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The new instructions, accessible by viewing options on the game's menu screen.

Controls allow you to direct your Tank and interact with the Arras.io world around it. Some controls can be changed by viewing the game options; the controls below are the default.

Note that these controls apply to an English US QWERTY keyboard. Controls may vary from keyboard to keyboard.


The following keys allow you to control how your tank moves.


The W, A, S, D or , , , keys let you move, up, left, down, and right respectively. They can be used interchangeably.


The Mouse and Trackpad allow you to control the tank’s “target”.


Left-Click allows you to target the pointer with Ammo. Whilst Right-Click allows you to either control the tank’s scope, firing front Cannon as the Falcon or Eagle, or reverse the targeting of Drones.

  • Space Bar and Shift keys can also be used for Left-Click and Right-Click, respectively.

Special Keys

The E and C keys allow you to toggle the Auto Fire and Auto Spin functions respectively. (Has the same effect as holding down Space or moving the pointer in circles).

Pressing R keys toggle Override function, which disables AI targeting for automatic weapons (Drones, including Director branch, Battleship’s “autonomous” Swarm Drones and Swarmer and Beekeeper’s Hive Drones, Auto Turrets, including auto-turreted tanks, Engineer’s Traps#Pillbox turrets and Overdrive’s Auto Drone Turrets). It also disables Spike’s bounce ability.

The V key reverses your tank’s front direction, causing it to face away from the cursor. The B key reverses your mouse’s click buttons, making Right-Click for primary attack and Left-Click for secondary attack. Space Bar and Shift keys are also swapped on functionality.

N allows you to level up quickly. Mothership game modes excluding Portal Mothership have this key disabled.

On Mothership and Domination game modes, F key can be pressed to take control of your team’s Mothership or captured Dominators only if no other players are actively controlling them.


Stats can be upgraded either by clicking their respective number button in the upgrade table or by using the numerical keys in different parts of the keyboard.

The Stats’ numeric IDs are in order 1 - 0 : Body Damage, Max Health,, Bullet Speed, Bullet Health, Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage, Reload, Movement Speed, Shield Regeneration and Shield Capacity respectively.

The press of M + number will maximize the stat, or use all points if there's not enough points to maximize stats.

Upgrade Tier

Upon reaching a tank upgrade choice, you can click on the upgrade of your choice to change into that class, or click “Don't upgrade” to remain indefinitely as your class. Y, U, I, H, J, and K keys can also be used as hotkeys to upgrade into respective class choices. Upgrades 7, 8 and 9 have no set keys by default.


  • Display server information: L
    • Displays latency (PING), server location, and Game Mode above the Map.
  • Show Upgrade Tree: T
    • Holding the key will display the upgrade tree further, overlapping the screen.
  • If desired, you can screenshot or record your screen by pressing Q or Z keys, respectively. To stop recording, press Z again. Both functionalities will have the resulting image/video downloaded, so it’s preferable to have “Ask where to save each file before downloading” on Google Chrome or other similar options in other browsers disabled to avoid interruption.

Tank Controls (Mobile Version)

You can play Arras.io with any mobile device, just by accessing the site.

  • Move: Left Joystick
  • Aim/Fire: Right Joystick
  • Upgrade Tier: Press one of buttons shown on the top of the screen, which you wish to be.
  • Upgrade Stats: Press buttons shown on the top of the screen, after upgrading 3 times and reaching Tier 4.
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