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The Constructor is one of the current Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks that can be upgraded from either the Builder or the Destroyer and may not upgrade any further. Its upgrade keys are Y (Builder) and H (Destroyer).


The Constructor features a circular tank body as a base with a large Launcher mounted at the front of the body. Unlike the Diep.io Mega Trapper, the Traps have four points instead of three and are called Blocks.


A Constructor trap.

Upon upgrading:

  • Launcher size is increased and its traps (known as Blocks), are much larger than its predecessor’s, the Builder.
  • The Blocks have a boomerang-like effect — initially they travel a long distance but return partially back towards the Constructor. The placement also depends on the player’s cursor position.
  • Trap Damage is increased.
  • Fires with more recoil than the Builder but much less than the Destroyer.


  • Strong Against: Slow and/or unaware tanks, rammers, bullet spammers at times, and other Trapper branches.
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, high FoV tanks, drone tanks, occasionally bullet spammers, and fast tanks.

As the Constructor

  • Players should try and bait enemies into coming closer. This gives the Constructor chances to hit them with its powerful Blocks.
  • Against rammers, try to stay in a place with allies. The Blocks can cripple and slow down the rammer, but skilled rammers can usually dodge them. Therefore, nearby teammates makes it easy to take out rammers.
  • In team-based modes, the Constructor can be used in substitute of tanks such as the Barricade to give strong protection against enemy fire.

Against the Constructor

  • Players should steer clear of the Constructor and its Blocks, since they do massive damage. However, it can be easily taken out from moderate to long range.
  • A tank with high FoV can heavily damage a Constructor, as the player can shoot them without getting close and the enemy seeing.


  • The Constructor has a Diep.io equivalent in the Mega Trapper.
    • However, the Arras Constructor’s traps have four points, as opposed to three.
  • The Mega Trapper was renamed to the Constructor after the Trapper became a tier 2 option and the Builder became the substitution for the Block Trapper.