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The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in Arras.io anymore.

The Death Star is a Mockup Tank in Arras.io. It does not upgrade from anything and it cannot upgrade any further.


The Death star has 6 Cannons mounted on a circular base, which are placed like the Hexa Tank. These cannons look like that of a Pounder's but are a bit shorter and a bit less wider.


Due to it being a mockup Tank, this Tank has unknown stats.

  • This tank has high damage, but its rate of fire is notably decreased.
  • The tank fires all six of its shots at once. 


  • Strong against: Low health tanks, groups of low level tanks.
  • Weak against: Rammers, High DPS tanks, High FOV tanks, high penetration tanks, and high movement speed tanks.

As the Death Star

  • This tank should be played like a Hexa Tank but keep in mind its slow rate of fire.
  • Stay away from most fights, as this tank should be used as a support tank for teammates.
  • Because its shots deal extremely high damage, target players with moderate to little health.
  • The worst type of matchup for this tank are rammers. They are fast, meaning that there is little chance that the shots will hit them. The Death Star has a low rate of fire, so rammers, with their fast speed, can easily move in for the kill if the player misses. If one shot does hit the rammer, it still wouldn't kill them because most rammers have max health stats. Therefore, do not engage in fights with rammers.
  • This tank excels at farming because of the positioning of its cannons.

Against the Death Star

  • Since the Death Star has a low fire rate, a high DPS and RoF tank such as the Triplet can easily take it out. Just make sure to keep moving so the Death Star does not hit the player.
  • High FOV tanks like the Sniper can pick away at the Death Star without it being detected.