Arras Death Screen

The Death Screen is a feature in that displays, after you die, your final score, the tank you last used, time alive, and (for a few seconds) the tank that killed you.


It currently shows:

  • "lol you died"
  • The name of the entity that killed you.
    • If a tank, it says with which of their weapons they killed you.
  • Your tank's level.
  • Your final score.
  • Your final class and an image of it.
  • Your Stats.
  • The Leaderboard.
  • The map.
  • The place where you died and what's happening there.
  • The map and your final position on it.
  • Data on the server.



Disconnection happens when the player had a bad or no WiFi connection during the death screen, or they had stayed in the death screen long enough to get this message.

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