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Not to be confused with the Diep.io Manager, the Arras.io Manager or the Arras.io Machine Gun, all of which have a near-identical design.

The Director is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in Arras.io that is able to upgrade from the Basic. The Director may further upgrade into the Overseer, Cruiser, Underseer or the Spawner. The Director can also upgrade to the Manager at level 45. The Director is able to spawn five Drones upon being upgraded to. Its upgrade key is J.


The Director has a circular base and a trapezoidal Spawner on its front.


The Director replaces its previous ammunition with controllable Drones. It can spawn a maximum of 5 Drones at once. The damage of each Drone is around two Pentagons.


Main article: Drones

The Director fighting with the Bulwark using its Drones.

The Director’s Spawner will spawn up to 5 Drones which the player can control.


  • Auto Fire (Press E)
    • On = Drones will move towards the player’s cursor.
    • Off = Drones will attack any entities which are “hostile” (Polygons included) automatically if no buttons are pressed. If there is nothing to attack, they will form a pseudo-shield around the Director.
  • Shift/Mouse (Right/Left buttons): Holding the left click, or space, on the mouse will make the Drones move to the player’s cursor. Holding right click or shift, causes them to move away from the cursor, holding it will move the Drones in the opposite direction of the mouse’s position as to where the cursor is. For example, holding right click north of the Director will move the Drones south.


  • Strong Against: Slow Tanks, low DPS Tanks, Sniper classes (when up close), anything slower than the Drones
  • Weak Against: Anything faster than the Drones, high DPS/point damage Tanks, Sniper classes (when far away)

As the Director

  • Players should use this Tank’s small amount of drones to destroy Polygons to quickly level up.
  • Players should try to avoid other Tanks unless the player is facing a weak, unskilled, or vulnerable Tank, or is a skilled Drone user.
  • When attacking tanks, players should ambush other tanks that are preoccupied.

Against the Director

  • Almost any Tank whose level is above that of the Director can kill it. Shoot toward its Drones and once most are dead, players should aim right at the Director’s Spawner to destroy any new Drones that spawn while dealing damage to the Director at the same time.
  • The Director’s Movement Speed is so low that it has very little chance of escaping attacking tanks.
  • Rammer tanks, such as the smasher can outrun its drones.



  • This tank was originally named “Manager” (although it could not become invisible), then to “Apprentice,” before being finally renamed to “Director”.