The Destroyer is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in It upgrades from the Pounder. The Destroyer may further upgrade into the Annihilator, Hybrid, the Conqueror, the Constructor, or the Swarmer. It once also upgraded into the Subverter. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Destroyer has a circular base like most Tanks. It features a very large Cannon mounted at the front.


The Destroyer is a simple class. It fires very large Bullets with very high Bullet damage and penetration, but with very low reload and Bullet speed.


  • Strong Against: Any unsuspecting Tank, slow Tanks
  • Weak Against: High Reload Tanks, Snipers when far away, Underseer classes

As the Destroyer

  • The Destroyer has very high recoil. Use this to get around the map quickly while trying to find a target.
  • You can never be too paranoid if you know a Sniper or Underseer is on the server. Always stay alert as the Destroyer, for its low reload is easy to exploit.
  • If you see a Tank's Bullets over you, try to determine exactly where it is, and vertically ambush it if you can. Vertically ambushing Tanks leaves them little time to react and almost always destroys them.
    • If a Tank tries to vertically ambush you, or happens to go near you without realising, that's a quick easy kill.
  • Use your big Bullet to escape from Snipers and Underseers if it's impossible to leave unnoticed.

Against the Destroyer

  • If you know a Destroyer is on the server, always look out because they could pop up and throw a massive Bullet at you at any moment.
  • If the player is a high reload class and dodges the Destroyer's first Bullet, spam away at it and it'll shortly go down.
  • Never get up close to a Destroyer as a Sniper. Always use your range advantage to kill one.
  • As an Underseer, swarm the Destroyer from multiple sides so that it doesn't destroy all of the Drones at once.



  1. Removed Upgrade Option
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