The Crop Duster is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Minigun and not upgrade further. The upgade key is I.


The Crop Duster features a circular base with 3 regular-sized Cannons mounted at its front, similarly to the Minigun, but also adds a Spawner at its back that produces uncontrollable drones similarly to the Hybrid, the Poacher and the Bent Hybrid.


The Crop Duster has 2 types of ammunition. First are the bullets, the bullets are fired in a same way as the Minigun. Second are the drones, they are uncontrollable and follow the Crop Duster. The drones' stats also scale with a Crop Duster's Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration, Bullet Health and Reload stats.


  • Strong Against: Streamliners, tanks with a low RoF, Slow rammers
  • Weak Against: Tanks with higher RoF, multiple snipers

As the Crop Duster

  • Try to continuously shoot rammers BEFORE they ram into you.
  • Try to get close to snipers to kill them.

Against the Crop Duster

  • Use multiple tanks of any kind at FAR-RANGE to annihilate the player.
  • As a fast rammer, circle around the player to confuse the user then finish it off.



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