The Cruiser is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Director at Level 25. The Cruiser may further upgrade into the Battleship, the Fortress, Commander, or the Carrier and Auto-Cruiser. The upgrade key for this tank is H.


The Cruiser has a circular base and two inverted Spawners mounted on the Tank in the same fashion as on the Twin.


Upon upgrading to the Cruiser, the Drone limit will be removed, allowing this Tank to have unlimited Drones. The drones are labeled in the game as "Swarm Drones," and they have a limited lifespan. The speed of the Drones will drastically increase, while damage and penetration decrease. Reload allows you to spawn even more Drones, while health allows the Drones to live longer, both against enemy ammunition and in terms of lifespan. All Drones are controllable.


The Cruiser with its "Swarm Drones".

  • Strong Against: Unprepared, slow, or distracted Tanks, Tanks with low Reload, anything if surrounding your target from multiple sides
  • Weak Against: Tanks with even better range, high reload Tanks, fast Tanks (especially Tri-Angle classes)

As the Cruiser

  • The Cruiser's Drones are amazing offensive tools because of their unlimited numbers. If forced into a defensive position, wall up your Drones in front of enemy ammunition and eventually the enemy itself, but they're not as reliable as other Drone types.
  • Try to surprise your enemy from multiple sides. Cruiser Drones are very hard to destroy if they're coming from multiple sides.
  • Try to stay far away from enemies. Use your high FoV to your advantage.

Against the Cruiser

  • When facing the Cruiser, players should get into close range situations, since the Cruiser's Drones aren't very good for defense.
  • Assassin and Hunter class Tanks can take out a Cruiser before it knows what hit it.
  • Tri-Angles are amazing at speeding past the Cruiser's defense and then taking out the Cruise in a few swift strikes.
  • Gunner class Tanks have bullets that are about as weak as a Cruiser Drone, but they come even faster than the Cruiser's Drones, so they can stall and eventually kill a Cruiser.


  • All Director Drones will disappear upon upgrading to the Cruiser. (duh)
  • The Auto-Cruiser, one of it's upgrades, was once removed but then added back to the game.


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