The Conqueror is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks that can be upgraded from the Builder, Destroyer, and Trap Guard. It has no known upgrades. The tank has been found in the game’s code, and can be sometimes visible after the game has been upgraded and the player hasn’t cleared their cache. Its upgrade key was H, but the latest version’s upgrade key is K.


The Conqueror used to feature a circular tank body with a Launcher mounted at the front and a Pounder Cannon mounted at the back, but after undergoing through certain changes, the Conqueror’s Pounder Cannon became a Destroyer Cannon.


Upon upgrading from the Trap Guard, the tank's Cannon and Trap Launcher are upgraded to a Destroyer Cannon and Block Launcher respectively. The two weapons produce equal recoil.


  • Strong Against: Low level Tanks, slow Tanks, Tanks coming from your back, rammers.
  • Weak Against: Fast Tanks, high RoF Tanks.

As the Conqueror

  • Try sniping them and as they get a closer switch to the traps to do high damage to them.
  • If you're fighting with a single enemy, you can throw the Traps to your back to prevent other enemies from attacking you.
  • Take down tanks with a bit of health using the Destroyer cannon.
  • It is great to go against rammers like the Smasher and its upgrades, since they would have a hard time getting through the traps.
  • It is better used for defensive purposes instead of offensive purposes.
  • If movement speed is high enough, it's possible that you may be able to take down Drone classes.

Against the Conqueror

  • Sneak up on them and double-team them to easily overwhelm them.
  • Be careful of the Traps, as they have high damage. Approaching the Conqueror from the back results the Traps hit you, so approach from the front.
  • Use a ranged tank (anything but a rammer tank), and it would be especially good if the tank would have a high RoF, to take down traps faster if they could and high movement speed to get away from these traps.
  • Snipers can easily pick off a Conqueror on the move, but against a defensive one can be tough.
  • Spammers can slowly push on a Conqueror and force them to retreat.
  • It is not advised to go against this using a Destroyer class since the Drones can easily kill it.


  • This tank was in the Beta Version and was unnamed. It used to be only available for Beta Testers.
    • This tank may have been removed on a future update. However, the Conqueror was finally added back to the game as a Builder + Destroyer fusion.
  • Developers had access to this tank for at least two months before it was released to the public.
  • The class was released on June 2nd, 2018 but ONLY to FFA at first. It was added to Domination mode later.


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