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The Cyclone is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that upgrades from the Hexa Tank or Gunner. It cannot upgrade further. Its upgrade keys are U and K.


The Cyclone has a circular base with 12 Cannons distributed evenly about it. Its has the Hexa Tank's spread but has smaller bullets reminiscent of the Gunner.


Compared to the Hexa Tank, the Cyclone has smaller bullet size, faster bullet speed, longer range, and slightly more spread.

Taking its front cannon as the 12 o'clock direction, its firing pattern is (1) 12, 4, 8; (2) 2, 6, 10; (3) 1, 5, 9; (4) 3, 7, 11.


  • Strong Against: Multiple low damage tanks, slow melee tanks, invisible tanks, Tri-Angle class
  • Weak Against: Focus Fire Spammer Tanks (like Mortar and Triplet), Factory, Certain Gunner-Branched Upgrades, Builder-Branched Tanks.

As the Cyclone

  • This tank performs similarly to the Octo Tank. It is better offensively because its small bullets are less likely to collide with enemy bullets.
  • The Cyclone only fires one Bullet in each direction, so it usually will not be easy to combat high RoF tanks, such as the Sprayer or Triplet.
  • A very common strategy with Cyclones is "Cyclone Teaming", which is when lots of players on the same team all become Cyclones (some of them become Hurricanes, the others Glass) and create an impenetrable wall of bullets that can cripple any tank that comes near. Drone classes complement this strategy due to their low health and high damage output.
  • You can spin it around, causing 4 cannons to fire in the same direction.
  • You can use a ram build and kill rammers, they will think you bullets are weak without thinking of your body.

Against the Cyclone

  • This tank practically has weaknesses similarly to the Octo Tank
  • It is sometimes weak against Octo Tanks due to the.
  • Its predecessor, Gunner, can defeat one.
  • Most of the tier 2 and basic can kill one if you are level 45
  • Tri-angle classes can charge through the thin wall of bullets, damaging the Cyclone with its front bullet.


  • It is a remake of Tornado in the Mockup Content.
  • The Cyclone's previous name was the Hurricane.
  • As like the Octo-tank build, the non-reload build for the Cyclone is called the Typhoon build.