
  • Buffed Fighter side cannons slightly.
  • Buffed drones.
  • Nerfed boomerang health and damage by 13% each.

PATCH 2018.01.02.04

  • Nerfed Sidewinder.
  • Reduced the number of rocks.
  • Fixed a bug with turret upgrades.
  • Changed how team distribution works.
  • Going back to the old stat system until we get all the bugs worked out.
  • Right-click functionality for Boomer: locks facing.
  • Something weird was happening with auto-3s and auto-3 upgrades. Let me know if it seems imbalanced now.
  • Changes to Boomer and Hexa-trapper.
  • Renamed Bushwhacker to Snipe Guard. (bleh)

PATCH 2018.01.02.03

  • More ghostbusting.

PATCH 2018.01.02.02

  • We'll see if killing dynamic collision grid loading will keep ghosts from appearing.
  • Patched an internal bug. Moved away from activation being related to player tanks and to it being bound solely to views.
  • Fixed a polygon spawning bug.

PATCH 2018.01.02.01

  • Our main game server js file just passed 5000 lines. Eh.
  • 4TDM time!
  • Added a new theme.
  • Max-stat-meta time. Same number of upgrade points but a lot fewer places to spend them. This is an experiment, and it is temporary. Please give lots of feedback about what you think! If you put your thoughts on the reddit or discord I'll see them.
  • Re-enabled AI.
  • Re-enabled the minimap.
  • Reduced damage a bit more.
  • Doubled glass health and shield without affecting maxed out health and shield.
  • Added Gravel. (Smaller Rocks)
  • Reshaped Machine Gunner. (Thanks to Fillygroove for the inspiration!)
  • Reshaped Bent Double. Its barrels are more seperated than the normal Bent.
  • Souped up Auto-Smasher's guns a lot.
  • Increased Hunters' knockback and decreased bullet damage by 6%.
  • Nerfed Sidewinder damage by 5% on top of the Hunter}} nerf.
  • Slightly nerfed minion bullet speed. Nerfed minion health by 20%.
  • Nerfed Destroyers.
  • Nerfed swarm but gave it a bit more speed.
  • Simplified AI to cheapen processing but also to stop drones from getting overly attached to their nearest rock. I did this by disabling the AI behaviour that told it to start fighting whatever had tried to hurt it. Because of this, Auto-turrets won't cancel everything and start fighting somebody who shot at you and Factory minions won't auto-target things they run into while shooing at something else. However, disabling this should also keep drones from skynetting after you as long as you are shooting at them. (Previously, they'd keep agressing as long as they were being hurt despite being far from their parent. If you didn't shoot at them, they'd relent.)
  • Tweaked some network config settings.
  • More server profiling work.
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing names on tanks with auto-spin.
  • Fixed a bug that made things laggier than it should be for few people.
  • Experimenting with dynamically loading entities into the collision grid. Not sure what the optimal case for this is so it may be a slowdown or a speedup. We'll see. Also modified how we reload entities into the collision grid. Should be more efficient.
  • Changed how food moves. Hopefully should act mostly the same but be 5 times less intensive.
  • Added Paypal link and changed the Patreon link.
  • Fixed and improved the ignore upgrade button.
  • Started using -webkit-text-security to style the token input. It won't fuss about security issues any more but it also won't hide your token on Firefox or IE. You win some, you lose some.
  • Happy 2018, everybody! Thanks for all the love ❤

PATCH 2017.12.29.03

  • Changed how wall bounce is calculated for better trickshots :)
  • More server profiling work.
  • Tried to buff rammers.

PATCH 2017.12.29.02

  • More backend tweaks.
  • Added ignore upgrade button and fixed right-clicking on buttons.
  • Buffed minion speed and minion bullet speed.

PATCH 2017.12.29.01

  • Nerfed Cruiser kinda.
  • Buffed over-drones' speed and spawn rate. Nerfed their health. Made Director shoot over-drones not just raw drones.
  • Reshaped many of the drones classes.
  • Some sniper-branch nerfs. 20% less damage, 10% faster rof, and a bit more bullet speed to compensate.
  • Buffed Predator.
  • Really rethought how we serve updates to people. Might be faster! Might not be. Who knows? Will likely be buggy at first though.

PATCH 2017.12.28.02

  • Decreased swarm damage by a lot. Sped it up somewhat to compensate.
  • Reduced skimmer missile cannon recoil.
  • More backend tweaks.

PATCH 2017.12.28.01

  • Increased all weapon damage by 50% and lowered all weapon health by 33%. 1.5 x 0.6667 = 1 for those of you who intend to raise a fuss but can't do math.
  • Also decreased drones and bullet pushability.
  • Increased base tank speed and acceleration.
  • Added additional profiling tools. There is no difference for you guys but it lets me figure out why Newark is so slow.
  • Disabled the minimap. (Temporary)
  • Disabled all targeting AI. (Temporary) This shuts off automatic drones behaviour and auto-turrets as well as probably some other stuff I forgot relied on it. This is a major change but, again, it is only temporary. I'm curious just how much of a load the AI calculations have on the server. If it seems significant I'll look at ways I can improve it.
  • Various other tweaks to reduce server load. I don't expect it'll have much effect.
  • Major backend changes to the server and source processing and deployment pipeline. Should be smarter about caching and versioning.

PATCH 2017.12.27.01

  • Improved fonts.
  • Terrain fixes and modifications. bullets now ricochet off of walls. Trickshot time!
  • We'll be a full sandbox again.

PATCH 2017.12.26.02

  • Player tanks now persist for 10 seconds after disconnect to prevent cowardice.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Nerfed Alpha and Beta Pentagons}}.
  • More lag work.
  • New terrain.

PATCH 2017.12.26.01

  • 2TDM time.
  • Decreased Damage across the board.
  • Added a class (last one I swear: because Rocketeer was added I figured I ought to just release Sidewinder already):
  • Significantly changed Boomer and slightly changed Skimmer.
  • Severly nerfed swarm speed. Really rolled back on the penetration buff. Significantly increased health. Made it decay faster when not being manually controlled: this also means that the autoswarm of battleship has half range compared to previously... compensated for this by making it a bit faster than normal swarm.
  • Decreased Assassins' bullet damage.
  • Slowed down auto-drones' spawn speed.
  • Reduced Auto-4's range.
  • Buffed Hunters' bullet health.
  • Buffed Fortress a bit.
  • Buffed the Gunners.
  • Buffed Bomber's recoil.
  • Buffed all trap damage a bit.
  • Spread out Skimmer missiles' turrets to be more area-denial. We're not going to change to the new diep 1 "Skimmer".

PATCH 2017.12.19.01

  • Nerfed Assassin a bit.
  • Fixed a glitch with Engineer that gave it too many and overly dense traps.
  • Doubled Swarm penetration.
  • Changed the look of Spike.
  • Fixed the grey-screen-until-you-choose-a-theme bug.

PATCH 2017.12.18.02

  • Restored the old look of Necromancer.
  • Graphical tweaks. Fixed a bug with the classic theme.

PATCH 2017.12.18.01

  • Security update + bug fixes.
  • Improved health bar visibility under shield.

PATCH 2017.12.17.05

  • Reshaped Triplet and slightly nerfed.
  • New color theme options!
  • Reduced max health, shield, and body damage.

PATCH 2017.12.17.04

  • Level up only goes to 20 now... have fun!
  • Removed a bizarre 40% bullet health debuff on sniper... compensated for the change in Assassin but still should be a net buff.
  • Trebled the value of all polygons.
  • Increased base bullet speed (no change to max bullet speed).
  • Tweaked Machine Gun and Sprayer.

PATCH 2017.12.17.03

  • Nailgun damage nerf.
  • Slight base health buff.
  • Buffed overdrone reload.
  • Improved Fortress swarm reload.

PATCH 2017.12.17.02

PATCH 2017.12.17.01

  • We're FFA now!
  • Added a class:
  • Removed Rifle and Swarmer.
  • Health regens faster with full shields.
  • Crispness update! All collision damage trebled and knockback doubled.
  • Improved the death screen.
  • Buffed Assassin's bullet health somewhat.
  • Added another turret to Gunner-3.
  • Removed the auto-turret from Hexa-Trapper but made it a Hepta-Trapper.
  • Increased swarm damage a bit.
  • Reduced trigger range, damage, health, and density on auto-drones.
  • Improved all drones speed.
  • Increased Minion speed but reduced acceleration.
  • A bit more placement speed for Mega Trapper.
  • More recoil for Gunner-Trapper.
  • Buffed Swarm.
  • Disabled Crashers for now.
  • Added Gunner-3's name (whoops). Buuuut I renamed it to Auto-4 so whatever.
  • Fixed a bullet timing glitch with Fighter.
  • Changed how gun recoil renders.
  • Blacklisted more disruptively long unicode characters.
  • Polygons back on the leaderboard!
  • Leader death broadcasting.
  • The launcher remembers option settings now.

PATCH 2017.12.16.01

  • Added some things that hopefully make motion feel better in high-latency situations.
  • Tweaked Swarm motion calculations.
  • Reshaped Fortress, Machine Gunner, Spread, and Penta.
  • Added a blur effect to dying things. (Only works on modern Firefox and Chrome.)
  • Redid some colors.
  • Reduced size of the skill toggle hotspot so it's less annoying while fighting.
  • Added spacebar and shift controls. (Reload client to enable)
  • Fixed some minimap rendering issues.
  • Back-added old patch notes from before changelog.html.

PATCH 2017.12.12.04

  • Reduced minion resist but increased health. Buffed speed.
  • Tried to kill Skynet... again.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Smashers too fast.
  • Nerfed Auto-Smasher.
  • Removed some debuffs from Spread Shot.
  • Shifted around Tri-Angle's recoil... again.

PATCH 2017.12.12.03

  • Fixed Overseers.
  • Nerfed Tri-Angle back guns (and gave them more recoil). Buffed Falcon's sniper gun.
  • Increased speed at level 45.
  • Buffed Mega-Trapper a bit.
  • Fixed a bug where Smasher penetration (wtf) was being mapped to acceleration instead of reload.
  • Fixed the gui overestimating the size of non-square classes.

PATCH 2017.12.12.02

PATCH 2017.12.12.01

  • Stopped things from flipping back and forth, unable to decide who draws on top of whom.
  • Fixed a bug where drones would skynet vertically (only vertically).
  • Fixed the bug with Auto-Trapper set traps drawing as circles.
  • Fixed a bug where you'd be displayed as "Level [not 0] Basic" on respawn.
  • Tweaked the stats panel and fixed a few bugs with it.
  • Fixed some facing bugs with Cruisers and Auto-tanks. Auto-turrets still turn roughly, however... to be worked on later.
  • Increased base tank speed by 15%.
  • Halved drones health and double drones damage.
  • Increase trap damage a bit.
  • Hybrid-type drones health lowered to a third of a normal drones instead of half of one.
  • Swarm lives for 1 second less but does 18% more damage.
  • Reduced effect of bullet Damage to be x2 at max from x2.5, but also decreased effect of Max Health to be x4 at max from x5.
  • BuffedHewn rof a bit.
  • Removed Single recoil buff.
  • Removed Machine Gunner reload debuff.
  • Hexa Trapper shoots smaller traps slightly less often. Put an auto-turret on it.
  • Improved Smasher speed by 10% across the board.
  • Slowed down Hunter and Poacher a bit.
  • Reduced Carrier fov.
  • Gave the Bomber trap placer a bit more recoil.
  • Buffed set trappers.
  • Buffed Predator.
  • Sped up Ranger.
  • Reduced Skimmer's base damage a bit.
  • Buffed Auto-Smasher's turret and made its reload a fixed value.
  • Increased Tri-Angles' recoil again, but removed a confusing 15% damage buff they had... no clue how old that was.
  • Gave a light rof buff to auto-turrets and Gunner-Trapper's gun barrels. Also they're more accurate.
  • Reshaped Hexa-Trapper, Machine Gunner, the Auto tanks, and Streamliner.
  • Tweaked some things about death animations.
  • Tweaked some bullet animations.
  • Stopped some text from being so pokey.
  • Changed where bullets spawn from.
  • Prevented firing barrels from going crazy when tabbing back and forth.
  • Worked on lag a bit.

PATCH 2017.12.11.3

  • Fixed a security hole.

PATCH 2017.12.11.2

  • Hotpatch! Nerfs to Single + Hewn and a slight reversal of the Skimmer nerf. Also death screen tweak.

PATCH 2017.12.11.1

  • Increased room size.
  • Tried to kill Skynet.
  • Changed the color red.

PATCH 2017.12.09.2

  • Fixed a skill bug.
  • Increased speed at max Mobility.

PATCH 2017.12.09.1

  • Redid stat points.
  • Gave 50% more base shield regen to tanks.
  • Increased stat dimishing effects.

PATCH 2017.12.07.3

  • Hotpatch! Reworked all recoil and fixed a bug with shots not registering. Client reload needed to get the bug fix, but it's not critical.
  • The definition for Fortress and Carrier were crossed up. Fixed!
  • Halved the health of 3-pointed traps.
  • Gave Destroyer 50% more bullet health.
  • Removed the rest of the bots.

PATCH 2017.12.07.2

  • Increased Trapper resist.
  • Increased Destroyer resist. Increased firing speed by 12%.
  • Reduced Triplet branch resist and bullet health. Increased reload.
  • Decreased the speed reduction at higher levels.
  • Increased base drones speed by 10%. Increased drones damage by 20%.
  • Increased swarm damage by 10%.
  • Reduced all recoil by ~45%
  • Should be a little bit more responsive now.

PATCH 2017.12.08.1

  • TDM time!
  • Necro gets a 60% penetration buff.
  • Increased reload of Triplet branch and reduced damage.
  • Max bullet speed is now only 3x faster than none instead of 3.5x.
  • Increased base health and shield but slightly decreased the effect of Max Health.
  • You can now click on stat and upgrade buttons.
  • Moved gun barrel animation into the client.
  • Some other graphical fixes and tweaks.
  • Sped up the sync process.
  • Made it more clear when a server is down.
  • Rolled back on some of the game-speeding-up changes made earlier.

PATCH 2017.12.07.1

  • YOU NEED TO CLEAR YOUR CACHE TO GET THE FULL UPDATE. Hold down ctrl and refresh the page.
  • Improved css.
  • Increased all bullet speed by 10%. This doesn't affect drones and other things.
  • Sped the game up a bit more.
  • Buffed minion speed by 9%. Nerfed minion bullets from 56% as strong as a basic tank to 16%. Buffed minion bullets' penetration by 20%. They fire at the same rate now. Changed the Director-branch to not have to wait a reload cycle before spawning a new minion.
  • Sped up Skimmer missile bullets.
  • Smoothbars work now.
  • Changed how bots spawn. Shouldn't die out over time any more.
  • Stopped the weird bodyswitching bug.
  • Improved an issue with FOV not being handled quite right.
  • Messages should be better about removing themselves.
  • Token failure will be obvious now.

PATCH 2017.12.06.3

  • The server will just give up on trying to predict motion if the lag is too far gone.
  • Fixed graphical issues with the gui on respawning.
  • Fixed messages.

PATCH 2017.12.06.2

  • Bug fixes galore!
  • Increased the fallback update rate from 0.5Hz to 10Hz.
  • Fixed a bug with over-body turrets that was causing rendering failure.
  • Value-bar (health, exp, etc.) animations were all kinds of messy. Fixed.
  • Prevented your own nameplate + score from drawing above you.
  • Your name is back above the exp bar.
  • The death screen should work again. Added time alive.
  • Canvas should be automatically focused upon on game start.
  • Fixed an encoding error with extended UTF characters. Emoji and non-western characters work again.
  • The client is smarter about asking the server to join the game. Should be more reliable now.
  • Upgrade menu isn't bugged any more.
  • Fixed the necro drones glitch, readded necro.
  • Fixed the minimap, removed crashers from it.
  • Entities should properly draw on top of each other now.
  • Hopefully things don't look weird while they're dying. We'll see.
  • Added a better favicon.

PATCH 2017.12.06.1

  • Decreased Triplet/Quintuplet bullet size a bit. Gave them more bullet health and damage but decreased their reload.
  • Reduced Trapper's damage by 30% and the trap travel speed by 10%. Increased rof a bit.
  • Changed colors.
  • Moved some gui elements around a bit.
  • Fixed a graphical bug with skill bars.
  • Polygons no longer show up on the leaderboard. Wasn't worth the effort and efficiency loss to support transformable leaderboardable entities. End of an era. TT TT
  • Slowed the whole game down a bit.
  • Darkened special zone background a bit.
  • Embedded tweets into the start screen. I wouldn't call it pretty, but it works for now.
  • Migrated away from socket.io and to ws server-side. Significant bandwidth usage decrease. However, because we lost a lost of nice things socket.io in favor of a home-brewed approach, connections may prove to be much more volatile than before until I work on them more. Hopefully it won't be too bad.
  • You can now try to play with color.json and mockups.json!
  • Known Bugs:
    • While entities grow to full size, their speed is bugged. Thanks to this bug, Necro can obtain unreasonably fast drones and for this reason it has been removed until I have time to fix the problem. Additionally, if you do not move after spawning, you have abnormally high recoil. This I don't think is enough of an issue to require an immediate fix. I'm about 82% sure it's the same bug, though.
    • Dying entities can move weirdly. The cause of this bug is known.
    • Often, the client won't connect properly. Known cause, just keep reloading until it works, for now.
    • No death screen. Unknown cause, but I'm not going to bother fixing it now because I want to add proper enter-to-respawn soon and I'll catch this problem while adding that feature.
    • Canvas doesn't always seems to obtain context properly on game start.
    • Tap-shooting doesn't register with high latency. Known cause.
    • bullets often draw on top of things they couldn't. Known cause, but the fix will be part of adding better layering functionality.
    • Often entities flash twice on taking damage.
    • Messages don't work.
  • Sorry for all the bugs! I opted to push this update (relatively) fast to get it out rather than waiting possibly many days to get the time to fix all the little problems.
  • Added a favicon (it's shitty and temporary).

PATCH 2017.11.23.1

  • Added classes:
    • Cruiser, Trap Guard => Fortress
    • Tri-Angle, Trap Guard => Bomber
    • Double Twin => Auto Double
    • Triple Shot => Bent Hybrid
    • Hunter => Poacher
    • ????? => Shotgun (I'll remove it later but you can have fun for now)
  • Mega Trapper's traps are a little less mega.
  • Triplet and Quint have less reload and bullet speed but full bullet health now. 10% and 19% pen nerfs on Triple and Quint respectively.
  • Assassin's penetration buff decreased from 25% => 10% but it gained a 15% bullet health buff.
  • Noticed unintended intended behavior where all polygons only gave half as many points as expected. Doubled polygon value across the board but incresed Alpha and Beta pentagon value disproportionately.

PATCH 2017.11.22.3

  • The server is better at putting people in teams now.
  • Added some protection against socket misuse.
  • Teammates and crashers are visible on the minimap now.

PATCH 2017.11.22.2

  • Re-enabled anti-lag
  • Necro sunchips have their old pen again.
  • Necro has 5 fewer base drones. 25 => 20
  • Artillery-type guns get a bit of love. +15% firing speed and +10% cruising speed.

PATCH 2017.11.22.1

  • drones have 50% less damage and 50% more health. (Overall nerf)
  • Predator has 10% less bullet speed and an FOV nerf. A little bit more speed, however.
  • Hexa and Octo base damage nerfed by 10%.
  • Triplet and Quint now have reduced bullet health from Twin instead of reduced bullet damage.
  • Mortar get 20% more rof and 10% more bullet health.
  • Halved Streamliner's damage.
  • Decreased Mega Trapper's rof by 30%
  • Minions get 25% more resists.
  • Necro has twice as much penetration.
  • Fixed Underseer in tdm. Readded.
  • You have no longer been kille.
  • Disabling anti-lag just to see how it compares.
  • Added a thing for the uninformed.

PATCH 2017.11.21.3

  • Removed Underseer because it was broken in tdm.
  • Removed base protectors for now.
  • Improved circle rendering.
  • Added back some tier 3s. Added some more tier 3s.
  • Turned desync protection back on. (My bad!)

PATCH 2017.11.21.2

  • Server is TDM again.
  • Added some new classes.
  • Removed the tier 3 upgrades for now.
  • Reduced trap size a bit.
  • drones shouldn't chase people across the map any more.
  • Added base protectors.
  • The game tries to sort people into teams based on how many are already in that team.
  • Going into an enemy base insta-kills you.
  • Fixed broken Annihilator recoil.
  • Fixed a bug with swarm motion.
  • More anti-stutter work.

PATCH 2017.11.21.1

  • More anti-lag work. Realized I'd forgotten basic calculus, fixed an issue with client-side motion prediction.
  • Changed how turrets render.
  • Sped up the clock syncing processess.

PATCH 2017.11.20.1

  • Base shield regen doubled.
  • Swarm damage increased by 33% but health decreased by 20%.
  • Benefit from leveling up a skill diminishes as that skill increases. (Non-linear stats)
  • Buffed Smasher speed and body damage by 10% to compensate for it.
  • Overseer and Apprentice fov nerfed. Cruiser fov buffed.
  • Over-drones have 17% less health, a little less speed, 20% less damage, and no density buff.
  • Trap health and damage reduced by 16.7%; density halved.
  • Hunter fov reduced to that of sniper. Damage decreased by 5%.
  • Minigun damage reduced by 10%.
  • Gunner damage reduced by 22% and recoil reduced by 50%.
  • Sped up auto-spin a bit.
  • Client attempts to sync clocks with the server first, should allieviate some of the worse lagging.
  • Players are blue!

PATCH 2017.11.19.7

  • 14% nerf to minion speed.
  • 10% buff to swarm speed.
  • 5% nerf to minigun damage.
  • Slight nerf to baby Factory's base speed.
  • Buffed auto-3's reload by 20% and recoil by 10%.
  • Reshaped Trapper a little bit.
  • Added some more public tokens.
  • Changed how the jackpot is calculated.
  • Put a bandaid on an issue that causes horrible backwards interpolation in the client. (Clock desync with the server). Hopefully will fix the nasty jagged stuttering but there's still a deeper issue here I need to figure out how to compensate for.

PATCH 2017.11.19.6

  • Server is now TDM! I don't have time to add base defenses yet, so please just be nice.
  • drones and swarm do 3x damage to food.
  • Decrease trap health by 50%.
  • Pounder reload 2x base instead of only 1.75x base. (Destroyers unchanged)
  • Arty reload net changes amount to 30% less rof and 20% less bullet health. Same damage.
  • Reworked Hexa's firing speed and damage.
  • Buffed trapper rof by 30%.
  • Nerfed Auto-3 damage by 30%.
  • Made Pounders shoot slower but cruise faster. Less damage bonus at close range.
  • Removed tagindex stuff from forms.
  • Made the bar color of the scoreboard vary by team.
  • Zones of the room visible on the minimap.

PATCH 2017.11.19.5


PATCH 2017.11.19.4

  • Added some more tier 2 upgrades.
    • Pounder => Artillery.
    • Twin => Double.
    • Assistant => Unnamed Class.
    • Flank Guard => Auto-3.
  • Made max health have more of an effect on body resist.
  • Maxed out Shield Capacity is x3, not x8 any more.
  • Maxed out Max Health is x3, not x3.5 any more.
  • Maxed out Shield Regen is x15, not x25 any more.
  • Maxed out Body Damage is x2.5, not x3 any more.
  • Reduced the effect of Body Damage, Shield Regen, and Shield Capacity on body damage resistance. Max possible body resist lowered.
  • Swarm lifespan increase to 4 seconds from 3.333.
  • Trap health reduced by 25% and trap damage increased by 50%.
  • Tank-on-tank damage another twice as strong.
  • Gunner gets a lot more firing speed. No changes to max speed (serves as a damage buff at short ranges). Has more spread and shudder.
  • Removed 20% health and penetration bonuses from Minigun. Gave it some more recoil and the bullets 2x density.
  • 10% bullet health and 5% bullet speed bonuses removed from Triplet. Removed fov bonus.
  • Trapper rof increased by 20%. Recoil increase by 50%. Buffed fov.
  • Removed body penetration bonuses from Smashers.
  • Growing shapes now gradually change size.
  • Soft stat cap now lifts at level 15.
  • Soft stat cap lowered to be 56% of the stat cap.
  • Fixed the length of Smasher's stats.
  • Shooting was making gun barrels recoil the wrong way. No more.
  • The background grid is larger and fainter.

PATCH 2017.11.19.3

  • Hopefully fixed AI such that it respects the masters' FOV.
  • Nerfed swarm fov, swarm base speed decreased by 25%. Range nerfed to be slightly more than a normal bullet.
  • Gunner penetration increased.
  • Auto-fire and auto-guide merged.
  • Correctly displays the eventual max skills now.
  • Made socket usage a little bit more efficient (still a long way to go).
  • We're a bit more suspicious of new sockets now.

PATCH 2017.11.19.2

  • Made swarm do no damage at the end of its life and double at the very start. The curve is linear. Increased swarm's base damage by 50% to compensate.
  • Increased effect of Body Damage on body penetration.
  • Halved raw Destroyer damage.
  • Increased Flank-type penetration and decreased rof to basic.
  • Brought Hexa Tank's base speed down to basic.
  • Increased Minigun's penetration, speed, and (slightly) damage.
  • Remapped some keys.
    • Autofire => E
    • Autospin => C
    • Override => R
    • Autoguide => V
  • Added arrow support.
  • Reshaped some of the sniper barrels and minigun a touch.
  • Gave Minigun the FOV it was supposed to have.
  • Fixed a timing issue with Minigun's firing rhythm.
  • Capped names at 24 characters.

PATCH 2017.11.19.1

  • Added another tier 2 upgrade to each tier 1 class.
    • Twin => Triplet
    • Sniper => Hunter
    • Machine Gun => Minigun
    • Flank Guard => Tri-Angle
    • Apprentice => Cruiser
    • Pounder => Trapper
  • Raised base tank body penetration to just past the default fully-elastic value. (It was below, being hyper-elastic) Hopefully this makes ramming feel norma again.
  • Rennamed Manager to Apprentice.
  • Slowed Pounder's bullets down a little bit.
  • Slowed Hexa down, just a tiiiny bit.
  • Fixed Smasher's stats below level 30.
  • Unbugged Triple Shot's base speed.
  • Fixed a bug with drones not being pushable they should.
  • Fixed minimap stealth.
  • Decreased the room size.
  • Tweaked some network things on the backend.
  • Disabled lingering tanks after disconnect. We don't need it for testing any more.

PATCH 2017.11.18.5

  • Added one tier 2 upgrade to each tier 1 class.
    • Twin => Triple Shot
    • Sniper => Assassin
    • Machine Gun => Gunner
    • Flank Guard => Hexa
    • Apprentice => Overseer
    • Pounder => Destroyer
  • Made drones a bit smaller.
  • Made Manager not have to re-load its drones.
  • Increased base drones speed. Reduced damage by 13%.
  • Slightly re-shaped drones spawners.
  • Made bullets less dense but increased bullet Penetration's effect on density + knockback.
  • Capped the overspeed damage buff at 2x.
  • Made crashers show up as pink on the minimap.
  • Raised the soft skill cap to 7 from 6.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with turning objects.
  • Tweaked some network and client lag handling things to hopefully feel nicer.
  • Changed the blend color of dying entities.
  • Changed how team inheritance is handled to better prepare for tdm and shape-affiliated bosses.
  • Moved patch notes into the the website.
  • Improved css a bit.
  • Added unicode support to player names.
  • Changed the yellow exp bar a bit.
  • Now the webpage stores tokens and names.

PATCH 2017.11.18.4

  • Gave drones 33.3% more health and 33% less damage. Halved drones density.
  • Further reduced health of sniper bullets by 20%.
  • Increase Pounder bullet damage by 33%. Slightly increased bullet speed.
  • Gave flank bullet 5% more health.

PATCH 2017.11.18.3

  • Partially reversed Pounder changes: now it has 80% acceleration and the old recoil.
  • Changed how body penetration was calculated with skills. Now up to 0.4 body penetration can be added by maxing body health (lvl 9)
  • Decrease natural Smasher body penetration to compensate. 1.6 => 1.2.

PATCH 2017.11.18.2

  • Gave sniper bullets 25% less bullet health and less penetration.
  • Sniper now has full acceleration (less recoil).
  • Pounder now has full base speed instead of 80% base and only 60% acceleration instead of 70%. (more recoil)
  • Gave pounder 14% more ROF and 25% more recoil.
  • Nerfed Machine Gun's bullet fire speed to the same as basic. (effective slight damage nerf at close range)
  • Buffed drones respawn rate by 20%.

PATCH 2017.11.18.1

  • Gave drones 20% more health and 20% less damage.
  • Made max health 3.5x base instead of 4x.
  • Pounder has 33.3% more recoil.
  • Pounder bullet has +15% damage resistance.
  • Smasher has 75% as much density.
  • Gave Flank 4% more base speed.
  • Made body damage 3x base instead of 2.75x.
  • Made shield more visible.
  • Disabled Pentagon Nest.

PATCH 2017.11.17.2

  • Booster recoil improved and speed made default (it got overlooked).
  • Now there's actually only 9 upgrade levels.

PATCH 2017.11.17.1


  • Slugicide: I went through and removed many direct modification to classes' base speed. Many more tanks will now have basic tank base speed and acceleration.
  • Tweaked how recoil works. The period of push should be more sustained now. Recoil should also have be stronger overall.
  • Increased all entity movement speed by 13%.
  • Made weapon-weapon and tank-tank collisions do double damge.
  • Decreased strength of damage buff from excess speed.
  • Changed bullet Penetration significantly. Should be better about allow bullets to ghost without decreasing their offensive potientiel vs. tanks.
  • Max Health now also increases damage resistance.
  • Changed the way stats affect tank body penetration.
  • Smasher knockback reduction implemented differently. No longer in pushability reductions, now in penetration + density buffs.


  • Doubled the base health + shield of all tanks.
  • Halved the health of pentagons, triangles, and squares and significantly reduced the damage of all polygons.
  • Made max Movement Speed not so strong. The speed gap between lvl 0 and lvl X is 600% less.
  • Made max Shield Capacity about 70% as strong.
  • Decreased natural shield regen but increased effect of max Shield Regeneration.
  • Made max Max Health 80% as strong.
  • Increased base tank speed by 20%. Buffed base tank speed at level 45: base tank speed reduction is 16.7% less.
  • Halved drones density but made the density buff of bullet Penetration apply.
  • Nerfed bullet health by 80%. Nerfed bullet damage by 25%. Slightly decreased bullet density and pushability. Removed natural bullet penetration.
  • Seriously buffed swarm density. Gave them half pushability.
  • Nerfed crasher damage and seriously nerfed their health. Gave them 300% more damage resistance.
  • Health regens from empty in 2.5 minutes instead of 3.


  • Changed Carrier's name back to Battleship.


  • Increased Destroyer and Artillery-type bullet's speed slightly and gave them more penetration and density.
  • Made Destroyer bullets way denser and gave them 40% less HP but 50% more damage.
  • Slowed down Artillery-type bullets by 20%.
  • Reduced recoil on Artillery-type guns.
  • Mad the Mortar center bullet as dangerous as Artillery. Buffed Mortar ROF a little.
  • Buffed Skimmer ROF a bit.
  • Gave the Machine Gun gun the same ROF as a basic tank (not sure why it was lower). Gave it more recoil. Gave it a higher firing speed and a lower max speed.


  • Nerfed trap damage by 66.6%. Halved traps' resists.
  • Mega-Trapper traps slowed down a bit. It now shoots the same traps as Trapper, just larger.


  • Gave Twin the same penetration as a basic tank (not sure why it was lower).
  • Made the Triplet->Quint line have less ROF but more damage. Made the bullets a bit smaller, too.
  • Gave Bent 20% less penetration. Made Penta have the same guns as Bent.
  • Halved the recoil of the Tri-Angle's front guns.
  • Snipers: generally more speed than before.
  • Buffed back up Snipers' bullet resists across the board. (Not as much as pre-nerf)
  • Sniper bullets have a 100% increase in density. Assassin bullets have another 150% increase (500% total).
  • Halved auto-turret bullet density.
  • Nerfed drones health by 66.7%.
  • Nerfed swarm health by 37.5%. Nerfed swarm damage by 37.5%.
  • Halved Factory's base speed. Decreased minion base speed by 50%.
  • Reduced Battleship's FOV a little.
  • Buffed Fortress's FOV.
  • Fortress no longer auto-spins.


  • Added screenshot mode; go to terminal and set config.graphical.screenshotMode to true.
  • Things draw a bit larger than their actual hitboxes now.
  • Dropped max Smasher stat level to 13. (!)
  • Dropped max default stat level to 9.
  • Changed the function of Auto-fire. Now it only activates guns, while another key now controls aim without firing. Used together is the same as the current auto-fire.
  • Auto-fire is now key F.
  • Auto-guide is now key E.
  • Auto-spin is 33% faster.
  • Distributed food (food that doesn't spawn in clusters) is now 5x more common.
  • Redid tokens.

PATCH 2017.11.15.2

  • Halved swarm's damage.
  • Reduced Auto-unnamed-class's speed by 12%.
  • Reduced sniper bullet resists across the board. (Might be too much)
  • Reduced sniper bullet speeds by 10%.
  • Gave Skimmer 10% bullet resists.
  • Decreased Mortar's reload by 11% (gave it back some ROF).
  • Reduced Assassin/Ranger's bullet speed by 8%.
  • Tweaked Sprayer a bit.
  • Gave minions 20% resist and 66% more health, but cut its body damage in half.
  • Reduced Mega-Smasher's knockback reduction.
  • Gave Carrier swarm 10% more speed.
  • Added right-click repel to Fortress. (You guys realize that RMB on Carrier locks its facing into place?)
  • Reduced Fortress swarm damage by 30% but gave it 30% more speed.
  • Fortress traps launchers got 33% less reload (ROF increase).
  • Made all of the Bomber's guns the same as its front one.
  • Make Fighter's side guns stronger.
  • Gave Octo and Triple Twin 10% more of reload, damage, and resist each.
  • Necro FOV reduced to be the same as Overlord.
  • 'N' stops at level 40.
  • Tier 1 is now level 10. Tier 2 is now level 25.
  • Significantly increased room size.
  • Added the pentagon nest back.
  • Streamliner is back under Gunner for now.

PATCH 2017.11.15.1

  • All bullet (not drones) speed reduced by 40%.
  • Top auto-turret damage reduced by 30%.
  • All auto-turret bullet density reduced by 33%.
  • Auto-5 bullet density doubled (the nerf above still affects it so it's not that big of a change).
  • Improved Auto-N turret FOV.
  • Increased Triplet bullet health by 10%. Reduced bullet speed by 9%. Quint has this effect redoubled.
  • Streamliner gets a 9% bullet speed buff but a 10% damage and health nerf.
  • Gave Mortar another 20% reload nerf.
  • Artillery/Mortar secondary bullets nerfed slightly (10% less penetration, 20% less damage).
  • Smashers gained more speed and more knockback reduction.
  • Necromancer base drones count reduced by 33%.
  • All snipers lost 4% bullet health and bullet damage.
  • Assassin/Ranger lost an additional 12% bullet damage and gained an 11% reload buff.
  • Hunters have their penetration reduced by 11% and their bullet health reduced by 20%.
  • Tank FOV reduced by 8% (16% less area visible).
  • Maxed Body Damage and Max Health now 20% more effective.
  • Maxed Shield capacity and Regen are now 25% more effective.
  • Maxed reload is a little less effective.
  • Added 4 more stat points for a total of 39.
  • Culled the class tree. Streamliner is now a Level 45 branch of Machine Gun like Sprayer. Many duplicate paths removed.
  • Message linger for twice as long.
  • bullet Strength --> bullet Health.
  • Added Bent Hybrid. Added Sprayer. Added an unnamed class.

PATCH 2017.11.14.1:

  • Minion base speed reduced by another ~28%.
  • Minions collide with buffer again.
  • All drones health SLASHED to 50% of what it was before. Minions down to 37.5%. (Does not include swarm)
  • Fixed a bug where I'd made 3-pointed traps launch way too slowly. Fixed now.
  • All bullet density increased by 50%. All bullet penetration reduced by 25%.
  • All tanks have 50% more base acceleration.
  • Hybrid-type drones size slightly increased (this is partially for graphical reasons, the spawner was too small).
  • Crasher speed reduced by 25%.
  • Doubled all polygon density and health. Doubled Square and Triangle health.
  • Trying something new for Ranger/Assassin: 10% less reload (shoots quicker), bullet HP reduced to that of a basic tank bullet.
  • Gave Triplet an extra 15% bullet health and Quintuplet another 15% on top of that.
  • Reduced Triplet's range by 10% and Quintuplet's another 10% on top of that.
  • Reduced Tri-Angle classes bullet speed by 30%.
  • Reduced Tri-Angle classes' bullet health by 10%, increased their damage by 15%.
  • Tri-Angles now have 80% the acceleration of a basic tank. Booster has 70%.
  • Tri-Angle classes' front bullets get 50% more range and 30% more speed.
  • Reduced Mortar bullet speed by 20%. Increased reload by another 25% (shoots more slowly).
  • Increased swarm speed by 14%, halved damage, increased health by 60%.
  • Annihilator got another 15% more recoil.
  • Hybrid now has 65% the acceleration of a basic tank. Anni has half.
  • Increased recoil of Triple Shot and Penta Shot.
  • Halved recoil of Spreadshot main gun. Reduced all Spreadshot bullet speed by 30%.
  • Decreased Auto-3 and Auto-5's reload by 25% (shoots quicker).
  • Re-added motion prediction to auto-turrets. Increased their reload by 25% (shoots slower) and decreased their health and penetration by 20%. However, increased their speed by 15% and doubled their density.
  • Reduced all Gunner bullets' (including Auto-turrets and Artillery secondary guns) damage by 25% and increased health by 20%. Should have better ghosting and worse blocking now.
  • Autonomous launchers of Carrier unchanged, but the controllable ones now prioritize attacking tanks over shapes. Same with Mini-Defender.
  • Auto-fire also controls aim / drones now.
  • Reduced all weapon damage by 25%. drones damage was reduced by 33%. This was done because the knockback changes increased their effective strength.
  • Added update rate monitor. This shows how often you actually get a vision update from the server.
  • Bumped up all speed and acceleration in one way... but also reduced it in another. Hopefully it ends up being about the same but the good news is I have a more direct handle on this now.
  • Fixed healthbars drawing super far away with zoom.
  • Desired network refresh rate dropped to 25Hz from 30Hz. The client should be able to handle the slack.
  • Halved server cycle speed. No need for it to run so fast.
  • Reduced the default number of drawn sides on circles.
  • Reduced the volume of traffic coming through websockets a lot. We can still reduce it further, though! I'll work more on it over the weekend.
  • Did more anti-stutter and anti-rubber-banding work. Hopefully handles better under unreliable connections, although it may feel less responsive. Still needs some work.
  • Stopped drift on disconnect.
  • Fortress named.
  • Poacher named.

PATCH 2017.11.13.1:

  • Minion base speed reduced by 30%.
  • All tanks base speed increased by 25%.
  • Minion now close-collide instead of buffer-collide.
  • 4-point trap base speed reduced by 50%! (Might be too much).
  • Factory reload reduced by 20% (shoots faster).
  • Auto-5 damage increased by 25%.
  • Auto-3 and Auto-5 base speed increased by 10%.
  • Auto-Tri-Angle base speed reduced by 18%.
  • Mega-Smasher knockback reduction doubled, base body penetration increased by 15%.
  • All guns on the Mortar reload reduced by 20% (shoots slower).
  • Annihilator has 15% more recoil.
  • Auto-turrets (not Auto-3 and 5) no longer have predictive motion tracking.

PATCH 2017.11.12.2:

  • Increased base acceleration by 25%, so back to what it was before this patch. Increased all recoil by 25% to compensate.
  • Minions no longer have shield. To compensate, they got back 33% of their health.
  • Gave Skimmer a ~42% increase in acceleration, now it's the same as a basic tank. Also, it has 20% less recoil now.
  • Decrease Skimmer bullet size by 10%.
  • Increased minion bullet speed by 30%.
  • Gave back all of the Smashers' speed. They now have the same base speed as a basic tank.
  • Reduced trap health by another 20%.
  • Halved trap launch speed.
  • Increase all trap base reload by 25% (shoots 20% slower).
  • Increased Destroyer-class reload. (Shoots slower)
  • Decreased Necro drones speed by 25%.
  • Doubled Factory close repel radius.
  • Screen updates only send upon confirmed reception of the first. Should make rubber-banding better and generally improve performance with high latency or a weak client.
  • Messages about bad tokens now properly display.

PATCH 2017.11.12.1:

  • Decreased minion base reload by 50% (shoots twice as fast), decreased minion base health by 25%.
  • Decreased drones base speed by 20%.
  • Decreased swarm base speed by 30%.
  • Decreased swarm base damage by 33.3%.
  • Decreased base tank acceleration by 20%. This also increases the effect of recoil (longer drift).
  • Decreased base tank top speed by 20%.
  • Reduced Triangle and Pentagon health and damage resistance and body damage.
  • Halved effect of bullet Damage skill.
  • Increase effect of Mobility skill by 22%.
  • Doubled base damage of bullets (missiles are considered a sub-type of bullets), drones, and swarm. Increased base damage of traps by 50%.
  • Decreased Mini-Defender (we need a name... Protector?) trap reload by 33.3%. (Shoots 50% faster)
  • Gave all Smasher-class tanks about an extra 12.5% top speed.
  • Gave all Smasher-class tanks about an extra 12.5% top speed.
  • Decreased Destroyer and Artillery-class tanks' damage by 25%. (This includes ONLY the central barrel of Spreadshot).
  • Triple Shot reload decreased by ~4.3% (shoots ~4.5 faster). This effect is compounded for Penta Shot.
  • Decreased Hybrid-type drones' top speed by 20%.
  • Removed high-recoil flag from Tri-Angle-type rear barrels. Removed low-recoil flat from Tri-Angle-type front barrels.
  • Increased necro drones health by 50%. Increased automatic reload by 100% (fires half as fast).
  • Halved twin recoil.
  • Doubled the natural effect of all recoil.
  • Quartered base gun recoil.
  • Changed the way recoil is calculated in the physics. Should make high-recoil tanks more recoily and low-recoil tanks less so, also diminished the importance of bullet Speed in recoil calculations.
  • Invuln breaks upon user disconnect now.
  • The only valid targets for targeting AI (bots, auto-turrets, some kinds of drones) are tanks, food, and crashers now.
  • Re-added Bomber.
  • Re-centered the leaderboard title.
  • Made client FPS monitor accurate.


  1. This is how the official changelog has ordered this patch and the balance update below.
  2. This update also used to have a fourth documentation, along with a corresponding “Achievements” button above the changelog tab, although the button had no functionality: “Added first steps to adding achievements.” Both the statement and the button were removed sometime later.
  3. This does not refer to the Fortress tank class, but instead to the Maze walls and Polygon team bases that blocks players from going outside the game mode's playable area.
  4. This pertains to the addition of Anti-Tank Machine Gun, Dominator-like turrets meant to destroy players that managed to leave the playable area.
  5. It was wrongly displayed as "Bushwhacker" shortly after this log was written.
  6. This is a returning event gamemode, which was available through May 3rd-May 5th, 2019.
  7. basically made the slowest tanks faster.
  8. This was later on changed into T, but the change wasn't mentioned in the changelog.
  9. This was renamed to Cyclone later.