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Crashers are small, pink triangles that chase players around. Their health, shield, and body damage depend on their size.


  • Avoid large swarms of Crashers, as they can destroy unwary and low health players without much trouble.
  • Players should try to evade Crashers either by avoiding them or by killing them before they can reach the player. While just one Crasher may not do much damage, repeated attacks can chip away at a player's health.
  • High DPS and concentrated fire tanks like the Triplet are extremely effective at taking care of large swarms of Crashers.
  • Be careful when playing a low RoF (Rate of Fire) tank like the Destroyer, as large swarms of Crashers can easily overwhelm the player if they miss. However, it is best to use a high RoF tank such as the Penta Shot.


  • Big Crasher: The big crasher is the bigger type of crasher out of the two variants. They have more health than the small crasher and give out more experience than the smaller crashers when killed.
  • Small Crasher: The small crasher is the smaller type of crasher out of the two variants. They have less health than the big crasher (they don't have a lot) and give out less experience than the big crashers when killed.


  • Crashers in Arras.io are similar to Crashers in normal Diep.io, except they don't have the ability to go through walls.
    • They used to be able to go through walls, but now they instantly die upon contact.
  • There are two variants in Arras.io, but there are three variants in Diep.io.
  • While crashers are always spawning small, it doesn't mean it's impossible for it to be large. To make it large, a small crasher needs a lot of experience (example: a swarm of crashers hitting very low health and high level tank might make one or more crashers higher level), they have more health but are much slower (and sometimes even appear on the leaderboard if they have enough XP.).
    • Note that players cannot be affected by Crashers if they have not moved, like in the original Diep.io.


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